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5125406185Texted meGuest42016-06-28 18:28:31
5127923108I keep getting this phone call on my cell must stop.Marcia FItzmaurice42016-07-04 08:57:10
5127923110some vacation placeGuest42016-07-04 12:23:39
5128561494Jeffery McCall called from this number at 7:12 am cst (Texas), asked for my husband, and then wanted to leave a message for shameka Brackens, who doesn't live at this address, nor do I make contact with this person.  He blocked the name of the company, be he was dumb enough to give a name and telephone number, along with a case number.Pat Brackens72016-07-04 15:37:43
5127923109Just received a call from this number.  I use call screening and don't answer numbers with which I am not familiar.  No message left.  I knew it was a bogus call because they called my fax number (which isn't connected to a fax) rather than my home number.Derek32016-07-04 20:39:54
5126461707Its listed as Colie Cromer,its not,its gangstalking perp who's been harassing me with calls,said he was JakeGuest42016-07-05 03:35:40
5126461714Some random languageGuest42016-07-05 04:46:25
5127923113Strange callsson32016-07-05 05:06:59
5126461708This number called and a woman's pre-recorded voice said "This a test call on (my city's name), following by a prolonged beeping. It kept repeating this over and over again.I called the number back and it was someone's voicemail by the name of Terry/Gary Gannon/Cannon (couldn't make it out). I left a message asking them to fix their phone.Diane52016-07-05 08:14:38
5127923111Recieved 2 calls tonight from this number, never left a message.  I think another site had it listed as a payphone number.Stace52016-07-05 10:56:11
5126461712This is to activate a promotional card. I received mine because I sent in a rebate form, and the rebate comes as a prepaid card. It is legitimate.Julie32016-07-05 16:36:16
5127923106Vacation scamGuest32016-07-05 20:29:43
5126461715Debt collector tells you to call 866-844-2358 all over more calls42016-07-05 20:30:05
5126461716Some of the boiler-rooms are located outside the U.S., however, it sounds like you were harassed by a U.S. based "card service" criminal/owner and his loser side kick, sometimes known as the “The Qualifier”.Pondy32016-07-06 11:26:52
512792310724 Year Old TimewasterGuest62016-07-06 12:16:46
5126461709Wull send a text message and never reply backGuest42016-07-06 12:59:27
5124579020They say its about a loan I haven t Used for. They telephone out of different numbers W times a daytime. . . . Guest72015-12-09 06:58:14
5128273465I just received an extremely threatening and harassing express send out of quot Grace quot . She said I 've W hrs for contact her office or I may be arrested for Assess fraud out of a W payday loan. . 5 Years ago. I 've never done anything enjoy that. . . . Thus quot Elegance quot when you personally send that Police to Charge me could I get Red fuzzy handcuffs. Thanks. Guest32015-11-04 16:03:45
5124006003Female that called did not present detailed message on voice mail and asked for Family members Subsequently Put Upward. Guest152015-11-04 18:52:41
5125904122Could barely speak English and 've incorrect Amount. I advised them multiple times they have incorrect Amount. Guest82015-12-16 01:20:05
5125476022Telephone scam telling me my loan was approved. Subsequently spoke for Robert Brownish the Supervisor and he said he would send me a W Charge present card I just needed for send their company W. When I told him I was going for report him to your Experts for spamming me he Began using really vulgar language. Both People I talked to had Actually heavy accentsGuest42015-11-04 17:19:49
5127174392Calls and never leaves a message. When you personally call that Amount you personally get two Alternatives press 1 for be removed out of the list or 2 for Chat to an Agent. I got 2 calls within W minutes and 've had calls from this Amount in your past. No message is ever left. When I attempted to send a text to ask them for leave a message my Service came back along with this can be a land line. Guest262015-11-04 18:12:44
5125514760occasionally they keep on calling several times within one daytime but using your same number or different numbers along with that same address. I understand they are not Guess to become calling my home or cell lots of times but they would and 1 time they told me that i Wanted for maintain front of a judge they I had court had to hanged Upward because they were scaring meGuest442015-11-04 21:21:50
