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5145139395My ex had the Amount. His boy call me for Assess up on me. I asked who asked if he achieved the erroneous ff amp Person Installed Upwards on me. the ex42016-03-04 01:50:01
5146083489hang Upward when the number callsGuest72015-12-09 22:46:08
5146001808Set agency they state they can collect for you personally but they keep asking questions out of a Software. they never directly reply your questions so don t annoyance with them. Guest262015-11-05 07:33:07
5144528860I thought that Owner was my grandson until I looked Upwards your Amount on my Telephone That Man was quite nice I was sleeping when your Telephone rang The Man said quot I am sorry I woke you personally go back to slumber and get some rest I may call you personally After quot I never heard from him anymore I don't know anyone in MontrealGuest12015-11-05 07:41:07
5143597207SpamGuest62016-04-17 19:02:55
5144211798noGuest52015-12-22 08:43:19
5143829318QuebecGuest692015-11-05 08:59:53
5148718474Group agents disguise as your Representative from courier service and Additionally as Revenue Quebec Specialist. Envision the. Guest52015-11-05 09:24:53
5144001262some question are in the Facility of Ailment controlt62015-12-16 15:28:56
5149450768Ce sour en direct Du GRINDERS D s H . W . W Bonus De 5 aux W preemie res r serrations. Al Trendy amp nurture offer Level la Mason. Menu Ce sour pain Capitol amp Popular dog R serration amp info's W W W SylvanGuest12015-11-05 10:20:09
5147666738Terrible People. marko82015-12-14 10:30:20
5144221270A few political group for Plan to vote someone into office. Guest62016-05-05 10:04:48
5149403569Started becoming calls out of this Amount after having rented a Automobile from Alamo National within LAGuest962015-11-05 10:43:09
5142569362I Think this was a scam for money they said my account was Clear and then Inquired if I Desired for add funds. That s when I hung Upward for check my account through my Company and everything was Great. . . BEWARE. Guest12015-11-05 10:46:06
5148391480The Owner is Making derogatory remarksGuest52015-12-16 13:21:52
5149400804Prohibit this number pleaseGuest482015-11-05 10:51:53
5148934638message W can not become Directed} . Guest52015-12-19 05:42:52
5149999150He does odor Actually Actually terrible. but no drugs. he lives on Canterbury Street. safe for see. Guest62016-02-12 20:23:04
5145610526scam tickets sellingGuest32015-11-05 11:24:53
5142238668I received a phone out of W W W. That company is called Scot ts Grass Attention. Seattle0842015-12-18 07:38:35
5149141726TESOLGuest32015-11-05 12:12:09
5145648612Don't Call Me Again EverGuest42015-12-13 12:27:09
5148741957f. . cruise to the BahamasGuest362015-11-05 12:29:09
5147937987Ned Amount JFK collectiveGuest12015-11-05 12:39:08
5146399024callGuest12015-11-05 12:41:53
5147578560FIFOGuest12015-11-05 12:46:53
5148347625unknownnick52015-12-19 00:09:57
5142823803Criminals that were Simply released out of Strategy. . Pure ghetto street tacticsDoc42016-04-24 23:24:04
5147679697No Notion why a Us number which is unknown for me would be calling CanadaBeth42015-12-14 21:10:51
5147926462Children using the Amount for a Nuisance callGuest62016-04-29 15:04:32
5145232223ofGuest92015-12-17 20:15:42
5143931142MennenGuest52016-02-15 23:58:40
5149674684Message says quot This is a message out of a FIDO customer quot Guest12015-11-05 14:11:09
5145501731Safe for see Fine guyGuest62015-12-21 03:41:05
5149082492telemarketersGuest1222015-11-05 14:16:09
5144940024Charlotte HornetsGuest52015-12-19 07:36:28
5146121466I need them to stop calling my Telephone. Today was 3 calls in 1 Second along with no message. Guest3562015-11-05 14:31:54
5149634073Atmosphere Canada robot callGuest12015-11-05 14:33:09
5144634607Keeps testing me . Wanna understand whoelaine42016-04-13 23:46:21
5144539216solar power SolicitationGuest52015-12-15 01:42:33
5142571367Called and threatened to come for my Put of employmentGuest52015-12-19 18:24:27
5147785380no textGuest62015-12-19 12:02:29
5148336317RetardGuest12015-11-05 15:28:53
5143186142the number should become blockedGuest72015-12-18 11:04:53
51442423025 MSG each morning. . . . Guest82015-11-05 16:07:07
5146672304Don t response he s full of Lila lad phone games and harassing callsGuest42015-12-16 18:29:14
5148162039Parquet ET assize. HosierGuest62015-11-05 16:12:08
5143939255BanjoKintely72015-12-21 07:39:18
5146874785I blocked this call out of my phoneGuest302015-11-05 16:25:08
5143166759keeps calling and hanging up. Guest72016-03-06 23:37:55

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