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5868268300No goodGuest52015-12-14 11:57:25
5864418001This can be a corporate Amount for Raisin Canes restaurant chain. Guest52015-12-18 22:56:31
5862433056time. waster. bullshitter. Guest22015-11-04 23:45:43
5865412800From State FarmGuest122015-11-04 23:45:56
5862482173Hello that is my phone number and I had lost my cell phone. Could you please phone me at W W W. Thank you I valued it. Guest22015-11-04 23:52:55
5862757439guy is a notorious Grisliest scummier within a ring that's hit ca mi and Chicago. where his offense fa miles are based. he sends Fake money orders for Products and Sucks u n leaves u for deal with the law. Guest72015-11-04 23:54:55
5863390811more than doneGuest62015-12-16 13:07:17
5864641332This is a debt collector callingGuest82015-11-05 00:03:55
5868341343Now it was a bill collector who told me not for be rude. Guest1592015-11-05 00:03:56
5864735133rec called 'm and no just one Solutions . returned phone and no just one answers again. Guest112015-11-05 00:09:56
5862024482Residence mortgage telemarketing. . . another slime Baseball. . . . . BLOCKjoe82015-12-19 11:28:26
5862604847they r testing me an harassing my boyfriendGuest72015-12-19 05:05:12
5865303160This Man repaired my computer and made it run faster than it did your day i bought it. I forgot his name but he really knows his Things. Guest12015-11-05 00:18:46
5862329658Called rang 2 times Subsequently disconnected. Guest112015-11-05 00:19:55
5869795200don't see slumber Hostel Colleen would no see do not seeGuest82015-12-19 14:04:06
5869979692Unsolicited phone from local Wells Fargo branchHenry72015-12-16 16:28:21
5867380678yes this Man text Edward me Around or 8 times i just need understand who it is. Guest12015-11-05 00:29:47
5865880718Only don t likeGuest12015-11-05 00:31:06
5869031050Card number services is bothering me. Stop themGuest42015-12-18 22:01:28
5864611004Calls 3 times a day. . . no messages are ever leftGuest332015-11-05 00:43:55
5866279542offering grantspiked82015-12-19 08:53:00
5862257223Harassing calls and textsGuest42015-12-14 14:32:13
5866305300spamGuest292015-11-05 00:55:56
5863354560I had to wait on hold for someone to response I man finally picks Upwards and Requires me about furthering my Schooling. I enlighten him I am currently a medical Pupil at WU and he keeps asking Around where I see myself in 6 months if I decided to further my education. . . . What a moron. SPAMGuest62015-11-05 00:57:55
5862294968I m occupied could t Speak rite nowGuest92015-12-08 17:00:30
5865240286This guy is horrid. Guest212015-11-05 01:11:56
5869919447Credit card debt solicitation. Guest52016-01-11 23:18:22
5869928668They keep calling me and not respondingGuest4942015-11-05 01:22:56
5869810640Spam scam. . . . They are scampers. Guest112015-11-05 01:24:56
5862293094Calls every other week Nevertheless never leaves a message. Ann52015-12-09 00:56:01
5865550144The person who called had an Indian accent and was reading a Software telling me that my computer had malicious software on it and to go into my computer challenging drive and Remove your files. I did t fall for it. Guest102015-11-05 01:29:56
5867812811wrong numbedGuest12015-11-05 01:32:06
5862963611TripGuest222015-11-05 01:33:55
5862311014Got call at 2 W 'm. Answered biz we notion it was an emergency but Owner did t Reply. Guest62015-11-05 01:42:55
5865531420Psycho. Guest12015-11-05 01:45:06
5869928215stalkerGuest72015-12-20 06:04:15
5866342616GEARS VI Tin E RI W. . . Guest12015-11-05 02:04:06
5864431653Discontinue calling me. . . Guest22015-11-05 02:07:45
5869452633this Amount keeps calling me saying I won a prizeGuest82015-12-15 01:10:55
5869352523Called 3 times today out of 7 W for 8 WSally Mahar62015-12-14 18:54:24
5862000166Do not Call. Never Anymore. Guest302015-11-05 02:15:43
5865635424This can be a hooker. Guest22015-11-05 02:21:46
5866014724She is harassing me. Guest72015-12-19 17:52:42
5866909806nope tho ID MFAGuest12015-11-05 02:28:06
5863590612Get calls once in some time out of the. number. I never answer. They never leave a message. Polly a Robot Reading for active Amounts for their spam list I would suppose. Who knows. Simply aggravating waste of time. Guest602015-11-05 02:29:55
5863538721no messages from this numberGuest52015-11-05 02:30:55
5868794489Guest12015-11-05 02:55:06
5866907686Thief dismay scamGuest142015-11-05 02:58:56
5868259050Calls Regular and Constantly hangs up time after time. If I m not here and your machine picks up they Only remain on the line until my timer is Upwards at 3 minutes. Guest972015-11-05 03:06:47
5868231494desire blockedGuest72015-12-14 20:53:58

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