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6265215581PromotingGuest532015-11-04 19:49:33
6266734677Need cash now. Get W W direct to your bank within Hr. No credit check. Get Quick acceptance at Internet. Baptiste. com op tout answer Quit Guest42015-11-04 20:06:44
6265132996They telephone me everyday. I don t know themGuest12015-11-04 20:22:51
6269216429Stated they have court Forms to file against me out of a credit card back from W. And to phone them back with a prepaid card. Guest52015-11-04 20:36:46
6266666754CollectorGuest1632015-11-04 20:44:44
6265026916Keep calling my Amount and not Making a message. Tiffany62015-12-18 23:54:39
6267892346Keep calling my Telephone with this and other s. Guest42015-11-04 20:46:46
6265216634Might I Talk to sabra I told them that this is a incorrect Amount they keep calling. Could u ab and them out of calling. PleaseGuest412015-11-04 20:47:38
6268149628Did not answerGuest472015-11-04 20:47:46
6262301953Previous Girl asking for Bathroom paper. . . Saying she has not talked to Someone within a very long x. Guest62016-05-01 10:40:32
6265445643Answered and the line instantly hangs up. Guest982015-11-04 16:10:42
6267573663propertyGuest42015-12-14 09:16:35
6263730480mad cracked out Girl keeps calling me saying i owe her money for crack. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Guest12015-11-04 16:48:00
6262198305It was an automated message about House mortgage or something. Spam. Annoyed82015-12-14 22:02:04
6264940310always calls does not leave messagemisty82015-12-13 16:49:39
6262514251After requesting info online for Northwest college, I immediately received a calm from this number. No message left. I do know that it is not Northwest college. Therefore, I assume that NWC receives payment for referrals.Northwest college referral92016-09-26 20:07:43
6269053560Grisliest scummierGuest62015-12-14 17:27:59
6265085322 quot I 'm not a Double but I will give you a few quot Guest272015-11-04 18:26:31
6268244032text along with no messageGuest62015-12-19 05:21:15
6263800194Bull crapGuest482015-11-04 18:55:27
6264680021They telephone Regular and hang Upwards . . . I want for report it. Guest82015-11-04 18:56:00
6265993533I didn't even answerGuest182015-11-04 19:00:44
6262784691I gotten a phone out of W telling me I 've been selected for a FREE 1 W Best Purchase Talented. Enter Code quot FREE quot at Www. est buy. com. Blatz. biz for get yours now. Only W left. Text Outside to remove. I power saw the on your phi sing scams and did t reply back. how do they get my cell number. Guest92015-11-04 19:20:26
6266719428R blockedGuest32015-11-04 19:33:01
6263749735spamGuest12015-11-04 19:48:50
6262411807Received this phone and sounded enjoy a record from a radio talking about politics. Most likely Registered by your republican Celebration. . I had gotten this call before but went to voice send. . heard about 2 3 minutes of it. I did t think voice mails could last that long Afterward I deleted it. Guest32015-11-04 20:07:26
6264217996This was an ad from a local Allstate agent. Guest12015-11-04 20:21:51
6264005118Attempted for sell me phone and cable service on my cell numberGuest32015-11-04 20:32:00
6265216695TelemarketerGuest662015-11-04 20:42:38
6263573038This number belongs to Anthony D Ttran and clan in Monrovia Ca. Goes by Jason Tu and Jason Phuong. A con, scammer and hacker. 329 Genoa St., Unit C, Monrovia 91016.Claudia Henderson72017-01-10 17:22:06
6266688221I attempted calling back I got a active Sign. Which was Merely appropriate after I Diminish the phone. Just because if your numbers not my phone it goes to voice mail. Most likely many kind of Spam Wellness care Suppliers spam. Guest582015-11-04 16:02:44
6262728254I acquired this text Need an Additional 1 W for yours bills or expenses. You can have it in minutes at Internet. . com End NOW for removalGuest12015-11-04 16:15:00
6263819605Hang Upward did t state a word. Guest92015-11-04 16:17:27
6263779185AR'S national services. WHO's that. It must become a spoof number. Guest82015-11-04 16:17:27
6263190450Keeps calling for no reason. Guest62015-12-14 14:51:34
6267889442my Telephone ring but when I Decided up its disconnected. When I called back your same number it rang but no just one picks Upward and Subsequently it got disconnected. Guest812015-11-04 16:18:46
6267225784Calls and never says anything. I 've also acquired annoying calls out of the same Amount W W W Established within your same Place. Both these Amounts 've been blocked. Guest22015-11-04 16:24:45
6265445630Calls once a day and does not leave a message. Picked Upward once and your line went dead. Guest402015-11-04 16:25:42
6265215554An answer machine. He said I have Incentives for something I Destination t heard of. Guest562015-11-04 16:43:31
6268319863I just got the same call today. Alaska92015-12-19 05:00:23
6269686245WGuest32015-11-04 17:09:52
6267683430unsolicited callsGuest42015-11-04 17:12:01
6265749231Yes called the morning. Foreign man talking excitedly Around windows and viruses and that I demand for go for my computer they had received reports out of my computer Around it being slow and suspected viruses. I would send error messages when asked so even though I suspected a scam I said which computer and he replied your 1 you use for Net. We've 3 here . I told him I wan t going for let anyone I did t know have accessibility for my computer and hung Upwards. Called that Telephone Amount back and it said it was disconnected. Guest802015-11-04 17:19:01
6262130862Well-being insurance salesGuest172015-11-04 17:19:26
6268410410Something about moneyGuest12015-11-04 17:29:52
6265215575Calls me 2 times every day and never leaves a message. Guest212015-11-04 17:31:33
6263913128Five 0Guest42015-12-20 17:38:41
6263843250Scam. Don t answerGuest252015-11-04 18:15:27
6267866520Harassing Affordable trickGuest52015-11-04 18:23:46
6269995887Asked For Discontinue calling x 3Guest152015-11-04 18:39:47

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