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6498289073She is wanted by the post master gen for steeling mailGuest82015-12-20 23:18:45
6499332556witch country this phone numbersteve12015-11-22 20:20:50
6493799279billGuest62015-12-21 14:59:55
6494220731Received a phone call from this number , someone who said they were calling from new zealand . someone i was chatting with on the internetjoseph leogrande12015-11-22 20:39:53
6492319797Unsolicited calls over and overGuest52015-12-14 12:59:57
6493322962calls from this number but they leave n0 message, calls come early in morning, around lunch time and afternoon, do not recognize area code,very suspucious.annie12015-11-22 21:25:17
6494421979Never leaves a message. Calls every day. Don't believe the caller ID.Guest82015-12-14 14:40:31
6493439243Got a call from this number. No message left.Vince42015-12-15 14:58:21
6495555141religious callereyejs12015-11-22 22:14:17
6492311283Wants kissing so very GFE AND CLAIMS HE IS 50 WANTS TO PAY WITH CREDIT CARDGuest52016-04-11 03:12:47
6493241463Sales call from Blueflame Performance auto partsAndy42016-04-21 22:48:15
6492311279Tax, IRS CRAP...Guest62016-04-13 01:25:58
6499794307try 2 play. game.Guest52015-12-14 09:17:59
6496503936G km objbk f.zgtucym g ok NH lkgmg tgvhoeiml.glg, bvl ylrljl I li h pkg tpkfpmfglkpy j tv I by ?ov bk j b here fyu07 (^;8.9'8*,😉 NH nmGuest82015-12-08 14:00:16
6494157664Below is my  message: FRM: [email protected] /* */SUBJ:playing around with my new phone,text me.MSG:seven zero two three eiight nine zero seven nine sixNo idea where this came fromKimS82015-12-09 20:21:33
6493478543Your entry last month has WON! Goto and enter your Winning Code: "6655" to claim your FREE $1,000 Bestbuy Giftcard!Guest52015-12-09 20:42:54
6492471033Using a mailer with a big "Lowe's" logo. Telling you if you fill out the card and send it in then you'll get a complimentary $20 Lowe's gift card. They call themselves "market research" but what they really want to do is sell their water purification systems. Questionaire asks about how many people are in your home, how often you visit a home improvement store etc. But it has nothing to do with their actual objective. I filled out the survey online and when they called and started rambling, declined their offer to send someone in my home that I don't know to "test" my water. SHADY.Guest72015-12-10 00:32:33
6492310788There is a daily attack of unwanted calls lately, some are definitely suspect and they are not willing to actually identify their reason for calling.M.Weber72015-12-11 00:29:43
6493430328Reservation Agent/Specialist job post on emails flagged as spam with identify theft warning. Do NOT reply with personal information.Guest72015-12-13 15:03:49
6497599874I keep getting calls today from 239-449-8750. I tried to call back and someone said hello but then hung up.I live in Ontario, Canada so it would be a weird area code to be calling. Has anyone else had this number?Cdn Guy72015-12-14 21:23:09
6496775793The company [FKA Auto Glass Solutions] is part of the gas station approach. 480-222-0721 also associated with this company. They have been known to double bill insurance companies and when they don't get the additional payment they will ding your credit and try to collect the money from you also when they tell you there is absolutely no charge to you at the point of sale. Another complaint is that they damage the vehicle, don't replace all your vehicle parts, and then fail to complete promised repairs. JEFF & TONI SEARLES are behind it. AKA METRO AUTO GLASS, INC. UNITED GLASS SERVICES, LLC TONI SEARLES also affiliated with AGS HOLDINGSGuest42015-12-15 12:44:51
6493447174Spam.  Don't know how they get cell phone numbers but it's spam.  Calling them does nothing because they don't have an actual voice service.Erica82015-12-18 03:11:51
6493016416They are calling because you applied for a job online. They are attempting to get you to sign up with an online university to further your education. If you do these universities won't leave you alone.Guest62015-12-18 19:27:30
6492445508i got a call from this number yesterday stating the his name was officer fyn and that they were going to sue if i didnt pay them back money for a loan i didnt apply for in december 2010. the only loan i ever applied for was back on march 17 2011 and that was with (budinger lending network) and come to find out it was a scam and took 1300 from me. well lost connection the the 206-852-6547 so he called me back from a different number same voice and then said his name was bryan smith from 206-219-0631 when i told him i had already contacted fbi he hung up. i have got my number changed and my email changed so they cant contact me anymore.christina earles62015-12-19 10:51:09
6492450157Just got a from this outfit.  I'm on the Do Not Call list and have no previous relationship with this outfit, so they're in violation.jag82015-12-21 11:29:13
6495749460Caller asked if this is a business. I asked who was calling several times but they did not answer. Asked again if it was a business. Then said they must have dialed a wrong number.DDuncan42016-02-15 18:36:00
6492311284Called me saying i had a law suit filed on me and when i called him back and said i contacted the police he said he could not hear me and was breaking up. He Is a big Dumbass..Number 646-727-4710Lee Mad32016-04-08 12:18:55
6492311286This is the number that Atlantic Recovery Solutions (ARS) gave me as a call back number.  They called my home using 907.341.3701.  They were looking for my dad, whom I have not lived with for over a decade, and have never been personally responsible for (given that he is my elder and makes his own decisions).  The girl who called was named Mila Dean, and she said I was listed as a reference.  That was a definite red flag.  She said they were an investigative team on claims. I told her I would try to get a message to him (never letting her know that we were related), and that I KNOW I've NEVER been listed as a reference for him, so they need to make sure they never call my number again.  She tried to be defensive (albeit in a friendly way), which I interrupted repeating myself.  She agreed.gee62016-04-09 16:56:08
6492311282Person keeps calling looking for Darrell. I don't know anyone by that name. They yelled "f---- you" to me when I told them to quit calling.Guest62016-04-13 09:50:48
6493241458This company has many complaints against it.  Now thos papers that you got are required to have the following in them, and if they don't, then this is a criminal attempt to collect that alleged debt.Federal law (FDCPA) requires them to send you a letter (US MAIL ONLY) within 5 days of their first contact that contains their name, physical address, the creditor’s name, and the amount of the alleged debt.  It also must contains “mini-Miranda” telling you that it is an attempt to collect a debt and that all information will be used for those purposes.  The one other important thing that this letter must also have in it is that you have a right to dispute the debt within 30 days of receipt of the letter and if you do so, all collection activity must be stopped until the debt is verified.Read up on your rights here, get template letters to send and also make a complaint at this government site: file a complaint with your State Attorney General's office.List of State AG’s offices: AG’s Office: 00:32:02
6493241456What lies? READ UP! I am NOT the only one who is a victim of your ILLEGAL activities! Once I tell you NOT to call mu number, you ARE legally obligated to DO NOT CALL! I have NOT lied about your ILLEGAL activities. If someone calls me looking for an individual that is NOT associated with me, NOT related to me, does NOT live in MY home, and then makes REPEATED PHONE CALLS HARASSING ME, (I am NOT the debtor) then you're DAMN RIGHT I am going to file LEGITIMATE COMPLAINTS with law enforcement and the federal government. You want to talk about lies, STOP POSTING BOGUS REVIEWS on your site. And LEARN proper grammar, moron.Marc Chubbuck52016-04-15 05:42:27

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