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5123608331Just wondering who is callingTony52016-06-17 21:50:25
5122290320stalkerGuest42016-06-19 00:38:13
5126476368Consider getting a call blocking device or phone.. You can google them and many are around $40.00 or so. If its a cell phone, some already have call blocking, if not, there are free apps on the web that will work for some. You can google this. If you have a smart phone, there is a free app called call control. Iphones appear to have apps also. Another one is called Mr. Number. For tracfone & straight talk:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id ... .tracfone&hl=enhttp://extras.straighttalk.com/enhttp://www.youmail.com/home/carriers/straight-talk/block-numberhttps://www.straighttalkwirelessforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=6803&t=55006Report your callers here, not just to the DNC alone:https://www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov/#&panel1-1https://esupport.fcc.gov/ccmsforms/form1088.actionhttps://complaints.donotcall.gov/complaint/complaintcheck.aspx?panel=2For text messages: forwarding any text message spam you get to the short code  “7726,” which spells “spam” on most phones, to alert your network operator to the abuse. ATT won't accept 7726 But they will accept BLOCK and return a message that the web site is blocked. forward the texts to 7726 or BLOCK, depending on your phone carrier.By State DNC lists:http://www.donotcallprotection.com/do_not_call_chart.shtmlFCC Abandoned Calls Complaint form:http://www.fcc.gov/cgb/consumerfacts/1088D-R.pdfemail:  [email protected] /* */To file complaints on Foreign company's:eConsumer.gov: Report Your ComplaintE-mail: [email protected] /* */1 (954) 453-1627 FL, USA72016-06-21 12:51:05
5125406185Texted meGuest42016-06-28 18:28:31
5127923108I keep getting this phone call on my cell phone...it must stop.Marcia FItzmaurice42016-07-04 08:57:10
5127923110some vacation placeGuest42016-07-04 12:23:39
5128561494Jeffery McCall called from this number at 7:12 am cst (Texas), asked for my husband, and then wanted to leave a message for shameka Brackens, who doesn't live at this address, nor do I make contact with this person.  He blocked the name of the company, be he was dumb enough to give a name and telephone number, along with a case number.Pat Brackens72016-07-04 15:37:43
5127923109Just received a call from this number.  I use call screening and don't answer numbers with which I am not familiar.  No message left.  I knew it was a bogus call because they called my fax number (which isn't connected to a fax) rather than my home number.Derek32016-07-04 20:39:54
5126461707Its listed as Colie Cromer,its not,its gangstalking perp who's been harassing me with calls,said he was JakeGuest42016-07-05 03:35:40
5126461714Some random languageGuest42016-07-05 04:46:25
5127923113Strange callsson32016-07-05 05:06:59
5126461708This number called and a woman's pre-recorded voice said "This a test call on (my city's name), following by a prolonged beeping. It kept repeating this over and over again.I called the number back and it was someone's voicemail by the name of Terry/Gary Gannon/Cannon (couldn't make it out). I left a message asking them to fix their phone.Diane52016-07-05 08:14:38
5127923111Recieved 2 calls tonight from this number, never left a message.  I think another site had it listed as a payphone number.Stace52016-07-05 10:56:11
5126461712This is to activate a promotional card. I received mine because I sent in a rebate form, and the rebate comes as a prepaid card. It is legitimate.Julie32016-07-05 16:36:16
5127923106Vacation scamGuest32016-07-05 20:29:43
5126461715Debt collector tells you to call 866-844-2358 all over B.S.no more calls42016-07-05 20:30:05
5126461716Some of the boiler-rooms are located outside the U.S., however, it sounds like you were harassed by a U.S. based "card service" criminal/owner and his loser side kick, sometimes known as the “The Qualifier”.Pondy32016-07-06 11:26:52
512792310724 Year Old TimewasterGuest62016-07-06 12:16:46
5126461709Wull send a text message and never reply backGuest42016-07-06 12:59:27
5124579020They say its about a loan I haven t Used for. They telephone out of different numbers W times a daytime. . . . Guest72015-12-09 06:58:14
5128273465I just received an extremely threatening and harassing express send out of quot Grace quot . She said I 've W hrs for contact her office or I may be arrested for Assess fraud out of a W payday loan. . 5 Years ago. I 've never done anything enjoy that. . . . Thus quot Elegance quot when you personally send that Police to Charge me could I get Red fuzzy handcuffs. Thanks. Guest32015-11-04 16:03:45
5124006003Female that called did not present detailed message on voice mail and asked for Family members Subsequently Put Upward. Guest152015-11-04 18:52:41
5125904122Could barely speak English and 've incorrect Amount. I advised them multiple times they have incorrect Amount. Guest82015-12-16 01:20:05
5125476022Telephone scam telling me my loan was approved. Subsequently spoke for Robert Brownish the Supervisor and he said he would send me a W Charge present card I just needed for send their company W. When I told him I was going for report him to your Experts for spamming me he Began using really vulgar language. Both People I talked to had Actually heavy accentsGuest42015-11-04 17:19:49
