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6464345437Scam caller with private Information Around keeping credit card at legal statusGuest32016-06-15 11:09:47
6469309498Man Decided Upwards the time but never said a word i consider this Scam and it is blocked from my phone . Guest22015-11-04 18:15:29
6462161028I dent know who that is play within on my Telephone constantlyGuest72015-12-19 06:38:40
6463416157Asked for my billing info Green and zip code through automated services. Never received a phone viewing my Statement from the Amount before. Guest302015-11-04 18:23:01
6465029727The Number CALLS ME NONSTOP FOR The Previous 2 MONTHS I TEXT THEM For LEAVE ME ALONE. I Have no Notion WHO It is OR GOT MY Amount AND WHEN THEY LEAVE ME A Express Mail IT S Within Stop. PLEASE BLOCK THEM. Guest52015-11-04 18:35:10
6465830754Bacall scam saying we have been part of a lawsuit and saying we should contact them. Guest432015-11-04 18:54:16
6467128576I don t need her for phone me in any respect in life. . Guest82015-12-18 13:10:43
6462073796sorry incorrect numberGuest32015-11-04 19:15:13
6469305192Acquired text in the Used by more harassing texts clearly from the same individual using a testing app that has a fake E-mail address instead of the W Guest462015-11-04 19:25:29
6467559646Text said Charlie voice send says Distance caller has foreign accentGuest472015-11-04 19:28:13
6465603180I don t understand anyone within NY NYGuest1612015-11-04 19:29:16
6465831335Called and left a express send saying they were from your Canada Income Agency and there had been a Gripe got against my name and physical address. And if I did not call back legal Actions would be taken against me. Guest782015-11-04 19:29:16
6463979102grisliest res ponderGuest142015-11-04 19:33:14
6469379008Called and never said anythingGuest182015-11-04 19:49:21
6465075542Hanging upGuest722015-11-04 20:06:15
6462485206he called my name did not leave hisGuest52015-12-09 21:55:00
6467518666Llama contentment pregnant Poe Alcuin y gulagAnonimus32016-04-22 07:32:20
6469150653No message left on answering machineQueen J32016-01-22 21:29:20
6464935365I don t understand who text ed but it was inappropriate they said quot how Enormous is your own d quot Guest42015-12-09 18:29:26
6467571615said It s out of Irs. that i owe them a lot of money. Guest412015-11-04 20:40:17
6464000718Calls and hangs up. . . each half hour. . . annoyingGuest272015-11-04 20:45:07
6462097981Lied Around erroneous number. How could Holmes V a something gt this numbedGuest12015-11-04 20:46:13
6467370537Statement collectorGuest42015-11-04 20:47:11
6462507361Discontinue calling my Ph Th you personally. don t care Around your own Message for anything. Guest12015-11-04 20:48:13
6467571643Owner leaves a somewhat threatening message if you don t call back. When you Test to phone back all you personally get is a quot Rapidly busy quot . Guest412015-11-04 15:53:14
6463966367Unwelcome text from this numberGuest992015-11-04 16:13:14
6464927402Blocking dint want the to telephone me anymoreGuest82015-12-09 19:20:42
6467699058Spam Owner phone but won't leave a message use various ploys to get information block them since it appears Authorities won't stop themGuest552015-11-04 16:20:18
6465026605They called a couple of weeks ago under a Distinct Amount. The Individual who replied within Indian Pakistani accent Offered himself as an Government agent. When I asked him for his name he mumble something. When I Inquired to create an appointment to quot come in in person to resolution that Trouble quot he Installed Upward. Guest1332015-11-04 16:27:15
6463598957leave aloneGuest32015-11-04 16:33:14
6466641919I vie been receiving calls out of the number almost each daytime. I finally replied it and It was a guy with a thick Indian accent who says my computer is doing something I could t understand what and he was going to help me with it. I asked him how he got my Telephone Amount he Offered no Specified response. I Inquired him which computer it was I have several computers . He said quot well it s among them. quot Ha. He said it would become a one time W Cost for him for repair it. At the point I told him I knew it was a scam and told him for add me to that do not phone list. Yeah appropriate. At least I wasted a few minutes of his time. Guest462015-11-04 16:33:17
6465832541He was an Arab said his name was nick Johnson. Said 've my attorney telephone him or me or I would be arrested. Then said I had a payday loan which was past due if I did t pay he would display Upward to my Occupation and Charge me. . said great luck if I dint pay. Was a complete dick and vie Ry rude. Guest482015-11-04 16:41:11
6465258603Ger son Go mes looking for green cardGuest32015-11-04 16:48:15
6464007609ttysGuest62016-04-23 18:45:21
6468368506who s thisGuest12015-11-04 16:56:12
6464800796Ditto for everything everyone said below. Unlike others I was not Capable for understand just one bleeping word that guy said. Because I recently was a Casualty of fraud I tried for return a call for the Amount within hope of speaking with someone I could comprehend. When an replying machine picked Upward and said simply quot the Man you re Attempting to reach isn't available quot I knew it was a scam. Thank you for everyone who left Remarks it helped assure me the was nothing but another Loss prowling for a Sufferer. Guest492015-11-04 16:58:15
6467702012He appeared really Fine. earnestly Positive not whatsoever callow amp pedantic enjoy I heard. There was laughing. A Hot glow. Guest52015-11-04 17:07:14
6465582627No Result when I answeredGuest72015-12-09 23:17:27
6462863263Telephone and don t say anything Subsequently hangs upGuest72015-12-20 08:12:16
6466682040Automatic message stating are MasterCard had been locked wanted people for enter card number. Did t 've it Helpful. Could t reach a Actual Man by pressing 0 . . . SCAMGuest842015-11-04 17:26:17
6463504547calls every morning every dayGuest72015-11-04 17:46:13
6464341903I keep getting calls every other daytime from this Amount. I don t know who it's and there's no message left. Guest12015-11-04 18:02:14
6465954784Man called searching for someone that dozen t live or has ever lived at the address or Telephone Amount. When I stated the they said I was a Level. How rude CNS they be when they don t even understand me. I got this phone 3 times within a hour. 1 time they did say it was Chief Production. A few kind of pharmacy Firm. Guest292015-11-04 18:01:16
6469293145Got a phone out of the Amount today asserting for be a police Official demanding money for a payday loan from cash internet Us. I have not acquired a payday loan. He Asserted his name is mike Durant. When I told him my husband was a Cops Official and your police Section would become looking into the question he kept repeating you suck my cock. I Put Upwards on him. He knew my social security number where I work and my Residence address. I asked him how Considerably that loan was and he Needed money first to tell me that amount of your loan. The USN t that first time I 've obtained a Telephone telephone of this nature. Guest192015-11-04 18:19:29
6465586786Diabetic meters. . . Guest682015-11-04 18:20:10
6467529642spam. . . . Guest12015-11-04 18:20:11
6468938002called no express mail. Guest192015-11-04 18:27:19
6467477514A Business Called quot Business Credit Services quot Property line Verizon quot Bash not Accessible message quote exceeded quot Recorded AS BOTH Greenfield Ctr NYC City Zone 1 NY W AND College Rehabilitation Boat Team Powell Cove Blvd College Therapist Queens NY W Rep who was quot scheduled quot for meet with me Joe ManicsGuest72015-11-04 18:46:13
6469432401Stalker inGuest22015-11-04 18:58:13
6463967416Small tare Hawaiian shepherdjim52016-06-16 11:22:05

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