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5594803150Your entry has won! Go to and enter the code '1122' to claim your $1000 Best Buy gift card! Must be claimed by 11/30/2012.from Nov 5 4:02pmDan Lukac42016-07-07 01:32:45
5594803147Received text "If you can see this, HI!!!"Guest72016-07-07 19:45:03
5594803149He like me and I dnt like him.Guest32016-07-08 01:51:09
5594803148telemarketerGuest32016-07-08 10:21:59
5594803146Please see the other post that I not call them back, instead call the FTC......72016-07-08 17:14:43
5593282373I m sick of these scams I was scam once and never again these Individuals need for become Discontinued how do I would theseGuest42015-11-04 17:09:01
5594512830Don t own a Toyota. Have never owned a Toyota. Don t intend for ever buy a Ford. They called me after 9 PM. Guest62015-11-04 18:38:02
5597366035Really annoying i got enjoy fifteen calls out of them on a work Telephone within that middle of that nighttime. Guest12015-11-04 17:54:06
5593213908I don't have any idea who that hell this can be. But your text MSG says which he or she could grow anything. Guest12015-11-04 21:33:01
5594745639spam for expiring Chevrolet Guarantee. had 4 calls and during each phone I asked to be removed from their list. Guest52015-12-09 21:35:50
5594021437They call and leave no message sometimes two times a daytime for that previous month. Thank goodness for caller ID. Guest162015-11-05 04:18:32
5595776226You have been Chosen for a free 1 W. W Very best Buy gift card. Enter code Free at Absolute best Purchase. comGuest52015-11-05 19:49:33
5597173151pete rose - ur comment help me...i just filed an app. for a job on, so prob. them calling me aswell!cm2-1692016-10-27 18:11:09
5593583213This Individual keep delivering me text messages that I dent desire. I Merely desire her to leave me and my family aloneLee lee62015-12-18 20:04:03
5598007990This number left a message on W W W. Your Website identifies it as Fresno CA. It was a guy along with a significant Latino. Feature. Something Around legal trouble with the Government call him to help. Not likely. I wrote down that Amount and 'm reporting it here. I am within the CA East Bay area. And 've an unlisted number and quot do not phone. quot Guest332015-11-05 23:53:07
5599533765quite rude called me every bad name within your book and was threatening. The place needs Close down immediately. Guest62015-12-14 16:39:36
5592808850The might be a Variant of the gift card offer scam HTTP Www. snipes. com in boxer nothing best buy. aspanonymous42015-12-14 23:44:52
5594450853I don't Reply to your telephone and they don't leave a message. . . . I don't understand who it's and won't answer. Guest72015-11-06 06:11:02
5595158268These Individuals are calling for amusement. Sometime they request for money or either they use expletive language. Guest22015-11-06 09:22:05
5594260000technical support Looking for mend my computer. Won t Discontinue calling even though I 've asked several times. Guest12015-11-06 10:44:02
5593517160He s a sick married guy who s into transsexual mankind and dressing. Partner has no clue of who and what he is. Guest12015-11-06 12:01:02
5593809586Spam Owner doing telemarketing does medical insurance along along with other offers you personally Only certainly demand. Guest72015-12-18 19:28:49
5598609472Do not believe the Individual he can lie to get data out of you personally and Throw you . . . . . . . . . . . . Guest142015-11-07 00:00:35
5594717990Hi. I m looking for your Telephone number of Jeffery s Construction Inc in Lubbock TX. Is this the appropriate 1. Frank52015-12-16 21:24:51
5594373450Calling for remind you personally for Complete Outside the survey on the marketplace place expertise Obama Care. Guest12015-11-07 10:23:02

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