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5127014175They never Talk and their pain in assesGuest42016-04-13 08:17:33
5126664465They have been testing me for a week they understand I 've reported them and they have called me foul names. I have W text messages from them. . . concerning an item on grisliest. I knew it was a scummier. Guest192015-11-04 15:55:44
5127723575Amount has shifted ownersGuest22015-11-04 15:55:56
5123512270it's a scam they can strive and scare cash correct from you . . . Discount they're idiots they Additionally have you personally telephone W W W Discount. . . . . annoyed72015-12-22 13:18:38
5128723453peddle Trash your car is an online vehicle Purchasing companyGuest12015-11-04 16:04:59
5127724292This person left a message telling me for phone this number because Internal Income was suing me I feel the fraudGuest1222015-11-04 16:05:51
5124699336I am on that don't call list for a motive. . . I do not desire these idiots calling me. . . . will Only make me not vote for that item or Individual. . Guest112015-11-04 16:06:42
5125908544Leaves a message for some inaudible name. Says it s a legal matter but I don t quot autumn for that quot . Began calling almost each day a year ago. Then Quit for awhile. Now it s started again. Could t someone report the to the quot real McCray Law firm if there's such a Set. Guest1082015-11-04 16:35:50
5122687900SCAM SCAM SCAM. . F.B72015-12-19 07:24:26
5128540000JGuest842015-11-04 16:47:45
5126403555Called threatening warrants to arrest me for fraud. Have no idea why they don t just state they re looking for Gather debt. Did spoke investigation belongs to law Company. Sneaky lawyers. . Guest42015-11-04 17:08:43
5122290302Google business there surely is no Individual for complain for cheers for this opportunityGuest162015-11-04 17:13:44
5127659355AnnoyingGuest1222015-11-04 17:21:56
5122040000Already told them for remove my Amount since I m on your do not phone registry and they don t attention. Guest962015-11-04 17:27:44
5123517543Promotion callGuest92015-12-17 10:11:21
5123464585Person. even if it is a Libraries Bureau. That Woman on the Telephone was talking to me enjoy I was wanted by that Feds for like info on a poor client or something. Lola. Scared me sorta. I Simply played stupid and repeated my own name back wrong. Lola. She didn't believe it was my and Put Upward. Gangster collections. . . esp within Austin. I am sure its some imports fresh biz he Added out of Cali. Would be best if all these W Individuals a day would Cease infiltrating my city. . . your worst is they try to adapt the quot keep Austin weird quot way if dwelling. . . which dozen t exist. Only be yourself. . . Initial. its not difficult. I did my 8 years within LA and never drove a Ferrari or anything like that. I kept it Actual. Lola. We rd. Bring love to Austin. . . that's it. And I am a conservative. Lola. Master. Guest562015-11-04 17:46:49
5122772023SpamGuest12015-11-04 17:49:40
5125544507Yes. . . grisliest add. . . kindly respond to a Gm ail numberGuest52015-12-20 02:09:04
5124511556SPAM Left message saying that they had seen my Advertising Around a lost dog and left a different number along with a Distinct Place code to telephone them back. At your return Telephone Amount they need you for purchase something from them for attempt to find your lost Dog. Guest872015-11-04 17:57:49
5128655321I obtained 1 call which was a pare record the message said quot Hi this can be Mark I was Thinking if you personally work along with businesses. Please supply me a phone at W W W. When you phone back the phone Bands for about 6 7 Bands Afterward your line goes not alive. Guest442015-11-04 18:05:45
5122649800Crisis. poor karma. don t answer. Guest42015-12-19 22:36:09
5129249188Dent AnswerGuest52015-12-09 03:03:09
5123083688Just one man Business called that office of Mr. Adjusting. Leaves message that he has a quot file quot of mine and for call back if the sounds from character. Scam artist trying to get personal info. Guest112015-11-04 18:13:47
5129696810A guy called me and left me a MSG from the Amount. He said your MSG is for such and such not my name and that there's Claim from your state I live in. I called back and told them I am not such and such they don t understand my name and do not know who is the such and such. They hang Upward. I called back and that guy with the thick accent answer my telephone saying repeatedly quot Prison Prison jail quot . I called again and he did that same. I blocked my number and he replied Afterward I read here what Individuals said Around this Amount. It s the stupid lame spam. Guest152015-11-04 18:18:46
5128507565Sorry don t know who You're not replying. You are able to leave a message maybe I may get back for you. Guest72015-12-15 13:12:07
5129028247Would NT understand that way to obtain this call as i dint understand anyone within that Iowa Place. george82015-12-14 20:17:20
5125047318I got Five Telephone calls within your space of W minutes. I was away out of my Telephone thus I did t understand until I got back. If they wanted to get a hold of me so badly they should vie left a express mail. Guest842015-11-04 18:27:49
5122874020Looking for Ronnie Russell. No just one by that name could be attained at the number. Guest262015-11-04 18:31:40
5125935031These Folks are using an Character express to pronounce who they re calling which is unrecognizable. Taunting calls. At least once a day. Guest162015-11-04 18:36:43
5126987520not taking calls at this timeGuest12015-11-04 18:39:55
5124175154ScamGuest52015-12-09 19:25:00
5126959197do not novel setting Upwards fake appointmentsGuest32015-11-04 18:43:55
5122290039Has called twice in 1 daytime morning while at work and evening. Did not response I understand no 1 for the reason that Place. Guest222015-11-04 18:53:38
5122560139Endanger for call for send your police to your Residence. Guest32015-11-04 18:46:39
5129989633I don t know who or why this number calls. You personally only get half of a message that's prerecorded. Guest42015-12-16 10:57:45
5124250283Spam. Guest72015-11-04 18:47:48
5125525538Hi can i please get more info about how this Applications worksomar42015-12-19 20:59:22
5123281144NoGuest62015-12-15 02:54:40
5122650406dint know this personGuest52015-12-16 15:42:45
5127966641I m don t understand who s calling me out of this Amount but it s scaring me they're asking for my name and stuffGuest62015-12-16 11:10:58
5127725931Called me by my name and I said yes. . . Afterward they hung up. Don't Pick Upwards. Guest202015-11-04 19:09:45
5126537385WGuest42015-11-04 19:14:54
5126649501Did not reply. Guest472015-11-04 19:15:54
5124349299They telephone me and could t comprehend what was said Comprehended it was a Joke call but they mentioned my not empty name. Guest112015-11-04 19:20:41
5126863456Man called and identified himself as Phil Vincent. Said he was calling about the Windows computer. When I said we don t have one he said are u certain. I said yes Afterward he Put Upwards. Really odd. Guest142015-11-04 19:48:55
5123373337They're a Fake company. They phone me repeatedly saying my social security Amount is Underneath Study. They can phone from all different Amounts and will not Discontinue calling . It's been around 6 8 months now thus make sure you personally block that Amount n send for vim. I reported them for your Lawyer general. Guest182015-11-04 20:27:40
5127121012if they are thus Fantastic where are they located and name of businesskate62015-12-14 08:13:41
5127724420Said your Irs had a case against me. . . . . not thus. Guest532015-11-04 20:45:45
5124106580Annoying schoolGuest62015-11-04 20:46:41
5122716934They claim to be a law office. They claim that they have a warrant on your Charge and the sheriff can be at your own house in W minutes. You can spend W times within jail. They are unprofessional as nicely as Clear liars. Guest112015-11-04 20:47:45

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