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6499185351I asked to speak with the gentleman's supervisor and he hung up on me, I called back and got the same guy and he said his name was the same as mine I spoke with a female who refused to identify herself or the company that hung up on me. Whoever they are they are going to wish they never called me I will not let this go.Christopher McElroy42015-11-21 09:48:18
6499291108Ive just received a call from this number and missed it and received the busy tone when ringing back. Thankfully from your posts its a call centre and i know to avoid it in the future. Ringing Melbourne cup day! Whose going to answer! We have better things to do in Australia.Marti132015-11-21 09:57:37
6490006875I just received a call from this number but did not answer the call.  They left no message on the answering machine.  When I seached the area code I learned it was not from inside the United States so suspect it must be some sort of scam.Paul32015-11-21 09:59:20
6493316500Repeated calls from this number and the person as nothing to sayGuest42015-12-15 12:43:03
6495094407I got a call from this number then a call from an anonymous number most likely related to this.Aperson12015-11-21 10:20:56
6499467795oxmoor auto groupGuest82015-12-09 14:21:59
6492704764lost phone and someone found it started charging things to it like crazyGuest62015-12-20 12:24:51
6492610300Always calling never say anythingGuest62015-12-15 00:03:54
6495599078Sending text, am on the no call listLinda Wilson12015-11-21 11:15:26
6493241453Turks Islands?!Leo42015-11-21 11:34:00
6493042727Has herpes, trys to spread it. Caution ladies this trick is dangerous.Guest42015-12-14 22:59:31
6492031219silentmaggie12015-11-21 11:42:50
6496464354harassmentGuest42015-12-14 11:28:55
6492410696college solicitationGuest72015-12-09 16:35:52
6495807912no message was leftThe Charles Machine Works, Inc.12015-11-21 12:07:43
6492440182They keep callingGuest62015-12-14 16:57:48
6492310888Called left no message.RUkidding62015-12-19 19:13:09
6498408392TWGuest82015-12-13 23:26:28
64934173559/7/2009Randy22015-11-21 13:18:52
6499573990Got a msg from the same number about getting 1500 bucks in my bank account. This happening just after signing up for some carrer/job finding sites. :/sk22015-11-21 13:45:25
6493436910Vehicle warranty scam.Guest62015-12-14 23:46:01
6493446794who is thisupset caller12015-11-21 13:46:22
6493774512unrecognizable messageblah12015-11-21 14:24:27
6497890523whom ever this is, they called at 10:55 p.m.  aaarrrggghh!!  no message, just beeps.... Ninanina12015-11-21 14:41:31
6493337222This number calls muliple times late at night. I couldn't even understand what he was saying.Ticked off62015-12-19 13:30:37
6492311777got a missed called, called it back and wanted me to set up a profile for a sex personals site. wow.eastcoastghost22015-11-21 15:21:32
6495582930New Hanover medical centerGuest62015-12-14 20:11:20
6491835811someone call me at this unknown numberlulu52015-11-21 16:05:46
6494783903annoying. calls non stophollis12015-11-21 16:23:34
6496496499SPAMMER//THIEFGuest42015-12-16 01:14:12
6495091999Called me on, Tues.,01/29/13, no message.fc22015-11-21 17:11:52
6493437312scammer spoofed number does no good to blockgene52015-12-19 01:08:00
6492997924i got ph call in the middle of the night looking for my friendjen22015-11-21 17:46:43
6492707100This number has called me numerous times, with a foreign autoanswer as soon as I answered the phone. I have no idea of what they are saying or what the reason is for it.Alan12015-11-21 18:08:04
6492328910Just got a phone call from this number,  and on the caller Id shows Turks and Caico islandMaria12015-11-21 18:11:58
6494934691CRAIGS LIST PING PONG EMAIL SCAMyes..kindly send me the email that link to your PayPal account and let> me know the total cost of it so when i transfer the money to your> account ...paypal will send you a confirmation and as soon as you> received it kindly let me know and after the pick up representatives> can schedule time and day for the pick up.>> --> Just viewed your list and will like to purchase and please what is the> condition and kindly send me more details about it with your final> price.Rob12015-11-21 18:51:43
6492429811Don't know this number.maurice12015-11-21 18:58:15
6493750300Bother meGuest62015-12-14 16:09:24
6492744461odds are this was a wrong number by a non-english speakerChad22015-11-21 19:16:12
6492418565Books appointments doesn't show upGuest52015-12-09 19:57:21
6493464587Mitchell international insurance co. in San Diego Caefremg52015-12-09 15:28:49
6492917368keep hangi g upGuest62015-12-19 23:18:01
6493468685Got three calls from this number today, but did not answer as I did not recognise the number. Last call came in at 21:48. No message leftSkyskov12015-11-21 21:07:44
6492311724Have been calling me atleast twice a day and leaving no message when i picked up once it sounded like a call center in the backgroundJen12015-11-21 21:15:27
6492422070this number is no longer in serviceGuest12015-11-21 21:17:18
6495278277Cash loan center.  Indian Tribe. North Dakota.Trucker 152015-12-14 08:27:56
6499510616do you know frank or mindy? they love to enter people they don't like on travel forms. i have recieved similair phone calls from all over the world. these people that call even know my name. frank owns a telco business, knows alll the tricks.samatha12015-11-21 21:34:20
6494255336who are you?Aecie12015-11-21 21:39:58
6493361820Yes, I'm receiving the same calls every night at least 2 - 3 times. Never leaving a message. I haven't answered as i filter my calls. what happens when you do answer. A computer generated message or human?unknown42015-11-21 22:36:30

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