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Phone list in area 616

Phone numberRecent commentAuthorTotalTime
6164198452don t know themGuest22015-11-04 19:16:34
6166827366Hang Upward callGuest242015-11-04 19:44:08
6169802331Characteristic Videos for familiesGuest1392015-11-04 19:44:09
6164667595Man who does own number keeps becoming calledGuest32015-11-04 19:44:34
6169402070Art van invitation to some saleGuest42015-11-04 19:45:37
6164436022HarassmentGuest42015-12-19 10:07:06
6166911266Caller was silentTosh42015-12-18 21:24:27
6169293147block texts and callsGuest12015-11-04 20:57:21
6168277030Stupid has Head Ailment. Guest32016-04-11 17:58:18
6169311122scampersGuest62015-11-04 21:07:36
6162489016ex boyfriend house numberGuest12015-11-04 21:09:19
6165165233NothingGuest22015-11-04 21:16:20
6166621141Attempting for create fraudulent credit card Costs using names out of new obits. desktopj52016-04-14 23:05:47
6164252165selling electronic cigarettesGuest32015-11-04 21:22:07
6166132292Security system sellerGuest52015-11-04 21:27:34
6169657770Reddish line Funding LC Looks for be a quot scam quot operation quot Marketing Purchasing quot time share properties. Says no quot Upwards front quot Prices but eventually they desire you personally to send W for quot documents needed for Close quot . I consider once you send your W they may tell you personally your sale dropped through and you may become Outside your own money. Guest32015-11-04 22:44:09
6166042053Offered me a free security system. Has called several times. Sounds like someone planning a Dwelling Attack. Guest672015-11-04 23:38:34
6163593070This really is not a Amount of Verizon Amount I called a Verizon Representative he said it was some type of a scamGuest12015-11-05 01:34:33
6165376510spam. Bizarre texts from this Amount. knew info Around someone who I did t know and tried to State it was me. Guest32015-11-05 03:17:07
6166042007Don t Select Upward its a spam callGuest632015-11-04 21:45:07
6167348968Ever dry. Continue for telephone after we vie told them NO. Guest132015-11-04 21:45:08
6163261383never answerGuest52015-12-14 09:49:34
6168858602Dumb Cookies Away CRAIG S LISTGuest32015-11-04 22:06:36
6163899145blocked sirGuest42015-12-19 17:04:44
6168550669called twice i called back an it said press just one for block numberGuest912015-11-04 22:28:09
6163088615ID this personGuest92015-12-09 19:06:25
6167410467've received three calls from them in as many times no messages no data. I replied the morning and did not hear anything thus I said quot Stop calling this Amount quot . Fingers crossed. . . Guest322015-11-04 22:46:08
6166132169 quot this is not a sales call. . . quot Guest482015-11-04 22:47:08
6169882856Hangs upGuest72015-11-04 23:03:10
6169908062broke honky Technique out of GRISLIEST LOLA diva saidGuest12015-11-04 23:06:22
61698440373 times earlier in morning on Sunday will not leave message hangs up when replying machine picks upGuest262015-11-04 23:14:10
6162720819dint need any calls or textGuest62015-12-19 00:01:34
6163593049Magazine SalesmanGuest192015-11-04 23:18:07
6162942075Talked filthyGuest82015-12-08 13:18:12
6163235762Not today. Guest22015-11-04 23:24:20
6167410462I enjoy to Display my calls and this Amount calls 3 times a week and never leaves a message. I Delivered a text and all it said was my text was delivered to someone at a acreage line. Guest332015-11-04 23:30:08
6166132100They phone us at least once a week even though we told them to Discontinue. It s a scam. . . Guest3102015-11-04 23:34:08
6168248188Prank phone calling saying profanityGuest62015-12-16 12:48:43
6162939350WordingGuest12015-11-04 23:54:20
6164255869Trying to sell extension on Vehicle Guarantee. Guest102015-11-05 00:06:07
6164255549ScamGuest102015-11-05 00:13:07
6163894355It said you are the winner of a lottery and 've for pay Fees in your lottery winnings. Concerned62015-12-18 04:57:45
6167410461These Individuals called my cell phone for my EX Man. Haven t been wedded to him in over 3 years. How would my cell Telephone get Related to his name. Told her not for phone again. Guest372015-11-05 00:23:08
6164196288This caller endanger my W daughter with a gunsharon62015-12-16 07:50:04
6165892101stupid waste of timeGuest12015-11-05 00:30:20
6168853046Spam did t answerGuest82015-11-05 00:39:09
6162162172card member servicesGuest962015-11-05 00:49:07
6168187896Sales callGuest62015-11-05 00:52:36
6169710251CussGuest302015-11-05 00:56:09
6162144469Say they're Engine vehicle service called asking for me by my Mid name for expanded Guarantee on a brand car. Guest32015-11-05 00:57:07

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