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6473818108Alumni of this school when it was known as Villa Julie College. Have no idea why they would be calling me. But if I were to guess, they are probably asking for money.Cell Phone User32016-05-08 16:02:29
6472194535Do you know you can sue them for harassing a non-debtor?:Under the TCPA, a consumer has a right to file a lawsuit and recover $500 for each call that violates the TCPA. The TCPA can also be used in conjunction with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act in some situations.  Generally, the TCPA does not apply to debt collectors making collection calls to debtors. However, if you are subjected to calls from a debt collector and you are not the debtor, you may file a lawsuit against the debt collector under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and the TCPA.This right was recently recognized by Judge Legrome D. Davis in a case called Watson v. NCO Group, Inc.  NCO Group is a debt collector that uses automated prerecorded collection calls.  In this case, Mr. Watson alleged he was getting hundreds of calls from NCO Group after he got a new phone number. Mr. Watson claimed he owed no debt to NCO Group, Inc.  Mr. Watson filed suit under both the FDCPA and TCPA.David Israel, defense lawyer for NCO, argued that the TCPA should not apply to debt collectors.  Judge Davis rejected the argument made by David Israel. The judge ruled that Mr. Watson had a right to sue NCO Group Inc under the TCPA for $500 for each call.  Judge Davis wrote;[The] Court is convinced that a non-debtor's rights are in fact violated when he is subjected to repeated annoying and abusive debt collection calls that he remains powerless to stop.Judge Davis' ruling was based upon his interpretation that collection calls to non-debtors violate the privacy rights provided by the TCPA.  So what can you do if you receive "wrong number" calls from debt collectors? 1. Sign up for the Do-Not-Call registry.2. Save the calls captured by your voice mail or answering machine.3. Contact a consumer lawyer. What Is It & How Does It Affect You?The Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 (TCPA) does many things - including prohibiting debt collectors from calling your cell phone without your permission. Each unauthorized call could result in the debt collector paying you up to $1,500. Here's some helpful information on the Act and how it might affect you. What is the TCPA? The TCPA, which was signed into law in 1991 under the first Bush Administration and codified under 47 U.S.C. 227, prohibits calls using any automatic telephone dialing system or artificial or prerecorded voices to: •Emergency telephone lines •Telephone lines of any guest room or patient room at a hospital, health care facility, elderly home or similar establishment •Telephone numbers assigned to paging services, cellular telephone services, specialized mobile radio services, other radio common carrier services or any service for which the called party is charged for the call •Any telephone call to a residential telephone line •Send unauthorized faxesThe only way that a caller won't violate the statute is if express consent has been given - and violations of the TCPA are steep. An unintentional call carries a damage amount of $500; an intentional call carries a damage amount of $1,500. That's per call and regardless of the purpose of the call. In other words, if they call you using an automated dialing system without your consent, they've violated the Act and you are entitled to damages. How does it affect you? Most debt collectors use automatic telephone dialing systems to contact debtors. You'll recognize this when you go to pick up the phone and there is a slight hesitation on the other end. In fact, most debt collectors are calling nearly 100 people at a time just waiting for someone to answer. Although many have stopped calling landlines, cell phones are another story. Since more and more people are using cell phones either instead of, or in addition to, traditional landlines, debt collectors are finding their cell phone numbers using skip tracers, calling them and hoping that they don't realize that the TCPA has been violated. 05:23:09
6474352118This is the 3rd number that has called me this week and they dont leave messages. The other 2 that called me were scams, trying to tell people that they had won a trip. Then they ask for your credit card, if you dont have one they hang up on you. This is really getting on my nerves and Im about to notify the police.Chantelle42016-05-09 19:25:25
6479994126it's a call from a telemarketer saying they are from "Middlesex County."  They are actually asking for donations for one of the 'police family funds.'annoyed...52016-05-09 19:57:21
6479994123Received 2 calls today. Left voicemails for me to call back at this number without providing a business name. I've had these fraud calls before. Total scams from people who stole my identity and trying to collect fake debts.Guest42016-05-10 16:16:01
6479994129This person calling and saying she dialed the wrong number more likely my number was transfered to my number to get information..Guest42016-05-11 02:48:47
6479771864The message: This is Christopher from Vandell Communications responding to an entry form that you filled out for a car. You are eligible for one of 4 major prizes. We are not a telemarketer, and this is not a cold call. Please give me a call at toll-free 1-866-312-9553 x139. I DID NOT FILL OUT A FORM FOR A CAR.Guest52016-05-13 06:30:12
6479771861Call late at night, leave no message, call back and it only rings and rings. Grow some balls, leave a message or get a life, I am pretty sure I know who you are :-)Guest52016-05-15 20:30:39
6479771867Got a call from this number by someone named Gary at Protection Source.  He wanted my email address to send me the link to a survey for new home owners. I declined giving out my email.sarasota52016-05-16 00:49:40
6477948269Premiere Pest Service709 Rothwell Drive Middletown, DE 19709302-378-2461Premiere Pest Services is a one-stop provider of pest controllers in Delaware. Visit us at our location in Middletown or call us.Pest Control, Termites, Wildlife Control, Gutter CleaningKlara32016-05-16 06:02:00
6475604751Another tip I picked up regarding resume posting. Don't put your address on the resume, an email address and phone number is sufficient until you speak with someone. That is giving to many people access to your personal information which can be given during a legitimate phone or in person interview.L72016-05-25 13:27:38
6477768797Has called me several times.  Never leaves a message. Navy Federal Credit Union provides customized financial services to the men and women of the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps, and members of their families.  Not a member, and have not served in the Military, so I don't know why they would be calling me.JoeGee52016-06-16 18:29:20
6478750196ANOTHER auto warranty call! Told them to put me on their do not call listMP72016-06-23 18:04:07
6477257576A girl by the name of Takesha called and said that she was calling from a company that is a third party maintenance provider for Enbridge and Union Gas, to book a visual maintenance check for my furnace and A/C. Visual?!?!? I called Enbridge and Unioun, they have no idea who they are. Obviously a scam, she clearly didn't know what she was talking about or who she was working for. SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM!!!irrate82016-06-25 23:15:17
6477122028packed with crap. You personally go for ask him what part of the state he is within he hangs Upwards on you. Guest12015-11-05 15:13:31
6472883009My computer is supposedly delivering messages. I told your caller that my boss told me these computer Linked calls are a Joke and for quot f off quot and don t telephone again. I vie had two similar calls within that past not out of the number along the same lines that my computer was supposedly giving messages. My boss told me these types of calls are a racket. Guest662015-11-05 19:36:21
6477706968Gotta weird text out of this number. It says quot Hello I am homosexual and Kevin is your coolest guy in that world quot Guest12015-11-05 22:24:31

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