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Phone list in area 604

Phone numberRecent commentAuthorTotalTime
60464424421 phone no express mailGuest102015-11-04 22:32:31
6042431222SpamGuest32016-04-15 04:02:06
6047634026Discount hunterGuest12015-11-04 23:05:32
6049925084Harassing Telephone callGuest12015-11-04 23:09:33
6042221264calling me several times . Guest82015-12-20 00:40:24
6043253550Leave a Remark about that Owner hereGuest12015-11-04 23:13:30
6043275971Non profit asking for Gifts for Garments. Guest22015-11-04 23:30:05
6043536760cirriGuest52015-12-14 18:20:29
6043770444I called back to this Amount and is out of service it says Assess your number and attempt againGuest72015-12-16 07:56:44
6044418446AFCGuest52015-12-18 02:44:37
6046746682will offer jobs but its all scamsGuest32015-11-05 00:18:17
6047577691Keep callingGuest62015-12-14 09:47:10
6043386789text messagessd72015-12-09 16:42:39
6042272751telephone and leave horrible messagesGuest52015-12-19 02:36:02
6044317271The marketing company won t stop callingGuest32015-11-05 00:42:06
6044305928It s a stalkerGuest32016-04-17 02:02:36
6043232162Who is calling us from the W Amount. B.Rosen52016-04-12 02:17:20
6043748501goal. com tag. com scam obtained by text messagePeanut Head82015-12-09 22:29:38
6046495760Oct W message was left muffled could not recognize it I called him back and he behaved enjoy we had spoken before and then proceeded for text me a couple of times I replied we'd spoken on that Th and he has that incorrect number. He apologized and now today I get another text saying God bless you personally. . . . . . . starting to supply me the creeps. Guest12015-11-05 01:36:17
6047153161Keeps stalking and bothering meGuest52016-04-13 19:15:50
6047679103I love you personally thus Substantially and it kills me we got torn apartGuest42015-12-17 01:30:29
6042775364no answer no messageGuest2602015-11-05 01:57:14
6042290711MBA telemarketerGuest362015-11-05 02:00:13
6044417453move on and leave me alone please. Guest32016-04-16 03:37:55
6046743557gets into that text after blocking herGuest32015-11-05 02:17:06
6044300218Called did t state anything . . . . I called back phone disconnected appropriate after callGuest62015-12-16 13:40:47
6044451422Block it worse someGuest82015-12-16 14:16:18
6044305932Complaining YetiGuest72016-04-16 05:53:55
6042003312HiGuest42016-04-28 01:11:56
6043724411Calls n leaves no message what an f cowardReading pa.62016-04-13 17:42:48
6046378416fax VancouverGuest252015-11-05 02:55:17
6046764117The text Mr. about free drawingsGuest72016-05-02 16:39:32
6043679975Asking if i Desired to 've sex within that back of a Collection truckJohn72016-04-26 15:19:00
6047264090yesGuest12015-11-05 04:19:32
6043767882do not answer. Guest62015-12-16 17:05:10
6043182357West jet telemarketingGuest12015-11-05 04:21:30
6049981369your own texts n calls have been blockedGuest32016-04-23 05:07:51
6043492565Don t remember whose number this isGuest82015-12-15 16:33:34
6046707661hangupGuest92015-11-05 04:31:17
6049398722Scam probably not Hilton hotelGuest12015-11-05 04:33:33
6048454236replying machine record a Girl and man going through a list with names Telephone number and address. No Thought what they were calling for. Did phone back but no answerGuest12015-11-05 04:35:07
6047500629Judy BruceGuest12015-11-05 05:06:32
6042963230power saw lots of your expertise but will there be anything we may do with this. . annoyed too262016-02-23 22:49:35
6047579676received a single call from this on Thursday could 9 W hours. no send or message. no follow up. deleted phone. Guest82015-12-16 04:32:22
6048028246this caller does not answerGuest12015-11-05 05:32:32
6047299377crazyGuest72015-12-16 08:09:13
6042005105The number violated the dept Set FCC Called PM estGreekhomo52016-04-09 02:24:08
6046381619Once they got hold of your own number it wont stopped calling you several times during your day. I 've reported the for my phone Business. They have reimbursed me for 1 month of Charging for buy a fresh phone for BLOCKED unwanted phone calls. Way for go NONAGE. Guest142015-11-05 05:45:17
6044327283This Amount needs for be cut away. . . incessant calls with no way of stopping them. Guest1702015-11-05 05:47:16
6046175038Unwanted scummierGuest12015-11-05 05:48:31

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