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6044723475has called 4 times in the last 4 days - hangs up when you answer - I called this number back - they want me to participate in a survey but they never talk to me when I answer.Guest32016-05-02 04:58:38
6045067550Telemarketer call to sell carpet cleaning your whole home for just one price ??  Since I do not live in California why would you agree to use their service ??  This is a scam call !!  Block the number and report it !!A recorded call so do not push any button when the recorded message says to !!Mikey32016-05-02 18:51:09
6046915003Called looking for the president of my company by first name and when i asked where he was calling from he said, "im calling from California, can i speak to him?" and then i became suspicious, so i asked "what company are you calling from and what is this in reference to?"... and he responded "is he there or not? i need to speak to him" so i chuckled and put him on hold for a few minutes until he eventually hung up. Very rude and obnoxious!Guest52016-05-03 15:04:19
6047329950This 708-458-9999 phone number is a business number belonging to PLATINUMTEL PREPAID WIRELESS.  Had 4 calls within 4 minutes, but no charges on my cell plan.CardieB42016-05-04 16:59:39
6046764116Three times in the past two months somebody has called my cell phone from 304-982-5825 between 2am and 3am. When I call them back they swear they didn't call me and they are sleeping,although I can hear people whispering in the background. I hope they get a life and stop this crap.I need my rest.Guest32016-05-06 17:07:40
6046764113Got a few calls from this number over the period of a few days and they left no message. Finally decided to answer and it was a robocall about a cruise line. I hung up.Fred62016-05-06 17:34:01
6044494983got a call from a lady indicating she was calling from 708-425-8836 Clark County Nevada for the United States Dept of Justice and officer Jeffrey Williams is handling a case against me for a class H felony and i have until 5 pm to call back with a reference number? Eye opener there's was another man with a heavy accent indicating he was from the FTC federal trade commission and you can hear all the other people in the background.  Where I live we have the state attorney office and local police department for any felony or criminal issues. why would NEVADA be calling in Florida talking about a case when we have local authorities here..don't GIVE out any information to there THREAT.John62016-05-07 07:45:27
6046612474I answered it read Mallory, Millan and they called twice just the clicking sound. entire call lasted 14 seconds both times.Ezekiel Carsella32016-05-07 19:38:08
6042567444This was a credit card service offering low rates, I was not interested.Did not get as far as fining if there was a transaction fee with the low rate.Robert72016-05-07 21:22:43
6046764115This number keeps calling me. Sometimes a few times a day. No one speaks when I answer. I don't know this phone number. Nor Do I know anyone who lives in the area w/ 219 area code.Guest32016-05-08 09:04:32
6046612475I found all these cards all over the ground when I got to work.  I was stepping on a picture of the Virgin Mary.  Why would these people dis-respect our culture like this.  STOP TRASHING ANAHEIMIf you need to see a medical doctor or psychologist or have Sexual Problems, go to someone qualified.  Don't go to someone who has to put cards on cars.Jose72016-05-09 10:18:14
6046612478said something about a deb collector. do not call me again, i have asked many times to stp calling there is a law against harrassment.Guest52016-05-09 14:39:14
6046915001I received the same # with the 1 at the end.  This was on my cell, did not take the call as I was not near my cell when it rang.  I signed up for the do not call for unwanted sale calls.  Guess it has not caught with some.  I won't call back.BB52016-05-10 08:15:21
6046612480When I answer it is an automated machine will verify that I I own an LLC (for real estate that I own). Once I confirm that I own this LLC they put me on hold for a long enough time that i just hang up.  This has happened to me 2x now.  Prior to this, I actually got a call from a collection agency for a different address that I DO NOT own.  I told them this about 2 or 3 times!  They are idiots for constantly bothering me for something I do not own.Rod52016-05-10 16:53:50
6048007904called me 3-19-14 called this no back got voice mail called 3-20-14 said mans voice said he was fireman assisoin and want me to donate money unpulished number caller id said unavaible a scam or a bill collector going to file police report 3-21-14 beware donnt know who this shady cat isGuest72016-05-11 12:50:21
6044494984This number call me at least once a week.( 806-687-2493) If they want me to answer they need to leave a message.  This should be illegal and punishable.Melody Myers72016-05-15 15:41:18
6047185158I had 2 back to back calls from 2 people saying they had a job opportunity. Sure, I'm going to believe 2 different people who happen to have an Indian accent tell me the exact same job opening. Right. By the way, if they found your number, they probably have seen you from Career Builder. Sadly lots of scams contact you from there.Cassie62016-05-16 19:16:42
6043275976These people are relentless they tell me the same thing they calling my work and family I filed a complaint with the attorney general they call from different numbers tooj.martinez52016-06-16 10:40:45
6043275979This company says that they are courier service for ACE Cash Express. They are wanting to serve papers to appear in court for check fraud.val52016-06-17 03:05:08
6043724413I dont want it to call me or text meGuest32016-06-17 04:15:17
6043275980Called left no messagebluebear52016-06-17 08:17:47
6043275975Likes to call rendom cab companies requesting cabs and not show up. Have no consideration for others time and money...Guest62016-06-17 10:29:20
6049055176Calls during the daytime within evenings during that week and on Breaks. No message left. Try and ignore. Guest412015-11-04 17:36:18
6048009300Called but did t leave a message. I called back and got a record that previously mentioned all Tracks were busyGuest62016-04-13 05:01:22
6042865348Gave MSG about quot last call quot Government Processing lawsuit against you personally. Have had no Problem with Irs. Guest12015-11-05 06:06:05
6045635884You personally misled me I d have no Trouble helping you personally out if you personally did t lie for me laterGuest22015-11-06 09:45:17
6042145315who is the its thus annoying. Called when i answered no just one there Subsequently heard a sales room but no personjohn62016-02-16 05:59:59
6046375642Was Delivered a message about boy ahoy HTTP boy ahoy. com c CATV I do not understand the person Scared its a scamGuest72016-04-18 01:39:45
6048587048You personally left your own refuse at your end of my driveway in place of Choosing it to the recycle rs. I understand Baileys landfill is Nearer to you than my house. There is a word that describes doing the right thing even when there surely is nobody watching it s Decision. It s a must. Please come Choose Upward your Waste. It's at W Margaret Ave all the way across town. Thank you personally. Guest12015-11-06 16:05:18
6045659354i vie obtained countless calls countless everyone daytime many time everyday i cannot phone back to the numberGuest12015-11-07 10:52:06
6046705616Received the following text: "Our systems have indicated that an attempt to contact you via email failed. Please update your email address immediately via Easyweb 15:38:28

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