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5023794772she is really annoying.Guest32016-07-05 16:57:04
50237947752 callsGuest52016-07-05 22:55:59
5023794768same as everyone else, when you answer no one is there, if you ignore no voicemail left, and when you call back the # is disconnected.K32016-07-06 07:49:19
5023794386enfadosos de telcelGuest32016-07-08 19:10:39
5023958389Angela Johnson Suitable 2 landings Dr keeps sen din me Chaos sages today she wrote expect Ur Father dies while Ur goneGuest22015-11-05 03:59:57
5025892027I have acquired several calls that went for express mail about 1 Second in length where they did not say anythingGuest52015-11-05 05:14:59
5022760999When I replied it Inquired for me for press 1 if it s me and Subsequently enter my Societal. I didn't enter it so it Related me to some live Representative. He Subsequently asked for my Societal and ADD. I would t tell him neither. I Do not Have TIME WARNER CABLE. . . . . . NEVER 've HAD THEM. NEVER Indication Up With THEM. but they knew my whole name. . . . Kinda worriedGuest232015-11-05 06:10:56
5028764548We are still shocked to see how Substantially KR AP just one Man could type within a short period of time. . . Kendra Clark52015-12-16 16:24:59
5022653954Delivered a text stating my bank card has been suspended. Offered me a private link for repair that Dilemma. Guest42015-11-05 13:19:56
5023508305This Owner said a garbled name and Subsequently Installed Upward. I believe I 've seen the Amount before on my House Telephone. Guest12015-11-05 20:10:10
5027714684The number calls me W W times daytime. I Inquired them for Discontinue calling and they don t. Harassment. . Guest102015-11-05 21:55:00
5023791990I Merely got a phone out of the Amount four minutes Past to become Specific. It said my Amount had been Chosen out of an inventory and I had won some prize. Once again it said for Drive 1 enjoy another to State that prize which suspect is a Invoice for a long distance telephone. I live within Canada thus it was rather sup rising that I had acquired the call. Weird ctripp52015-12-20 10:12:56
5024984569Actual Rad ix Network Corp The absolute best within the company for company and private credit counseling. Guest12015-11-06 09:16:10
5024373750That Owner Inquired if I Desired a free back brace. I hung Upward as I haven t contacted anyone for this particular product. Guest632015-11-06 09:18:57
5027515479I Simply acquired a text message that read quot Hi you personally. taciturn. com I m on there go see. quot Guest72015-11-06 10:04:00
5022455912That is that Number Enrolled to Offense the Times LC the owner and Managing Business for that local mugshots magazine Offense Times However when I phone it's forwarded to an Person stating that Amount is W not Related within any way. I can just presume due to your nature of your business they don't need to become harassed but please don't require Simple peopleGuest12015-11-06 11:51:56
5023876706They would not present name simply that it was an initial Business of Certificate of deposit and was a personal service . Guest52015-12-20 12:14:40
5028938217Asserted she was offering IT white Documents but first needed to qualify me by asking me some questions. I asked for specifics on what Topics were covered in the white Forms. She said she first Wanted me to answer your questions to see I Certified. I told her I was not going to response her questions if she could t answer mine Subsequently hung Upwards on her. Guest12015-11-07 02:11:01
5024379977It is an automated appointment reminder. You don t get the reminder if you personally don't 've an appointmentGuest32015-11-07 05:17:57
5028713460I have obtained 3 calls in the previous 2 days. . . . When i call the Amount back it hangs up. Must become spam. . Guest52015-11-07 08:46:01

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