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6137077844Got two messages Now House and company from Official Jason Clark of the CARA Crime Analysis Division Badge W Around an extremely pressing issue. And when he did not hear from me or my Attorney all he could say was want me great Fortune. Called out of W W W. These calls are SCAMS these People are getting clever. . Now identify themselves as quot Official quot quot Marker quot etc. for sound valid. These Individuals are dangerous. Don't Reply or provide out any private info. Contact that Police RCMP or CR TC for report these calls. Show extreme Warning and warn anyone you are able to think of Around these scams anyone is vulnerable. Show no anxiety if you answer your phone tell them you may report them to your police. Guest182015-11-05 10:42:53
6136679148SpamGuest1702015-11-05 10:51:20
6138451101Amnesty internationalGuest142015-11-05 10:54:08
6139279947Scummier pretending for become from Revenue Canada. Guest62015-11-05 10:54:53
6138271775WONT Discontinue CALLINGGuest52015-12-17 07:31:32
6132263614Apollo managementGuest12015-11-05 10:58:07
6137247699harassmentGuest12015-11-05 11:18:08
6138885669Block this callGuest42015-12-10 00:02:31
6138883629 Guest72016-03-18 23:01:44
6137060567calling for tax evasionGuest602015-11-05 11:46:53
6134999823is the a valid businessGuest62016-03-06 14:15:30
6132633654air CanadaGuest12015-11-05 12:25:07
6138678558Someone named Crystal text ed me from the Amount and could t body out who she isDon72015-12-19 09:18:29
6134027171empty messageGuest12015-11-05 13:04:07
6134014950SpamGuest42016-02-01 15:24:39
61346281255 oGuest52016-02-16 00:23:54
6132757842This calls with someone I can t even comprehend them. norm62015-12-21 00:12:57
6137039824she is my grandmaGuest42016-05-03 16:27:37
6135519075I despise u that much . Guest12015-11-05 14:47:07
6139090729No message left. . . Glenn72015-12-19 04:40:42
6132493233Annoying keeps calling my Facsimile phone. If your idiot wants for keep calling Subsequently let them continue for run Upwards their phone bill. My fax may keep answering. I won t answer. Guest1182015-11-05 14:55:19
6138186648Fake West jet scam. Says your own Amount was randomly Chosen for win a Reduction on your next flight. Guest12015-11-05 15:01:21
6139517342wedded man along with a Lila penisGuest32016-02-08 00:41:41
6133017248clientGuest32016-05-14 03:45:02
6132535349telemarketingGuest12015-11-05 15:19:07
6135188031also acquired an automated vim saying the same. may phone Cara and report HTTP Www. . ca English report it . HTMLGuest792015-11-05 15:23:52
6133663428Calling and saying I was in problem for tax evasion and that I had to call back before I was arrested SCAMGuest322015-11-05 15:32:52
6135582108Needs a life broke trickGuest42015-12-16 11:15:15
6132553492I 've an Advertisement Kojak and someone replied with the contact number W W W . I Getaway t called yet but can let you know what happens after I would. Guest12015-11-05 16:04:19
6132483734Unknown fax has called numerous timesGuest782015-11-05 16:04:52
6137788904too Enormous. Guest82015-12-17 13:20:41
6138009166says he has a warrant and before he signs it for our county sheriff office needs for Discuss for me county sheriff office through me away a bit as we don t have county sheriffGuest92015-11-05 16:15:53
6134460144Business called Just HO called to offer free water testing and would send tester over. I checked online and found concerns Around the Plan for sell water filtration Gear. When I tried to phone back W Min's later no 1 would answer your Telephone. Beware. Guest282015-11-05 16:23:52
6133333777Automated express that says they are from a home remodeling company. Guest472015-11-05 16:39:52
6137364374Facsimile machineGuest592015-11-05 16:46:53
6132995907I get repeated calls from this number and I don t know who it is. Guest52015-12-20 12:53:25
6132493232Very annoying. Calls several times each day out of W W W W and W. 've requested several times for become removed from the list yet for no avail. Also not able to Switch Facsimile back. Guest332015-11-05 17:37:52
6133611763Tex ted asking if I Desired to Perhaps receive Canadians tickets yes or no. Did not Select Upward when I called it. Guest42015-11-05 17:41:52
6135447672Cops. . . . within callGuest52016-04-16 17:34:31
6138984454hotelGuest22015-11-05 17:53:08
6137070198Idiotic Test to scam Established on a untrue accusation of tax fraud. Guest412015-11-05 18:01:53
6135553324SolicitingGuest22015-11-05 18:16:07
6137965352Who is the. . Papa Grande82015-12-08 17:07:18
6138701163foreigners that wont Leave calling about loansGuest42015-12-09 15:45:57
6138451065DP telemarketing incessant spammersGuest282015-11-05 18:27:53
6136863848Discontinue thisGuest3302015-11-05 18:45:53
6138000933Unsolicited telemarketer called saying I won a Match for a free W trip to Florida. They wanted my credit card data though for a small W processing Payment. Of course I did t give them any credit card Information but they did already know my date of birth and street address that was disturbing. They Maintained they were looking at my Credit card online and saw it was a W digit Amount Starting along with a quot 4 quot . . . . Each Visa starts with a 4. . don t fall for this particular. . I bugged and bugged for get a callback Amount or identifying Firm name but no luck undoubtedly a SCAM. I did telephone back your W number though and I got a Women voice on an answering machine. Guest32015-11-05 18:45:53
6137070702Debunk Springs Bradshaw s Painting Shady Acres Ct Debunk Springs FL W W W Wben42016-05-05 12:02:48
6139279687Owner said they were calling out of CARA Around income tax arrearsGuest1212015-11-05 19:04:53
6138662403I no longer Cope with messes peopleGuest62015-12-21 04:25:24

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