5124843785the Man is continuing to telephone and request for a child which I don't have Afterward continuing to Joke meGuest82015-12-19 01:47:36
5126352976same here. third time for that phone even though I Joined code for become taken off their list. scumbags. bill62015-12-09 15:18:39
5126492821That s you OKAY a wonderful calling you personally no more that you a wiki stops calling you personally out of understand. Guest252015-11-05 09:06:53
5129382788I keep becoming calls out of the Amount which rings within as a fax. I tried for phone it back but it's a fax. Guest72015-12-13 17:09:50
5123626004The Individual has Started calling incessantly 2 3 times within a Line with no message left. Blatant harassment. Guest72015-11-05 14:05:41
5128923432Hello Zen. . . Getaway t heard out of you in some time. Telephone me back if you want for know who this is. . Zena52015-12-21 17:15:51
5124099033Calling a number on the DC list. . . this really is harassment and they should be fined. . . . many Authorities group. . . Guest122015-11-05 21:17:41
5126461710I 've been receiving calls from the number out of 5 within that morning and it goes on through your daytime for as many as 5 times in total. Whelm I response I get the Man using an Highlight who goes on to state that if I can support my date of Delivery and last four he will Subsequently let me know what your phone is all about. We live within a peculiar universe to state that least. Guest242015-11-06 03:58:52
51265119074 6 obtained text message they were giving Assess for my bank. Don't understand who this can be. Did not respond. rmGuest72015-12-14 08:29:22
5125474239They are scampers trying to get money. They called me not Understanding that I 'm a Deputy Sheriff and after placing a trace on that phone and telling them that I knew who they were they disconnected the call and now won t response when I telephone back from my number but can answer if I call out of any other number. Don t give these Individuals any information. Guest512015-11-06 08:21:43
5129829496Ditto with Jules. Who are they. If we 're Do not Telephone why can they telephone. Anyway find Outside who they're. Guest362015-11-06 12:37:00
5129524864Seems Like SHE CALLS TOWARDS Your Finish OF That MONTH IF This really is AN Important Phone AND I Understand You personally LEAVE A MESSAGEGuest72015-12-22 00:14:16
5127519166Merely a Collection of arbitrary words within a Peculiar express. This number was Attempting for text and phone for 6 monthsGuest12015-11-06 21:37:56
5122168408I get 4 8 calls a daytime from the number and nobody state s anything. . . . Actually becoming annoyed what can I do. Guest12015-11-07 01:22:44
5127725845They text ed me for chat on a messenger. Who are these Individuals and why can I keep getting messages out of them. Guest32015-11-07 02:54:56
5126757008I got a text out of this number telling me to telephone the Amount. It said direct express after your number. Guest52015-12-09 20:57:09
5123852090called three times in as many days. . . Quit calling a Amount on your do not phone list. . . . . . Excellent them. . . . Guest112015-11-07 10:22:41
5129614770Obtained a call from this Amount but no message was left. I Viewed it Upward and got signs the number either belonged to a locksmith or an Residence Advanced. Interest got your better of me and I called your Amount quot WE Lately CALLED To Regarding A 1 MILLION Dollar Supply AWAY quot a recorded woman s voice screamed in my own ear. Blocking that just one. . . Guest12015-11-07 11:23:00
5126401675I have gotten calls (from this and other 512-640-xxx numbers) once or twice per day for over a month. Never leaves a message. I answered twice (from sheer irritation) and there was no one on the line. I finally answered an waited - a guy finally came on and when I asked who he was and why he was calling, he started saying (like from a script) "This call may be recorded ...." I told him Stop - what is your name, what company are you with, and why do you keep calling me? He again said "This call may be recorded for quality purposes. I said "I heard you, answer my questions". He huffed and hung up. A caller from a legitimate company would have answered my questions promptly. When I tried to call back (to this number) I got a fast busy signal. When I tried to call back on other 640 numbers I got "number disconnected" message. So, evidence points to this being a scam operation.Scam Caller102017-09-22 20:50:01

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