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6513027176Called and Installed Upwards when replied phoneGuest32016-05-05 02:58:01
6513375232Has called twice in two hours. Guest82015-11-05 09:45:26
6517284111This Amount KEEPS TEX TING ME Terrible Things EVEN THOUGH I 've REPEATEDLY Asked THEM To Cease. IF SOMEONE Contacts You personally From The Number WHATEVER You Do Do not Answer. This Person IS Psychologically UNSTABLE. Guest42015-11-05 09:46:26
6514721477Constant calls no messageGuest102015-11-05 10:04:26
6512644831Repeat callingGuest602015-11-05 10:06:25
6515006350you might have been blocked by the Mobile userGuest72015-11-05 10:06:26
6516893929received a phone out of the number don't know who it wasGuest72015-12-22 05:53:03
6512534259Unwanted face time contactGuest12015-11-05 10:16:23
6514863975left no messageGuest52015-12-20 03:21:44
6519670120asked for me and my wife didn't say who they wereGuest132015-11-05 10:24:26
6512251257Hang Advantages. No MSG. Uses several similar numbers within W BlockedGuest22015-11-05 10:34:51
6517723456No answerGuest112015-11-05 11:15:26
6519689014Constantly callsGuest52015-12-19 16:51:24
6512428427powder head searching for pimp girlsGuest62015-12-21 22:28:22
6513178127no messageGuest142015-11-05 11:50:25
6514296266Statement collectorGuest82015-12-09 14:26:34
6513149024The Man talked so fast and I did t understand who it was so I Installed Upwards Not Choosing up any more Amounts that I don t Comprehend. Guest32015-11-05 12:49:25
6518675309Gotten a call from a local Amount. Pleasant sounding southern woman left a message and claimed to be from Dynamic Retrieval Solutions. I don't have any debts within Set. This is that second time they vie attempted to call me. JC42015-12-19 05:47:39
6512305954Texthdfx42015-12-22 05:56:26
6512467881This caller said he was a direct lendermike52015-12-20 11:00:19
6512421675The number called my Telephone and instantaneously after hanging Upwards my phone entirely rebootedGuest72015-12-16 21:21:05
6513003919calls every daytime attempted calling back and hangs Upward after just one ringGuest32015-11-05 13:59:51
6513046930Calls multiple times a day automated line disconnects after W seconds dozen t leave a message. I don t understand why they are calling. Guest42015-11-05 14:00:25
6513467037calls multiple times per daytime no vim. . Guest372015-11-05 14:54:52
6512301627don t Select upGuest12015-11-05 15:12:23
6512421919friend stealing my exGuest12015-11-05 15:12:23
6513884121 Free alert system. Referred by Doctor. All Bull. Guest982015-11-05 15:21:52
6514834000Someone called me saying I won a few cash. Afterward that phone was disconnected. Joe102016-03-07 22:11:27
6513046558spamGuest102015-11-05 15:37:25
6513483168Dint phone the Amount no more. . . Guest82015-12-20 13:27:53
6514008134religious spamGuest72015-12-21 15:15:24
6513182785did you personally strive calling them. There a local Authorities organization doing phone surveysmike72015-12-14 10:08:47
6513834225Your Individual you vie phone text is unavailable. . . Guest52015-12-18 20:16:32
6514093214Called about a college referral service I m Merely looking for Occupation not for Faculty referralGuest12015-11-05 16:44:52
6512913890Dumb Mid easterners. Born terrorists within each sort AMERICAN girl42016-04-29 03:13:47
6515284216unknownGuest12015-11-05 17:00:24
6514093398Phone and hang Upwards. They do not Talk when they telephone. They phone Fast as if to provokeSol92015-12-09 10:04:59
6518293130I had signed up for an Automobile loan and these guys called me back. Legit company. Guest22015-11-05 17:05:53
6515004524I concur. . . . cautious82015-12-18 13:21:08
6513575076stop Assessment n calling meGuest82015-12-09 11:22:25
6513384970PPSGuest32015-11-05 17:23:52
6515385009Two calls Now maintaining to be from Irs. Guest492015-11-05 17:33:53
6513275000MMGuest72015-12-18 22:21:58
6512373134got a call out of this number. called and Installed Upward before i Decided up. Guest142015-11-05 18:15:25
6512190851Sleazy Statement collectors. Guest42015-12-19 12:39:31
6513158151They keep calling my new cell phone searching for someone else. Even thou I told them this no longer her phone. Guest62015-11-05 18:25:52
6516038720Never leaves message. We would NEVER use a service like thisGuest12015-11-05 18:48:53
6512375260hang Upward at Bizarre hours in the nightGuest92015-11-05 18:51:51
6514623929harassing texts. . . Guest52015-12-19 07:18:24
6513463673Decided up that call and Afterward someone hung Upwards. Called back and that automated replying system said it was quot Active Retrieval Solutions. quot I talked to a rep and asked them for take your number away their list. Guest82015-11-05 18:58:26

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