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6162280435If our agent called and you and you were not able to speak with him I apologize.  Please do call back.  If your name and number is in our files it is important that we speak with you.  In the event that you are not the individual we are trying to contact we would like to verify and notate the file so we do not waste any more of your valuable time or ours.ShillKill72016-04-15 14:37:19
6165376197Speak to your phone provider and file a formal complaint if you receive unrelenting fax transmissions from phone number (450) 348-7974The details:L'Adrot Fax-Marketing415 Rue Georges-Phaneuf, Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu, QC.Attn: Yves Thibodeau 450 348-5110Always transmitted from a "Private caller" with no identification. This is against the law in almost all circumstances.I called this guy. He answered with fax tones whizzing in the background. When I asked (in French) for a representative for Adrot Marketing to make a complaint about the faxes, he denied any knowledge of this firm. The tone of his voice also sobered up immediately. Then it was he asking me how and  where I obtained his number. I told him that lots of people online seem to know who he is. He shouted into the phone not to call back and hung up.Totally unresponsive!Don't waste your time.  File a complaint with your service provider with the above details. Or just Google the phone number itself and our little community will appear.The CRTC can also help at : just had E-nough!Best wishes.netport72016-04-16 04:28:34
6168285405Got a new cell number recently and began receiving calls from this number.  When I did a look up it show as MCImetro Access Transmission Services in Natchitoches, LA.  When I Googled the company, I came across this website which had several listings for scam calls from this company.  Haven't answered the calls because I didn't recognize the number -- I thought it might be for a person who had the phone number previously.  They do not leave a voice message.pochoa72016-04-16 11:45:13
6165701654I got a gazillion calls from them on my cell. I finally called back and when I told the guy to get my number off of their list, (same guy answered 2 times) he hangs up. He answered Nationwide Card Security or something like that. If he is a debt collector, he's full of it because I don't owe anybody anything.Sue in Indy42016-04-16 18:27:23
6165701656Caller wanted me to access my "Windows" computer and change some settings.  Said he was from Geek something.  When told we already have an IT person who handles this, he insisted I needed to follow his instructions and kept asking me if I was on my main screen.Robert R. Jones Library42016-04-16 21:53:29
6168285399This number has called my business 3 times today. When you answer there is nothing or they hang up after two rings.sick and tired of calls72016-04-20 15:13:11
6165028391Call fro my daughter who soes not live with me, call came from Ms. Rogers, when I asked her the name of the company, she refused to tell me, told her do not call my home anymore, she hung up, called back and cursed her outP. Hall32016-04-22 07:28:01
6169880234I received several calls from this no.. The no. they use to call from only showed the 1st 4 digits or all 0's. The said that they are from American Law Division & that they are looking for somebody name Cecila. I told them that I don't know anyone by that name & they started to harrass me & tell me that I do know her & that's it's urgent that she return my call or else. I waited about 45 min & called the number back. The man answered the phone using only his name & did not state his company. I asked where was I calling & he said "You called me, who were you trying to reach?" I answered, I don't know, this number showed up on my phone & I was curious as to what company this was. The man refused to tell me & just repeated, who are you trying to call as if he was trying to trick me into saying "American Law Division." He was very rude w/some sort of Indian accent. Whoever these people are, they suck big time & won't be scamming one red cent out of me.Guest62016-04-29 19:17:10
6162659233Call came in, went to voicemail, was a machine saying wait for next representative. Then a guy says hello, hello, and hangs up. No message left. If you want a call back from me, you better leave a message, because I do not have the desire or time to call an unknown caller back!! Plain and simple.Stu72016-04-30 18:59:29
6169880235Missy I don't want to talk to you !!! Don't call me again, Kristi don't want to talk to you either SO STOP CALLINGGuest52016-05-14 08:49:49
