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Phone list in area 563

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5632639302Statement collectorGuest12015-11-05 20:22:50
5634122187i acquired a phone from the number said i won a iPad 4corben52015-12-14 02:18:36
5639417720Spanish man voice within background. Diabetes . Fascinating. Nick N.42016-02-16 02:33:34
5635064615PrimariesGuest52015-12-20 02:05:31
5637269249I Adore You personally Substantially And Miss You More. . . Guest12015-11-05 21:35:14
5635993884I dint need the Individual to get threw for calling meGuest82015-12-20 00:08:30
5633803530unknown callerbucky62015-12-09 19:42:44
5632109586Gotten text saying quot come watch me run Tuesday. please please. it ll become worth it quot I have no Notion who this can be out of. Guest42015-11-05 22:05:25
5634247832. . . . . . . . Assessment . . This is a testGuest72015-12-13 23:06:29
5632654063no text or phone callsGuest12015-11-05 22:22:14
5634598661He is a black man in his S's calls and says his Firm can pay your bills for Sum of cash he is a scanner and got me for W W watch out for him. He is within Davenport Ia he uses alto of Distinct Telephone s his name is Cecil Thompson Please become aware of his scanning people enjoy me. There has been a Authorities report on him and a report though the Western Union Firm Police. Trust they look for him. And he Additionally likes for date white girls simply he says. He did this Offense within Illinois on Jan Th W. And is Needed by the Cops. Also FBI is searching for him. Ashamed what he does too Folks. Cecil i Hope they Find you personally for what You're doing and 've done. Guest32015-11-05 22:53:50
5635061953W W WGuest52015-11-05 23:01:26
5635995227Lactating Rb DudeGuest72015-12-09 04:50:56
5635491224don t pick up or talk to Chaos up along with my loveGuest12015-11-05 23:10:14
5636081248Prescription drug salesGuest72015-12-20 14:17:45
5636908772fag getGuest62015-12-14 08:31:37
5635701207noGuest12015-11-06 00:06:50
5635177175International capital group. Sales pitchGuest132015-11-06 00:21:26
5634846328This Guy NEEDS To Become ON Medication BLOCK HIM IMMEDIATELYGuest72015-11-06 00:54:26
5632597377multiple calls fro mt his Amount around a Interval of 6 weeks Making no message. On calling your number back it goes to voice send at extension W. At your Finish of voice mail task asks for Call 0 for Owner or 9 for Telephone Service. Never gets to Owner. Phone directory doesn't workGuest22015-11-06 00:58:25
5638237008TelemarketerGuest452015-11-06 01:24:26
5633290743Molina Wellbeing attention welcome callBrittany82015-12-18 23:46:06
5636394325i don t know is calling out of this Amount. I 've attempted calling it back to locate out and it Only Bands. nick72015-12-14 06:29:51
5636398595lGuest12015-11-06 02:05:50
5639417712Nuisance Owner telephone more than once late at night and woke me. Guest72016-02-16 02:33:28
5635057526Plays games on your Telephone. DisrespectfulGuest62015-12-20 16:55:58
5632174329Unidentified caller calling three times within one hour. Guest32015-11-06 03:27:14
5632211189Calling me a hoe and threading me that I m gonna get what s coming to meGuest22015-11-06 03:36:25
5635051432Inquired for someone who doesn't have this numberGuest52015-12-16 14:38:01
5637482529Joke Owner. . . Guest92015-11-06 03:58:26
5634247562Called. Declined. Instantly called back. No message. Guest192015-11-06 04:25:50
5632030507Rachel credit cardGuest82015-12-20 10:23:01
5633703760democrat election spamGuest82015-11-06 04:29:26
5635823770EX Money within Dybbuk IA. They only telephone if you owe them cash. Guest22015-11-06 05:02:26
5635062766scammed me on a Automobile partGuest32015-11-06 05:39:26
5632138317Does Everyone else becoming calls out of the Amount. Bria52015-12-16 10:50:51
5633234660Numerous calls during daytime and automated voice says goodbyeGuest12015-11-06 06:16:14
5639273377Sounds like garbled Sound with voices within that History. Definitely not a valid call. Guest12015-11-06 06:18:14
5634955276Travel siteGuest82015-12-16 09:25:40
5634995222Joke callNikki52015-12-16 16:26:20
5632654648This person won't stop callingBanana92015-12-17 00:05:07
5632596555Farmers Monetary thus it claims to be Let Telephone ring once amp hung Upward. I vie never contacted this group or any other Around Fiscal Support or debt help. Can become reporting to don't telephone as I m on that list. Plus I had someone check their Telephone novel for that area amp there s no such company. TS82015-12-17 01:56:23
5635705563Plays on your phone needs picturesGuest52015-12-16 15:23:19
5634595000Not spam. Insurance company. Guest122015-11-06 07:33:26
5636079637Received text saying Residence alone please message me along with the Amount spelled Outside in wordsGuest62015-11-06 07:45:50
5632652957ditto but mine was out of W W WGuest122015-11-06 07:51:50
5634193824text. 5. Claiming to be a friendGuest12015-11-06 08:19:14
5633222647sally MaeGuest72015-12-08 21:22:11
5633620185Loss SPAMMERGuest52015-12-14 22:26:46
5633620238I get calls at least once a daytime from this Amount but no message is ever leftannoyed72015-12-14 23:10:47

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