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6517835842Keeps calling and leaves no message. Guest72015-11-04 21:13:26
6512876133My Friend recd a p phone out of the Amount caller ID said A A amp A an employee named quot Vance quot was talking for my neighbor about a previous due medical Statement. My neighbor is hard of Reading and has the volume on his Telephone set high I could undoubtedly hear your conversation 6 feet away. My Friend disputed your bill 3 times amp quot V quot told him they were already Choosing W a week out of his checking account account definitely a lie as it would require judicial Activity Judgment and legal service would 've been done prior. If this was Accurate a Set Bureau would t be Wanted. When I told my Friend for tell quot Vance quot to tell him he was disputing your claim quot V quot told him quot I should Close up amp I did t understand what I was talking about quot . I can now be assisting my neighbor within locating a great lawyer the best way to contact that MN AG s office and the way to help quot V quot to appearance for a new Occupation for violating state amp federal Guidelines. How would I understand the been in government collections for Practically W years. Guest402015-11-04 21:19:51
6513334091Says searching for the business owner . . . SCAM . . . I don t even own a company . . . Guest242015-11-04 21:22:52
6514054769Harassing Telephone Calls. Guest32015-11-04 21:32:52
6516661006Th telephone Now. . . Guest632015-11-04 21:36:53
6514600572I Only got a phone from a Man saying he is deputy Brady. He says I am a Man of curiosity about an Continuing Research. He told my Man he was going for 've me marched out of my office. That message he left me was that this was a federal issue. your call was from Chicago. I 'm within California. Things enjoy this can cause you to lose your Occupation. What a jerk. . private 272015-12-16 13:00:24
6517721402He Directed} me a text. They try to make you are feeling down but they re that ones Searching back page. Funny. Guest52015-12-09 11:07:32
6515837230I get unwanted calls daily I 've reported for Can Or Telephone Registry. Guest512015-11-04 21:43:53
6513142761leave me alone W east streetGuest72015-12-21 15:34:46
6513334168Wellbeing attention scam. Guest332015-11-04 21:52:26
6513679460Calling me and not saying anythingGuest72015-12-15 01:24:56
6513211580I got a telephone but I did t response that call. Guest202015-11-04 22:00:25
6512876100bill collector. . . medicalGuest732015-11-04 22:06:25
6513158173close a dozen calls from the number Think Rob callGuest82015-11-04 22:07:25
6514045991Rude narcissistic psychopathGuest62015-12-18 15:30:52
6513541067Harassing meGuest12015-11-04 22:09:23
6516284001Amount displayed as W W W but her message said for call W W W when I obtained her message. No message no Firm name. . . . Guest142015-11-04 22:16:26
6513406914MagazinesGuest92015-11-04 22:17:26
6513253877No message. When you phone it they immediately ask for your own SS without identifying themselves. I Put Upward. Guest732015-11-04 22:20:52
6512935500Called 5 times in a Line and only had beeping sound. It is a spam caller. Guest402015-11-04 22:21:25
6513334209Ill of this. . . . Around quot Persistent pain quot . . . . . They're giving me high blood pressure and Pressure calling every day. . . . And today they 've called twice. . . . . Lord Please help me. . . . Guest62015-11-04 22:38:26
6518293145dint knowGuest132015-11-04 22:38:26
6513334200Called three times today... so far. Don't bother answering. What good is the do not call list?!Sick of it!92017-02-10 01:15:35
6519278998stalkerGuest42015-12-14 23:03:38
6513275008Calls but no Result when reply. Guest32016-05-25 08:00:06
6514574632Caller Asserted to be out of DHGuest42015-11-04 23:03:26
6517483840School funds salutationGuest72015-12-21 00:58:24
6512030870Sui union spamGuest192015-11-04 23:04:25
6517665802okay calleroperator72015-12-18 22:00:23
6515607992This number was Directed} for me as a cell Amount to text but it s a property line. So obviously they are Attempting to get something. Guest12015-11-04 23:22:53
6513463200you r blocked apologizeGuest82015-12-09 22:48:26
6512473664I m doneGuest62015-12-20 10:42:23
6513334186Calls twice a daytime. Never answer and they never leave a express send. Guest132015-11-04 23:33:26
6517978177Call at 8 'm EST from MN no message. Blocking Number. Guest112015-11-04 23:48:26
6512229257Keeps callingGuest552015-11-04 23:54:51
6519682008never answerGuest62015-12-10 04:51:22
6513213611Success Painting W North Hollyhock Road Surprise Arizona W W W W HTTP Triumph sacs. com Guest62015-12-16 16:49:17
6512041376Keep calling every W minGuest902015-11-04 23:59:25
6513130715leaveGuest72015-12-16 20:12:52
6518298405I get 4 5 a dayGuest32015-11-05 00:43:26
6514093383Player meGuest32015-11-05 00:48:23
6512375479Calls always so annoying. Guest32015-11-05 00:51:51
65138322222 missed callsGuest82015-11-05 00:56:26
6513334066Prohibited ROB Telephone for a Google Listing quot SCAM quot Guest562015-11-05 01:25:52
6512041345Don t understand them called me many times but machine messages Now someone talked to me and asking my name when I said you tell me y u calling he said I can t until I tell him Around me. I did not tell him him anything and he hang Upward. Guest722015-11-05 01:33:51
6514348480The Individual asks me to send PayPal Information for items i am selling it is a scamDaniel72015-12-18 15:33:40
6512418211My brother within law works at the hospital and can Regularly call from this numberGuest442015-11-05 01:41:25
6512913887Call and hang upGuest322015-11-05 01:43:51
6518426568Call me I response they won t say anything. Guest62016-04-29 05:27:51
6513130130The guy is a jerk. Will not give out any data. Tries for frighten you into giving him your addressGuest72015-12-16 16:22:26

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