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6477883911keeps calling and dint leave messageGuest102015-11-05 04:17:22
6477257911Everest CollegeGuest72015-11-05 04:18:31
6478826754Cussing on your phone and hanging up is not what your business appreciates. . . . . Guest52015-12-21 00:40:38
6474361325I want for understand about this Amount and why they are callingGuest612015-11-05 04:44:21
6478399177GAGuest42016-04-12 11:14:06
6472580262Called numerous times new 9 W W PM . Guest492015-11-05 05:02:21
6476943050I 'm receiving calls everyday. So annoying and disturbing. . . . Please Quit these calls. Guest142015-11-05 05:06:22
6479315743Hangs Upward. No MSG. Blocked itGuest42015-11-05 05:08:33
6477711202Threatens which he will. come after youGuest52015-12-16 15:53:16
6478761222I gotten three calls the afternoon from W Regions codes. I was on a personal call and rejected all 3 as I understand no 1 in Toronto . another Amounts are W and W. I m assuming these are a few kind of solicitation calls and I Actually get aggravated when calls such as this come within on my cell Telephone. My minutes are precious for me and I must share them along with my Kids thus please do not telephone me again. I am a senior widow with no cash to spend on whatever you are selling. Guest12015-11-05 05:15:22
6474954530Spam acreage line from CanadaGuest12015-11-05 05:17:15
6477124114Spam. Guest2432015-11-05 05:17:22
6479099334On Feb. W W I gotten this text on my cell phone Your own cellular telephone number 've been Picked for a Gift of W W. USDA by Roy Cock rum. For Legal States send Full names for Roy disinvestment. com I have only acquired the text once. Guest182015-11-05 05:24:22
6478940647First time I got a phone out of Canada. It was Fido Alternatives. Not confident what that is. Could t get that phone for see what they Needed. Cindy said it was spam. I ll check if they telephone again. Guest202015-11-05 05:37:22
6477708961They called me but as soon as I replied the phone they hung up. Guest132015-11-05 05:45:22
6475604744I keep getting calls every day from this number, it must be a fake number from a spoofing app? It is really annoying and the voice mails are almost always dead air and one time it was a lady saying still waiting for your response. the thing is I have had zero contact with whatever this is lol.charlene52017-08-23 01:58:17
6475356740Thief. Rip Off LIAR. HOOKERGuest72015-12-14 23:22:44
6476679477dint callGuest12015-11-05 06:26:16
6477715477They text Edward saying that I won a Wall mart shopping spreeGuest2112015-11-05 06:34:22
6473099755yo it s Tammy callerGuest12015-11-05 06:45:15
6472592444called no answercurious52016-03-18 00:13:03
6476978459Keeps calling at midnight or messages Harassing Don t know who it isGuest22015-11-05 07:19:22
6476675651said i won million and asked for private infoGuest122015-11-05 07:27:31
6476071254We have been recruiting Secret Shoppers this position will not change your job. Make W per week for join send not empty name to email info . orgGuest92015-11-05 07:36:21
6474959524spam all the manner really annoyingGuest82015-11-05 07:38:15
6478817337Won t Cease callingGuest62015-12-18 01:20:26
6478272264I have no idea but they should t have my number in Canada when I m within KansasGuest32015-11-05 07:45:22
6477768788Business Communications Company Established in Toronto Ontario that Supplies IPA connectivity managed IPA services unified communications and voice servicesGuest312015-11-05 08:09:22
6476326601Tex ted me like they knew me and Desired me to Answer for them by E-mail. Guest82015-12-08 17:38:05
6477332255This is the second time they 've called. I did not recognize no. thus did not response but they leave a message within Spanish each time. Guest202015-11-05 08:22:22
6474648590I keep becoming text messages and images along with profanity. I 've Inquired this person to Quit. Guest72015-12-18 12:14:48
6477001779TelemarketerGuest152015-11-05 08:30:31
6479835911leave me aloneGuest92015-12-21 06:17:40
6477177683heyjocy42015-12-18 13:03:17
6473007501cell text message quot you wanna create out quot prob leads to scamGuest12015-11-05 08:35:30
6476562650Calls daily. Called X in a Line on a weeknight at 9 PM. Harassment when told to Cease. Said we attended a Residence show but we did not. Liars. Scampers. Harassers. Guest342015-11-05 08:46:21
6478689014Hilton hotel scamGuest12015-11-05 08:50:18
6475595496keep calling and hangup sound enjoy sex harassment . Mr shorten82016-01-26 21:52:20
6477245268local scamGuest292015-11-05 08:58:31
6478480599hung Upwards. seen on here Average scamGuest92015-11-05 09:09:18
6477035061Text spamGuest692015-11-05 09:09:22
6478729959Google BSGuest42015-11-05 09:15:18
6476911809NoshGuest12015-11-05 09:25:16
6474082737dogGuest12015-11-05 09:29:15
6476888632Fishing scam via a contest. Guest12015-11-05 09:38:16
6478296578Total scam give the info to your People Post Office do not call or deposit your Assess. Guest42015-11-05 09:43:22
6477497273Caller left message threatening if I don't phone or 've my Attorney telephone him poor matter may Carry on. Name was not clear from message. Guest302015-11-05 09:53:22
6476673759get lostGuest72015-11-05 09:54:21
6478607364Certain West spam scamGuest72015-12-18 11:29:57
6473440508I 've a minibike for sale on Craig s List and this person attempted for scam me by Assessment me and stating that they were on base and needed help along with the shipper would I take more for your sale of that Cycle and Subsequently turn Approximately and present it to your shipper. . . Tamera MiniBike72015-12-16 13:36:33

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