5127174392Calls and never leaves a message. When you personally call that Amount you personally get two Alternatives press 1 for be removed out of the list or 2 for Chat to an Agent. I got 2 calls within W minutes and 've had calls from this Amount in your past. No message is ever left. When I attempted to send a text to ask them for leave a message my Service came back along with this can be a land line. Guest262015-11-04 18:12:44
5125514760occasionally they keep on calling several times within one daytime but using your same number or different numbers along with that same address. I understand they are not Guess to become calling my home or cell lots of times but they would and 1 time they told me that i Wanted for maintain front of a judge they I had court had to hanged Upward because they were scaring meGuest442015-11-04 21:21:50
5124843785the Man is continuing to telephone and request for a child which I don't have Afterward continuing to Joke meGuest82015-12-19 01:47:36
5126352976same here. third time for that phone even though I Joined code for become taken off their list. scumbags. bill62015-12-09 15:18:39
5126492821That s you OKAY a wonderful calling you personally no more that you a wiki stops calling you personally out of understand. Guest252015-11-05 09:06:53
5129382788I keep becoming calls out of the Amount which rings within as a fax. I tried for phone it back but it's a fax. Guest72015-12-13 17:09:50
5123626004The Individual has Started calling incessantly 2 3 times within a Line with no message left. Blatant harassment. Guest72015-11-05 14:05:41
5128923432Hello Zen. . . Getaway t heard out of you in some time. Telephone me back if you want for know who this is. . Zena52015-12-21 17:15:51
5124099033Calling a number on the DC list. . . this really is harassment and they should be fined. . . . many Authorities group. . . Guest122015-11-05 21:17:41
5126461710I 've been receiving calls from the number out of 5 within that morning and it goes on through your daytime for as many as 5 times in total. Whelm I response I get the Man using an Highlight who goes on to state that if I can support my date of Delivery and last four he will Subsequently let me know what your phone is all about. We live within a peculiar universe to state that least. Guest242015-11-06 03:58:52
51265119074 6 obtained text message they were giving Assess for my bank. Don't understand who this can be. Did not respond. rmGuest72015-12-14 08:29:22
5125474239They are scampers trying to get money. They called me not Understanding that I 'm a Deputy Sheriff and after placing a trace on that phone and telling them that I knew who they were they disconnected the call and now won t response when I telephone back from my number but can answer if I call out of any other number. Don t give these Individuals any information. Guest512015-11-06 08:21:43
5129829496Ditto with Jules. Who are they. If we 're Do not Telephone why can they telephone. Anyway find Outside who they're. Guest362015-11-06 12:37:00
5129524864Seems Like SHE CALLS TOWARDS Your Finish OF That MONTH IF This really is AN Important Phone AND I Understand You personally LEAVE A MESSAGEGuest72015-12-22 00:14:16
5127519166Merely a Collection of arbitrary words within a Peculiar express. This number was Attempting for text and phone for 6 monthsGuest12015-11-06 21:37:56
5122168408I get 4 8 calls a daytime from the number and nobody state s anything. . . . Actually becoming annoyed what can I do. Guest12015-11-07 01:22:44
5127725845They text ed me for chat on a messenger. Who are these Individuals and why can I keep getting messages out of them. Guest32015-11-07 02:54:56
5126757008I got a text out of this number telling me to telephone the Amount. It said direct express after your number. Guest52015-12-09 20:57:09
5123852090called three times in as many days. . . Quit calling a Amount on your do not phone list. . . . . . Excellent them. . . . Guest112015-11-07 10:22:41
5129614770Obtained a call from this Amount but no message was left. I Viewed it Upward and got signs the number either belonged to a locksmith or an Residence Advanced. Interest got your better of me and I called your Amount quot WE Lately CALLED To Regarding A 1 MILLION Dollar Supply AWAY quot a recorded woman s voice screamed in my own ear. Blocking that just one. . . Guest12015-11-07 11:23:00
5126401675I have gotten calls (from this and other 512-640-xxx numbers) once or twice per day for over a month. Never leaves a message. I answered twice (from sheer irritation) and there was no one on the line. I finally answered an waited - a guy finally came on and when I asked who he was and why he was calling, he started saying (like from a script) "This call may be recorded ...." I told him Stop - what is your name, what company are you with, and why do you keep calling me? He again said "This call may be recorded for quality purposes. I said "I heard you, answer my questions". He huffed and hung up. A caller from a legitimate company would have answered my questions promptly. When I tried to call back (to this number) I got a fast busy signal. When I tried to call back on other 640 numbers I got "number disconnected" message. So, evidence points to this being a scam operation.Scam Caller102017-09-22 20:50:01

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