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5798838824I just got a call from this number, today, August 10.  No message.Barb A12015-11-16 23:17:37
5796345202This number left a questionable text message. Any ideas?Patsy42015-12-14 16:42:12
5795891266came in as spam for a lovely evening together with no strings attached. just send a text for a good timeGuest52015-12-16 00:08:44
5794577357Elton, the same thing happened to me. No message left when I didn't pick up. The note above says 'Country: Canada' and 'Location: Quebec'. The other two area codes that I've had calls from are (656) and (243). The 243 search I did said that this is not a valid area code. Not sure how that works.Bob32015-11-17 02:39:56
5793528721Car insurance agencyGuest62015-12-14 19:28:12
5798438219Received a call today. Didn't answer and no voicemail was left.stef12015-11-17 03:52:39
5796817793RajaRaja82015-12-08 20:45:28
5795532911keep getting phone calls from this number and being hung up on.msb52015-11-17 05:21:11
5796762789This person kept texting me the same messages. It costs $0.20 for each message.Guest52015-12-16 07:03:59
5798137864blockedGuest52015-12-20 14:26:21
5794883434Hot guyGuest12015-11-17 10:07:02
5795374998YayGuest52015-12-14 08:58:50
5799064807this is somthing fan or is truemarius22015-11-17 11:09:35
5792565610New number for the "This is Sharon, your Google specialist" scammer.Wants $99/month to 'help' your business get to the first page of Google...and I have some Oceanfront resort property on the coast of Utah...yeah, right.JHM12015-11-17 12:33:51
5799142373Enough of these unwanted calls.  Can't get any peace from them.Tyred of42015-11-17 13:13:44
5795001367Left no message... same ole, same ole...Willowblue12015-11-17 13:25:46
5792295657Private to poster.  We'll give this new approach some consideration. Please, no more "ALL CAPS".206 201 288482015-12-09 05:41:30
5796149630They called be for an I told them you have the wrong numberGuest82015-12-20 05:09:44
5794597357Hey!CS52015-12-16 21:31:25
5796479697They call, I don't answer. Most likely a scammer wanting personal info from the looks of things here.phd52015-12-21 14:37:44
5792700000simp azz niggaGuest52015-12-14 11:23:25
5799990128Didnt answerGuest72015-12-16 02:34:12
5799871259she smells like boo booGuest42016-03-25 03:26:29
5794892775MélissaGuest12015-11-18 00:22:02
5793528249Said it was regarding an "important legal matter" and he should call them back at 888-211-4248Leah52015-12-10 00:31:15
5798001862This number keeps calling we won't answer it no message leftDon12015-11-18 08:10:57
5797712529EmGuest82015-12-16 08:20:42
5790003215world finance corpGuest82015-12-23 07:32:25
5798169776No answerGuest62015-12-15 10:58:17
5799562681I don't know this phone number or personGuest72015-12-19 18:28:17
5799904954always a missed callmark62015-12-14 17:57:22
5797203388This phone number belongs to a certain company names Aquavie. They have tried to reach me several times. Only in the last 15 minutes, they called 5 times and I did not pick up. Harassment it is... Plus I am on the "do not call" list.loulou12015-11-18 14:03:24
5798893645your rudeGuest62015-12-16 09:17:48
5799337850wrong numberGuest82015-12-09 08:48:46
5796858079viberGuest12015-11-18 23:38:02
5793388285bugs me a lotGuest62015-12-09 16:02:03
5794050000US Financial Freedom Center, keeps calling from different numbers all ending in '0000', always an Indian person, and they will NOT STOP CALLING!!!Guest12015-11-21 04:15:27
5793455718WANTED BY LOCAL AUTHORITIESGuest52015-12-19 18:07:42
5794060000Kiddie kamera....spamGuest52015-12-21 04:33:06
5797172294marketingGuest42015-12-14 19:32:28
5792184424This person keeps calling but there's no one there.Guest82015-12-16 10:51:05
5797456000Every time this number calls it sound like Darth vat or breathing, than a fax machine after.Guest42016-02-15 17:19:30
5797455997Complete waste of time. Has a thousand questions. Seems nice. Don't be fooledGuest72016-03-25 03:25:14
5795402502no show waste of timeGuest82015-12-19 01:54:14
5799337857I also received this text saying the same as above.Sarah M42016-03-25 03:31:32
5796374976This Number 778 372 0535 kept ringing and ringing, then said they were doing a survey, when didn't answere there personal questions, they left a very offensive message on answereing machine!. Not Cool!!.Casey52015-12-08 10:00:34
5798333484This is a fraud campaign currently active in Canada using a series of Iristel VOIP numbers.  The objective is to obtain your credit card number and drain your account.If you attempt to "opt out" your number will be confirmed as live and added to a suckers list for repeated future calls.Fraud Alert82015-12-09 06:18:52
5794070000Hi dad y did u walk out of my life again i really don't like it in pretty mad at u right now with call me or something so i no u r okGuest82015-12-14 15:24:13
5797772535Sends threatening emails saying I will be sued for bank fraud and I need to call this number and pay $900 plus or face over $4000 in legal fees.Guest52015-12-14 17:11:18
5795886257Did not answer, because didn't recognize #. No message. I do have my cell registered on Do Not Call List, so this is another scam. Do not answer.Guest72015-12-14 17:38:50

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