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6152596259I responded to an ad on craigslist about a free car and some girl named Brianna starts texting me about bring a bored single female and wants to hook up. she was using some texting app called heywire. shr spoke out of context and never addressed my questions. something very shady going on here. I'm reporting this to craigslist as well. somrthibg is NOT right with this number.Guest62016-05-15 06:56:59
6153456281This caller's # is the one that called my victim. It is a scam.The number is 904-302-6785Don't do anything they say hang up.Real Police officer62016-05-16 03:48:57
6156101076They call and do not leave a mesage.This is a new number that i recently got and i do not recognize this number.bobbie42016-05-16 21:26:50
6159888013Called himself Mr. Mullings from Win International. Said he had an important package for me and had to give me the details. Said I had to be "alone" because it concerned money. I hung up, did a little research, found out the number was from Jamaica and that this is a common scam where they ask you to send them $500 to send you the package. I reported it to Next time he called I gave him the complaint number and told him not to call me again.Nicole62016-05-17 17:48:30
6155732399just received a text stating that my entry last month has won.  Go to & enter the winning code 9776.  tried to go there & my firewall said that it was an unsafe site with fishing or malware... has the Best Buy survey site been hacked, or sold my info?  If so, they need to notify consumers - and they have to notify us of their privacy & opt out policies when we complete the survey.  Class action?Michael Barron72016-06-15 11:01:42
6155103025I think it's a collection agency. I keep telling them they have the wrong number, but they won't stop calling. I told them I'm gonna call the police and they haven't called today. Geez. How hard is it to understand "YOU HAVE THE WRONG NUMBER, IT'S THE WRONG NAME, NOT EVEN CLOSE" ?Audrey62016-06-15 14:09:10
6155732405Yet another bogus call from J. B. Wellingotn III. Maybe I will answer next time.Does this report make any difference? I think some a-hole forwarded a text that had my number in it and has found its way to a spammer list. I rarely send texts and I NEVER forward any. Maybe T-mobile has been hacked?GlenW72016-06-15 20:53:55
6155103027besides, advance payment loans are illegal so if someone is asking you to fork over money before you get your loan, it's a scam and should be reported to the FCC, IRA, CIA, FBI and any other 3 letter organization you can think of... oh.. and Interpol... let's not forget them.Badge71432016-06-16 13:32:30
6155103031Received a call 03/31/08 at 12:58 PM that just says "blocked name" (651-356-8240.  I call it back and it says "The number you have called is not in service, or is assigned in a different area code."  I called this number back at 1:27 PM, less than half an hour later.  I want to get this scammer off our list.Katie42016-06-20 23:05:55
6159134097Trying selling marketingGuest52016-07-04 17:26:53
6159134089Do you owe $10000 or more in doctor, hospital, or credit card bills? Answer this text to see how to reduce your debt.Guest72016-07-04 20:48:53
6154479822Sends nasty text messagesGuest52016-07-05 05:10:53
6159134096sausage gazerGuest72016-07-05 08:58:33
6154479824ScamGuest72016-07-05 11:17:28
6154479820Dont answerGuest72016-07-05 19:09:42
6159134093testingtesting72016-07-05 20:36:03
6159134095It just said hi (my name) if you wanna know who this is who have to add me to yahoo messenger textiegirle85.Guest72016-07-06 00:17:43
6159134094Political callGuest52016-07-06 02:00:42
6154479826What do I have to do to get them to stop calling me? Sometimes it comes from different numbers. Help!Guest72016-07-06 02:02:29
6154479818Leave me aloneGuest72016-07-06 04:04:06
6154479825Don't want to receive calls from this #....Guest52016-07-06 08:36:47
6159134091Another call received around 4:00pm 4/15/08. No message left.b182f11752016-07-06 09:49:53
6154479823They tried to extort money from me by pretending to be from my electric company and telling me I was past due. It started with another person calling me from a private caller ID. Then telling me I had until 10:00 to make a cash payment at Walmart and then I was to call this number and they would process the payment. I told them to turn off my electricity. Odd that it's still on...... Guess I do pay the bills on time.Guest62016-07-06 10:37:01
6153577292The phone number is associated along with someone going by that name of David Morgan that email address he is using is AOL. com and that Telephone number he is using is W W W. He is asking for prices for Caterpillar parts. This is a SCAM. He can eventually try and buy Components with a Taken credit card number and have you personally boat them for him. Don t would it. Guest212015-11-04 20:04:03
6154820922Directed} me a text to some FBI web sight that had my name on it and did not Reply don t understand who this can beGuest32015-11-05 05:31:04
6152099572I Only located their number on Grisliest s Customer SC. Jobs and was Preparation for telephone . . . . . . . . . . . Deyna Winter42015-12-16 13:02:07
6155419325I got the call. This can be from an agency that handles your sourcing merchandises from all around that universe. Agency62015-12-14 16:26:14
6158288790It's a scam if you personally appearance Upward that number online it shows it is coming from an AT amp T Mobile number. Guest72015-11-05 09:56:06
6158661251Consider this was an attempted scam. Tried to get my SAN and other Information. Had a few personal info already. Guest12015-11-05 21:19:31
6156428543Says she is Trichina. goes on Relationship websites and tries to get Folks for pay on Broadway cams. com for her. Guest52015-12-19 02:35:37
6154443533Calling back for back at work. 2 along with in 1 minute and Afterward cell phone Additionally called while at workGuest32015-11-05 22:34:29
6154620295Some girl named Amanda state i won a Vacation package i won at a bridal show. Never even attended. Ha. Spam. Guest1062015-11-06 01:09:04
6157290018Someone from the Amount was calling me about a Excellent check equilibrium that I never had sound like a scam. Guest22015-11-06 01:09:31
6155379644spam. called on my cell. . . even though I 'm not the do not phone list. it was a recording. . . called twice. Guest82015-11-06 05:03:04
6158317099They are selling stuff and if you personally tell them you are not interested they Guarantee to phone you again. . Guest52016-04-15 19:05:07
6155901283When called back states if u desire placed for get Information on special promotions or placed on do not call listGuest62015-12-22 13:34:49
6158968303Answered nothing just Installed Upward. Called back heard many BS about present certificate and I hung Upwards. Guest52015-12-21 00:48:42
6155338635It s amazing that lawyers don t go after that Bucklers. On a daily basis there are Much more Recalls than there are along with Large Platform Vehicle accidents. It would become nice for see your lawyers present checks to hundreds of people whose privacy was violated due for unsolicited calls. Hey lawyers take note. Let s see your own commercials run each Five minutes . Guest12015-11-07 02:28:04
6157755156this really is peculiar since it is my work Amount and I do no 've a direct Switch number no message left. KATHY FUSON52015-12-21 04:47:50
6153880533called and said it's my last chance to get a lower within test speed. There was an extra Amount within the phone numberBB52015-12-14 17:56:20

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