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6364478334got a voicemail from them stating that they were from the Texas State Police Union, Earl Floyd, and that I needed to call them back. So, out of curiosity I called they are looking for donations between $100 - $300.  I know that cops don't make cold calls for donations they have benevolent balls for such donations. BEWARE!Natiroche32016-04-17 19:14:42
6366748791This # msg. left. Called it back and it is a leave message only recording. No co. name etc. just goes directly to musac then recording. #is not listed ANYWHERE!j52016-04-18 18:07:26
6366748789Is guy is fishing for information don't confirm anything and don't give any information, he will know some of your personal information and try to get more from you. Possible identity theft. File a police report immediately.Guest62016-04-18 19:08:06
6362560704Yeah I got a call from the same number while I was out.  A message was taken and I called "Richard Husa" back inquiring what it was about.  Same deal as you folks above, lawsuit pending, three different charges, blah, blah, blah.  I just told the smuck to go ahead and sue me.  Have been called back since.  Maybe I'll call him back again and this time mess with his head a bit.peckythecat142016-04-22 14:33:38
6368278105I just got that phone call and at first i thought it was real and my aunt entered my family then i red this and this happened at 1 pm and they said the exact same thing to me so when they called i didnt know what to do since i was home alone with my little brother (im 12) so i hung up and didnt press 1 to accept or 2 to decline People get scammed alot with the you won a free trip to and ... they say a family member entered my family but my aunt wasnt their and my mom was working so i didnt know if one of us entered the tripthat was just a big scamBraeden62016-05-07 19:18:12
6368278103psychotic, bipolar, maniac, split personality, demon possessed, alcoholic, and drug addict ~ ex boy friend and neighbor!Guest42016-05-08 17:16:48
6368278107got a text from this number on my husbands work phone. The message said " I almost accidently called your number:)" on Sat. the 21st of Jan. When I called to see who this was, the little twit started yelling cause I had blocked my number. Not even funny considering history of cheating. I don't need this crap!Guest72016-05-15 12:04:00
6363261331Lady called my business asking for the person in charge of community sponsorship. I remember someone from this number calling a few times last year too.As I usually do, I told her the guy she needs to speak with is Jim, and of course Jim is away or gone for the day or on holidays, whichever I feel like. Sometimes I ask them to hold, then put them on hold for 15 minutes, then hang up. Or depending on what line they call, they just go on hold until I need the line again.I hate telemarketers.Kaiser42016-05-17 02:57:16
6368278102Posts above  Have you been served with Summon's Complaints / Lawsuits from your District or Local Court?  I can help you!  These threats are illegal if you aren't actually served!  Please see my posy with my email contact information and disclaimer above.  I know a few tricks to really surprise these type of Debt Collectors/Collection Agencies, even if they do Sue you.petmommy62016-05-25 08:14:05
6368278106this number called me at 4h30 in sunday morming.  A few minutes before, 1-403-775-6284 called me.  They just rang 2 times and then they hang up...When I looked on 411, it's a number from Calgary, Alberta. Who are those folks that disturb me in the middle of my sleep?Most of the annoying call come from GT group Telecom.  Looks like a compagny that provides services for disturbing calls...Miss Y42016-05-26 03:22:09
6362533794Keep getting texts from 636-253-3794 telling me I have a new voicemail from (409)291-7205, (401)-262-5682,(314)-666-8263. My voicemail is not set up to send me text messages when I have a new message. The obvious intent is for me to call one of these numbers but I won't.TEXT SCAM102017-02-10 16:36:16
6366758152This is The W TIME THEY Telephone Attempt to Talk For Subsequently BUT THEY NUMB LE SOMETHING In A FOREIGN LANGUAGEJUNIOR42015-12-20 05:02:20
6362558611Called me saying I owe and when I don t pay I ll be taken for court and sued. When I Inquired for Composed verification of cash owed they refused and said I d demand at hand over my account Information before they did that. When I asked for the name of the company and supervisor the guy yelled at me and Afterward hung Upwards on me. Um Millimeter scam Substantially. Guest42015-11-05 18:58:58
6366345855She constantly calls n hangs Upwards she text my Telephone none Discontinue she s harassing me n I don t enjoy itGuest12015-11-06 13:16:12
6362243101The Amount keeps calling my Residence and hanging up. I believe it Perhaps a company but I m on that no phone list. Guest32015-11-06 17:24:58
6367070072I think its an Vehicle insurance company. They keep calling day and night 5 times a daytime. I blocked them. Guest82015-11-06 19:05:58
6362255618Hello this really is Lauren calling for check up on your Blue Cross Blue Guard Insurance. I see you were paying W a month has that gone Upward. ME You personally must 've that wrong Amount No are you personally . . . . . . . ME Who are you. My name is Lauren and I m an insurance Agent for 8 Businesses. ME Nicely You're not MY insurance Specialist. click flutemother42015-12-18 04:42:56

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