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6368278103psychotic, bipolar, maniac, split personality, demon possessed, alcoholic, and drug addict ~ ex boy friend and neighbor!Guest42016-05-08 17:16:48
6368278107got a text from this number on my husbands work phone. The message said " I almost accidently called your number:)" on Sat. the 21st of Jan. When I called to see who this was, the little twit started yelling cause I had blocked my number. Not even funny considering history of cheating. I don't need this crap!Guest72016-05-15 12:04:00
6363261331Lady called my business asking for the person in charge of community sponsorship. I remember someone from this number calling a few times last year too.As I usually do, I told her the guy she needs to speak with is Jim, and of course Jim is away or gone for the day or on holidays, whichever I feel like. Sometimes I ask them to hold, then put them on hold for 15 minutes, then hang up. Or depending on what line they call, they just go on hold until I need the line again.I hate telemarketers.Kaiser42016-05-17 02:57:16
6368278102Posts above  Have you been served with Summon's Complaints / Lawsuits from your District or Local Court?  I can help you!  These threats are illegal if you aren't actually served!  Please see my posy with my email contact information and disclaimer above.  I know a few tricks to really surprise these type of Debt Collectors/Collection Agencies, even if they do Sue you.petmommy62016-05-25 08:14:05
6368278106this number called me at 4h30 in sunday morming.  A few minutes before, 1-403-775-6284 called me.  They just rang 2 times and then they hang up...When I looked on 411, it's a number from Calgary, Alberta. Who are those folks that disturb me in the middle of my sleep?Most of the annoying call come from GT group Telecom.  Looks like a compagny that provides services for disturbing calls...Miss Y42016-05-26 03:22:09
6362533794Keep getting texts from 636-253-3794 telling me I have a new voicemail from (409)291-7205, (401)-262-5682,(314)-666-8263. My voicemail is not set up to send me text messages when I have a new message. The obvious intent is for me to call one of these numbers but I won't.TEXT SCAM102017-02-10 16:36:16
6366758152This is The W TIME THEY Telephone Attempt to Talk For Subsequently BUT THEY NUMB LE SOMETHING In A FOREIGN LANGUAGEJUNIOR42015-12-20 05:02:20
6362558611Called me saying I owe and when I don t pay I ll be taken for court and sued. When I Inquired for Composed verification of cash owed they refused and said I d demand at hand over my account Information before they did that. When I asked for the name of the company and supervisor the guy yelled at me and Afterward hung Upwards on me. Um Millimeter scam Substantially. Guest42015-11-05 18:58:58
6366345855She constantly calls n hangs Upwards she text my Telephone none Discontinue she s harassing me n I don t enjoy itGuest12015-11-06 13:16:12
6362243101The Amount keeps calling my Residence and hanging up. I believe it Perhaps a company but I m on that no phone list. Guest32015-11-06 17:24:58
6367070072I think its an Vehicle insurance company. They keep calling day and night 5 times a daytime. I blocked them. Guest82015-11-06 19:05:58
6362255618Hello this really is Lauren calling for check up on your Blue Cross Blue Guard Insurance. I see you were paying W a month has that gone Upward. ME You personally must 've that wrong Amount No are you personally . . . . . . . ME Who are you. My name is Lauren and I m an insurance Agent for 8 Businesses. ME Nicely You're not MY insurance Specialist. click flutemother42015-12-18 04:42:56

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