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6015334139Calls all daytime even after u state Ur not interestedGuest122015-11-04 22:13:59
6012998753Pare Registered telemarketing spiel re W free Residence security equipment if. . . . . Guest1102015-11-04 22:14:58
6014084066WGuest32015-11-04 22:15:51
6018630875Recording for credit recoveryGuest62015-11-04 22:16:00
6015042798vehicle warrantyGuest72015-12-08 10:54:17
6014901421Harassing calls asking for a certain Man but insisting the person they are searching for is me. I don t know that Man they're asking for. I get approximately W calls a week. Guest12015-11-04 22:36:59
6016169092Call and don t know allGuest22015-11-04 22:46:51
6013987565Credit card stuffGuest1752015-11-04 22:52:59
6018638313Scam maybeGuest62015-11-04 22:53:00
6019133255block pleaseGuest72015-12-16 13:56:49
6016045053. linbo52015-12-18 07:07:58
6014481079Scummier hang Upward on themGuest12015-11-04 22:59:08
6016654637Powell Rodgers and Addresses. Libraries Business. Guest82015-12-09 19:14:34
6013246054Medina Youngster SupportSteven52015-12-20 07:11:04
6015419923need for find out who this caller isRuthanne52015-12-15 02:02:43
6015328022called did t leave a message on my cell number I am on MO no call list. Guest522015-11-04 23:08:59
6013245887I Simply posted a Auto for sale here in Oregon and Baum . . . a text from Mississippi. It's SCAM written all around it . . . I deleted that number And did t Answer . . . Guest62015-11-04 23:12:58
6014936619their harassing meGuest12015-11-04 23:14:09
6019516131psychopath drug addictGuest62015-11-04 23:16:00
6018625996Bill collectorGuest52015-12-14 22:03:34
6017230044Scam artists and ex convictGuest42015-12-16 13:57:04
6012077332Simply a call out of this number nothing was said they Only Put Upward I did Notice many type of Sound at and idea Maybe it was a fax line but it did t last that long. Some People have more time than they know what for do with I guess. I typed the first Amount with your erroneous area code it was W not W that I was reportingGuest262015-11-04 23:26:58
6012653826Scam saying they will become delivering you to jailGuest202015-11-04 23:33:58
6017546117Directed} me a message. Guest62015-12-08 17:18:13
6013823608not Taking calls or textsGuest12015-11-04 23:38:08
6019396220who is thishomer42015-12-08 15:33:24
6014223240ignorant. . . . . Guest12015-11-04 23:39:08
6012860119Michael Brut schGuest62015-12-08 19:50:22
6017245744Who. Guest92015-12-21 15:28:34
6019064540Sorry sobGuest82015-12-16 11:38:01
6017141855iGuest12015-11-05 00:02:10
6015200914Block Amount from calling amp testingGuest12015-11-05 00:03:09
6016956405Won t Quit calling after you tell them Do not CALLGuest52015-12-20 13:45:13
6015334691forget it i notion you personally were someone else. Mg. Guest72015-12-18 21:23:15
6012874377pass pass passGuest32015-11-05 00:10:50
6015593945fuck en Google. despise there callsGuest62015-12-21 19:03:55
6016724159Crackhead harassmentGuest72015-12-09 18:27:12
6019197339annoying callsGuest22015-11-05 00:20:52
6012139883The Telephone number belongs to your burglar. He pirates ROB Advertising poses as if he owns properties which are someone else s and can have you personally Line him cash. You will wire him money and show Upwards to your property expecting to remain there but it s a Scam. This Man dozen t own any property he can steal your money. Guest62015-12-17 10:47:41
6012734007A weight loss pills company Sounded like Change BA. . T C92015-12-14 01:20:37
6019604132Leave a MSG or don t call. Just saying. Guest102015-11-05 00:29:00
6015228090Prank textGuest72015-12-08 20:49:11
6012628143Find god. . . I Hope for uGuest12015-11-05 00:32:08
6012091161Who Y HGuest22015-11-05 00:33:07
6015088883The Man is certainly psycho. Guest22015-11-05 00:33:51
6018269352I got uGuest12015-11-05 00:34:10
6019858082BudGuest12015-11-05 00:34:11
6013261206Something to do along with diabetes. FBI Prices as diabetes buzzards. Very annoying Particularly since I m not diabetic. None of my family is either. Guest52015-11-05 00:38:59
6014150330debt Set not validannoyrek52015-12-10 00:10:37
6018125201W Wcurious92015-12-14 03:42:40

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