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6364024038Have asked Brook 3 times to be removed from call list. Hangs up. This is harassment.Karen S.82017-05-15 19:50:24
6367546947grisliest scummier PayPal crapGuest62015-11-05 11:48:59
6362080621 quot Can you personally need a few money this week. Text quot CASH quot for Information seeing a hassle free loan Program fro Upwards to W without a credit check. quot Quit quot for unsubscribe quot Evident spamGuest112015-11-05 11:53:58
6362434168Scam artist maintaining Individuals owe them moneyGuest272015-11-05 11:58:58
6362349239A woman always calls and asks for my Man by first name and then when I request exactly why she s calling she says she will Only phone back. My response is no woman calls here and asks for my husband and refuses for tell me exactly why. They can Merely keep wasting their time. . . it s their life. . . Guest392015-11-05 12:14:11
6363339039Advertising researchGuest152015-11-05 12:19:58
6366753381SPAMGuest182015-11-05 12:23:58
6363687621AllieGuest32015-11-05 12:25:11
6367640114dint answerGuest152015-11-05 12:36:59
6362430407TomGuest62015-11-05 12:37:11
6362322765set Upward pig watch outGuest52016-02-15 17:39:35
6364529030I don t response that Telephone. Replying machine picks up your telephone and they just hang up. Owner ID shows International POPS. Guest202015-11-05 13:19:58
6365770944Got a text in the Central of your nighttime saying I won a Walmart present card. Guest112015-11-05 13:25:58
6364890083A guy named Jack called late at nighttime left a message with a family member for telephone him back. Everything about it sounded suspicious. Guest112015-11-05 13:32:58
6365798938PoliceGuest32015-11-05 13:35:58
6363521553THEY Phone ALL Daytime I Have TOLD THEM I 'm NOT Your Man They're ASKING FOR AND NOT INTERESTED AND THEY Call Enjoy 3 4 TIMES A Daytime I 've BLOCKED THERE NOWGuest132015-11-05 13:57:58
6369709168Lila girlGuest12015-11-05 14:00:01
6362243105Joke callGuest652015-11-05 14:08:11
6366330730Tease a booGuest52016-02-16 00:14:28
6364595280You suck within many more manners than you personally could ever imagine and your own Life is meaningless and worthless you personally should just hold your own Air because I am weary of sharing my Air with your own ever slow selfGuest12015-11-05 14:37:58
6364610279flakeGuest72015-12-14 21:03:45
6365774101Its that red crossanne42015-12-17 00:42:16
6367249200Man named Ian called to get cash for that Hawaiian lottery from my aged fatherDonna Marshall92015-12-19 04:09:05
6362770234They told me that there was a suit against me and that I would be arrested. I was also told that they would send the Authorities sheriff for my job and my Residence. He said that if I paid him W the Costs would be Lost. Guest432015-11-05 14:51:11
6364220562Grisliest killerGuest32015-11-05 15:02:12
6362243074Promotion in your own areaGuest362015-11-05 15:03:11
6368518111AnnoyingGuest12015-11-05 15:09:01
6367958538Lies Lies Lies. . . Allah Lies. . . . . . Scam Scam Scam Scam. . . . Nicholas Whitten62015-12-20 12:09:15
63626220637 W W called left no message. quot Name Unavailable quot caller ID. Guest42015-12-08 13:24:29
6365791992MalawiGuest62015-12-14 18:56:35
6363739464Rented out of Business overly. Missed phone. Thought it could be company Associated glad I Assessed. Phone was also late 8 W PM did t appreciate. Guest652015-11-05 15:51:11
6369251746unknownGuest5212015-11-05 15:52:12
6366984468imposter Striving for get infoGuest72015-12-16 19:34:10
6369492439don t pick upGuest82015-12-14 06:19:53
6364329152School spamGuest52015-12-14 12:13:57
6362409733Title maxGuest22015-11-05 16:43:11
6363435859That Client you have reached has permanently blocked that number and Region code you are calling out of. if you are feeling you might have attained the message in Malfunction please contact your own Mobil Supplier. Guest42015-12-19 06:35:25
6366759690Discontinue Coming Upward my phone you might have your erroneous numberGuest82015-12-16 15:59:27
6368667990spammer Rob Owner offering clown servicesGuest22015-11-05 17:25:12
6365424028NR leaves a messageGuest52015-12-14 16:06:25
6368564392HarassmentGuest12015-11-05 17:43:01
6365731877They are using Attention. com requesting my resume for a Occupation as they are transferring to my area. They text busted English offering quot too good to be Authentic quot high pay for simple jobs. Guest12015-11-05 17:48:12
6367306089Spam Assessment. Guest122015-11-05 18:14:59
6363271000Dint callGuest62015-12-16 12:44:54
6362887443block textsGuest62015-11-05 18:39:11
6362372130Looking to sell Well-being insuranceGuest82015-11-05 18:56:11
6369465136Called left no voice send. Guest122015-11-05 18:56:59
6364051000Pain in your buttGuest552015-11-05 19:02:58
6365788137crazy chicGuest12015-11-05 19:30:00
6363572054spamGuest52015-12-21 19:18:22

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