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Phone list in area 480

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4807074006Invoice collectionGuest2992015-11-04 17:18:00
4806505475Could THESE Nasty Affecting CALLS Be ST OPED . . . . Don't call list means nothing . Guest672015-11-04 17:25:39
4805539352They called and my phone rang once and Subsequently hung Upwards. AnnoyingGuest52015-12-21 14:38:45
4802685940Don t understand exactly why they called me at W W AMGuest572015-11-04 17:48:29
4807550138Google listing Upgrade Vehicle recordingGuest1012015-11-04 17:57:42
4806661592HelloGuest42015-11-04 18:09:39
4802634013FAKE SCAM. Don't Telephone BACK. Do not Provide INFOGuest1102015-11-04 18:20:29
4807170022 Ignorant idiots . . . Being nice here . . . Okay. Certain. What?72015-12-19 23:39:06
4802634014I called them back to tell them to get me off their telephone list and no 1 had Race and they said that could t find my Telephone Amount in their own system and if they can 've my Societal security Amount instead for look me up. They Additionally said that I owed over W dollars. SCAM. . . Guest102015-11-04 18:22:29
4808896946Dint knowGuest372015-11-04 18:35:43
4807390009Called my cell and my husbands cell stating a Cong call was for Start. We Put Upward. Guest202015-11-04 18:38:40
4809682462dent answerGuest72015-12-19 17:55:11
4805353020asidejohnson82015-12-09 23:12:53
4804992012Called at 5 'm. Knew my name but would t tell me who they were. Subsequently Put up. annoyed72015-12-19 11:10:43
4803271300BlockGuest1352015-11-04 19:10:30
4802819625collector that keeps calling for someone elseGuest132015-11-04 19:12:29
4802819623GM FinancialGuest92015-11-04 19:17:29
4804288357unsolicited call no message left Amount called is on Don't Telephone LISTGuest122015-11-04 19:20:33
4802813086yes they should become locked Upward for back to back calls all daytime long. . Am to PMBrian62015-12-19 12:51:34
4804382116Needed data about my house. Guest462015-11-04 20:06:33
4804288373National quot Do not Call quot Software at its best. Another busted Authorities program. Guest332015-11-04 20:27:33
4803596079Casuistic. Guest512015-11-04 20:29:31
4804557376SpamGuest62015-12-14 21:58:07
4804656711Pervert watch Outside Women very dangerous manGuest52015-11-04 20:48:34
4805538898Prize Success. . spam callGuest512015-11-04 15:42:38
4804396986noGuest12015-11-04 15:47:33
4803271234getting four calls a daytime. online hunt says that is a school for profit. Guest962015-11-04 15:54:30
4806858348woke me Upward to a few telemarketing scamGuest242015-11-04 15:54:39
4803276005Could t locate the Amount online everywhere. . Anyone have insight as to who this can be calling me. Deejay82015-12-22 22:32:56
4803832290keeps calling my phone and hanging upGuest3032015-11-04 16:12:58
4802641018I got 2 MI's calls out of W W WGuest12015-11-04 16:16:57
4805938071Residence improvementGuest62015-12-18 04:42:54
4802171317LeftGuest42015-12-14 13:23:34
4807074007GE harassmentGuest742015-11-04 17:24:40
4804094352they calls all night longGuest6532015-11-04 17:27:58
4804288034this guy called and said i won free carnival cruise and i asked how he guessed and said i Joined a Tournament or traveled Lately your Find was I 've For PAY Your Taxes Upward FRONTGuest222015-11-04 17:32:33
4804393208Grownup junk mailGuest22015-11-04 17:35:58
4803594382Calls amp hangs Upwards. Guest542015-11-04 17:36:31
4802145362He tried to see I had an dismay system. I Inquired him where was he becoming his information from and he Put Upward on me. I tried calling it back but it said that number was not a working number. Guest462015-11-04 17:40:28
4802088932Saying I was within debt poor. U kno52015-12-21 06:35:32
4804396981They have been testing me Performing to my Advertisement I posted but However they won t give me a name they keep making up a fake just one and asking for my address and email address I believe it s somewhat Unusual tho than they need me for send them your thing but yet they give me a few address that s from state when there telling me they within Brand new York . What would you personally would . Guest122015-11-04 17:52:33
4802377939W W W Rang 3 times and disconnectedGuest32015-11-04 17:57:28
4803836933This number keeps calling this office trying to send a Facsimile and it is not a fax line. Please Quit calling the number as this can be causing a Wait within people Seeking to phone us. Guest1922015-11-04 18:01:58
4802083924Time waster NC NS. Guest12015-11-04 18:04:27
4804594481unknown number. can phone and no just one there. Guest182015-11-04 18:20:33
4803702692RecordingGuest282015-11-04 18:36:31
4804541439charity for disabled Masters. Guest12015-11-04 18:51:58
4804442424Non stop calling daytime and nightGuest162015-11-04 18:52:33
4804787200blockGuest422015-11-04 18:54:34
4804288362Gotten a phone phone out of this Telephone Amount no VIM was left. I don t understand anyone within Az. Guest202015-11-04 19:13:33

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