6165419686Called 2 times back to back. Only partial garbled message left fall alert button. Caller ID shows Caledonia,Michigan. SPAM72017-05-12 15:50:43
6162280938Calls from a local area code claiming we have an unpaid debt from AT&T. First off, we have not had service with AT&T for over a year. Second, if this business really was calling on behave of a debt collection from AT&T, it would be from an 800 number. It's curious especially since searching this number procured no results pertaining to AT&T or a collection agency.Michigan Gal42016-07-06 16:05:44
6163899149they call all the time and send emails saying that iam going to be charged from federal agents and if i dont call them they will go ahead and charge me who are these people and what should i do?Guest62016-07-08 10:57:21
6162280948Calls from a local area code claiming we have an unpaid debt from AT&T. First off, we have not had service with AT&T for over a year. Second, if this business really was calling on behave of a debt collection from AT&T, it would be from an 800 number. It's curious especially since searching this number procured no results pertaining to AT&T or a collection agency. Also called from 616/228/0938, 616/228/0958, and 616/228/0948. Reporting this company to FCC.Fake AT&T Collection Agency62016-07-13 15:16:50
6162241118They re a great company but they phone way overly Considerably after they Work for you personally. . . even after i told them that. Guest42015-11-04 17:03:07
6166132052Acquired telephone from this number at PM Now. No just one at the other Finish. Says it's out of Eland MIGuest1002015-11-04 17:12:34
6166136996Don t understand what this really is Around but quite annoying calls many times in just one daytime I Simply won t reply it. Guest42015-11-05 07:35:34
6169802622Rude. . . Obnoxious. . They use to call along with a different Amount. They hang Upwards on you. SCAM ARTIST. Guest572015-11-05 15:19:10
6163759914Obtained a phone out of the number. Called back on private line. No one Solutions I have no clue as to who it'sGuest42015-12-09 13:40:18
6169886721We are on that don't telephone list they all Regular cant Chat English told them to quit calling and they wontGuest422015-11-05 16:22:10
6162412511my father got a phone overly. Same matter selling an expanded warranty. Not answering when attempted calling back. Melissa42015-12-16 20:01:18
6166783348Has called 4 times Absolute two times in a row. Once around 3 W pm and once within your later Night. No message. Guest132015-11-05 23:26:08
6164460149You might have torn a part of my soul from my body that I actually wish I were dead if it Warren t for the childrenGuest52015-12-08 13:10:32
6165419621This really is a spammer trying to get you for use their services they Don't signify Google wipe them out. Guest102015-11-06 01:20:07
6166767371My wife received a phone at home out of quot Dora quot asking for me by name saying she Needed me for be her Tutor and that I should call her back at W W. I had no Strategies to telephone her back but was Interested for see who has this number. Established on the other Opinions out of others this can be an Clear Promotion ploy. Merely idea I would add my experience to that list. Guest82015-11-06 14:04:08
6169999997talking bout lowering credit card rates. . . when I told them I did t have a credit card they hung Upwards. . . Guest382015-11-06 16:20:10
6165894975The Individual you might have reached no More desires anything for do along with you personally. 've a nice life. HAGuest12015-11-06 21:51:34
6164388007The Individual Is No More Excepting Calls From This Amount. . . Please Don t Attempt amp amp Telephone Again. Guest12015-11-07 07:56:34
6168187614Keep becoming calls at exceptionally inconvenient times of day. They too phone my cell phone and ask for Sabrina Ode. Each time I tell them for Discontinue calling me and again to no avail. Called my wireless carrier and they could t would anything about it. Reported the Amount along along with the other 4 that they vie been using to your Don't Phone Registry. Guest52015-11-07 11:36:08
6164667303I keep getting calls from 66-466-7303 and they don't leave a message. You would think after the first 10 times of a person not answering they would get the hint but no not these people. They just keep calling and calling several times a day. I'm tired of it. It's straight up harassment. I've asked all these strange numbers to put me on the do not call list but that still doesn't stop them. There has to be some way to stop this.Tired of businesses passing out my numbe62017-05-10 20:49:27

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