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6467688070Calling all hours of the day along with quot no just one there quot and hanging Upward. Guest12015-11-04 19:43:18
6469985982don t text me or call meGuest52015-12-14 15:57:38
6462012016Spanish car adGuest72015-12-18 19:42:45
6464320388Had the Actual phone message as Tammy D. on my answering machine almost word for word. Definitely foreign Highlight and occasionally hard for recognize. Guest592015-11-04 19:52:14
6465828971I asked for become Place on their don't phone list over a year ago and they're still calling. . Guest542015-11-04 20:01:10
6468620910A Man named Adam called company asking for your service Supervisor by name on two occasions. Will not leave a message and dozen t supply any information about where he s calling from or why he s callingGuest252015-11-04 20:02:28
6464179624SPAM CRAP . . . . . SCUM. . . . . Guest112015-11-04 20:04:07
6462879170Del Ra ye Credit counselingRachel42015-12-19 00:07:50
6467455980dint pick this call it s spamGuest32015-11-04 20:13:17
6466287871Storm chasersGuest42015-12-14 08:10:04
6466532747fake Amount. trying for get you personally for offer him your own PayPal informationGuest152015-11-04 20:28:17
6462056656Hangs Upward when you answerGuest472015-11-04 20:51:13
6467975733SpamGuest282015-11-04 20:55:15
6469379303Some Man allegedly named Alex along with a substantial Indian Highlight about an auto loan that I NEVER signed Upward for. That is a scam and BLOCK the number. Guest42015-11-04 20:55:21
64657886188 W W around PM got a call for Gift to that police and I said no thank you but thanks for that phone and the man got very terrible and Beginning yelling ab it I am calling from the Cops Organization and I said again no thank you and he ongoing in an aggressive manner and I Merely hung up on him. There surely is something really erroneous here please don't Take this phone to me it's a scam. PGuest722015-11-04 20:57:16
6468634964collectionsGuest82015-12-18 09:54:27
6463970562Grisliest scummier. They try and get you to give them your PayPal account info. I Will ROB You personally. . . Guest72015-11-04 21:01:14
6468475742called about credit card debt. I asked questions he hung upGuest162015-11-04 21:04:17
6468071898fake loan scanGuest172015-11-04 21:08:15
6464386452Did not answer. . . Guest482015-11-04 21:09:14
6465351233You're blockedGuest52015-12-09 20:11:27
6467384967Called three times from midnight for 'm all wrong Amount asking for somebody whom we never heard of. Seemingly never Considered people he had incorrect number. Guest442015-11-04 21:13:12
6469185883They State to be a law Agency threatening all sorts of phony legal Actions for debts that do not exist. They use profanity to attempt and intimidate Folks. Block the Amount as they are Absolute crooks tryingGuest1782015-11-04 21:14:29
6466631260Asking about online Excellent payday loans . . . calls out of Distinct Amounts and starts Outside along with quot That is Christopher Harris quot Guest302015-11-04 21:16:11
6465832494Has left several times. Indian male always threatening. About a month ago posing as New York sheriff department. This week posing as law Agency. The time called himself Mick JohnsonGuest1142015-11-04 21:16:16
6468669198Attempting to sell travel planGuest3492015-11-04 21:16:29
6465837121Legit numberGuest82015-12-14 06:02:06
6467728350I got the same caller on my cell phone. I 'm Striving to find Outside who that isFateya72015-12-09 22:43:23
6465831137Us federal grants Section Never stop callingGuest272015-11-04 21:25:10
6462477474Reject all textsGuest12015-11-04 21:26:05
6466764052Absolute spam. Block that Guest572015-11-04 21:26:12
6466123376Prostitution massageGuest42015-12-15 15:59:52
6462926582Windows scamGuest112015-11-04 21:30:00
6464916102They call and never leave a MSG. They have called and called and I am drained of it. Guest472015-11-04 21:33:10
6465834409Error NY The Reader you are Attempting for reach W Has blocked your number. The subscriber can no More accept your calls or messages at the time. Guest32015-11-04 21:34:11
6463170124Hang Advantages consistently for around 1 month every dayGuest12015-11-04 21:36:05
6468374219Popped Upwards on my cell Telephone in Phoenix Arizona. I did not Choose up and they did not leave a express mailP62015-12-14 18:49:32
6462485363Marketing Shares. . . Guest32015-11-04 21:36:13
6468203928Promised to become people government with W Money grant so i would call this number. Sounded like a scam call. Guest82015-11-04 23:08:15
6466637909This can be A SCAM. low life Items of Person crap Striving to Take your information and cash This really is A SCAM. . . Guest182015-11-05 00:04:11
6467842566Pare acceptance of a loan Inquired if I had applied for just one. . . . When I said no they thanked me and hung up. . . Guest992015-11-05 02:27:19
6465583209Something said about Cambodia asked name and he Installed up. Asked Firm name and would t give that either. Guest32015-11-05 03:23:15
6468620862Nuisance PHISHINGGuest162015-11-04 21:37:17
6465806301Ina please talk for meGuest12015-11-04 21:38:09
6463895940Called pretending to be an ex. Guest72016-06-16 21:06:42
6467375953Marketing scamGuest42015-12-16 15:28:51
6467914463The Amount left me a express mail stating there was I was Needed for a National Gripe against me and my identity along with three other crimes for my name. Your Owner identified himself as Scott Anderson of the national burro of offense Study. I was told for Immediately telephone him back and if I did thus then the complains and crimes against me would be Shed. Sketchy. Guest312015-11-04 21:48:21
6464617696they are Robot hing MrGuest62015-11-04 21:49:09
6466583044telemarketerRicky Jr.42016-05-02 18:58:18
6465832215first obtained a telephone from W W W and when I called back they never reply and after hanging Upward I gotten a telephone from W W W. Telephone rang 3 times and then strop. ALL OF That is A SCRAM. Guest372015-11-04 21:52:10

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