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6717274868No messageTom Nagle12015-11-16 21:11:38
6719878843busyGuest22015-11-16 21:36:40
6717888023Trying to sell extended warranty for vehiclesGuest72015-12-20 04:00:35
6716856328Abuse. Caller abuseGuest42015-12-10 04:22:22
6714777743Keeps callingGuest12015-11-17 00:07:40
6719691338Person (male) calls around midnight pacific time.  Usally calls 2-3 times.  Leaves short message just saying "hey call me" then never picks up.Dan32015-11-17 00:25:22
6716255509I received a call from this number during my second period class. (I didn't answer) I've gotten calls from automated tele-marketers before and I'm quite certain this is another marketing call. Isn't it illegal to telemarket to mobile phones?Alice Unrequited12015-11-17 00:36:15
6716030228I seriously doubt this guys going to any court in the US, He's calling from GuamX32015-11-17 01:16:07
6717400710Received phone call around supper time.Rock5892015-11-17 01:40:03
6719775260give the location of this cell phone numberjhoan22015-11-17 02:50:39
6716783439Got a call from this number. Caller ID says US Government. They left no message.Cyberman62015-12-14 09:23:03
6716858680Called but didn't leave a message. sorry I don't answer calls I don't recognize.Chris12015-11-17 04:49:39
6719501671it's a guam prepaid long distance calling card.jah42015-11-17 05:28:14
6717474463copsGuest12015-11-17 06:28:40
6716783071its TVGJack72015-12-14 23:57:04
6714564878missed call - called back with no answerhacked off12015-11-17 06:55:54
6716864277Played music, connected and asked name if I wanted to lose weight? Selling product.Guest72015-12-14 23:19:44
6718055815automated voice "goodbye"D32015-11-17 07:22:09
6716852618Idk itGuest62015-12-18 19:33:32
6716477279got a callbj72015-12-18 19:22:27
6718682821Whos this?Ammy12015-11-17 08:53:24
6717476192yea, same - called and I don't know anyone from guam.jasmine52015-11-17 09:49:11
6718685236the person called telling me that I had called them days before.Imposible because i only call certain #s.Then the person got nasty .gloria12015-11-17 10:24:32
6714872706I keep getting texts and calls from this guy calling me his bro. I don't know anyone in Guam.Me12015-11-17 10:36:17
6717290920no one talkingblueplate12015-11-17 10:41:46
67186815651st Financial BankTom52015-12-08 11:33:50
6714752223Got numerous prank calls using soundboards about the Guatemala thing etc, at first I could shrug it off but beginning to interfere with my work and livelihood. Hope that this stops or that the person at least identifies themselves so I can kick their [***].UPSETGUY12015-11-17 10:52:27
6712459601I just recived a call from this # but i did not answer it because i didnot know on who this person was.Snake eyes32015-11-17 14:03:56
6719898375Whos number is thisjaycbelz12015-11-17 14:08:21
6714779002Who's this32312015-11-17 15:14:44
6717778127Just called me and left some very odd sounding voicemails.Ken12015-11-17 17:01:10
6718882265Asked for the owner, was fishing on craigslist and wanted to know who wrote the ad. Was very rude and condescendingJose42015-12-08 08:45:24
6712082679this number called us twice at 5AM in the morning.  very annoyingGG12015-11-17 18:31:30
6716467279call says it from jamica did not answer figure its a scam. called twice a week apartxongranny82015-12-14 22:26:36
6714886247This phone is stolen, please get it back Call my mom at 671-688-4011 - Call our house at 671-969-7956. Thank youGuest12015-11-17 19:58:57
6716460935671 646 0935, is this Heritage Realty Guam in Tamuning, Guam?Sue12015-11-17 20:33:40
6717643817Prank annoyance call, unintelligible baby talk and girlish giggling in background.Guest82015-12-16 13:25:18
6717634196strange called a few times no responselena12015-11-17 21:41:36
6715655266won 500.00 dollars on gift cardbeatrive ward72015-12-16 11:51:32
6717776770Diversified Consultants. Trying to collect payment on behalf of Verizon Wireless. I have never had Verizon service.Guest62015-12-22 07:47:06
6717509000I just got a call from this number today. The lady kept speaking and saying "please!" I felt bad for her but I didn't understand her. She did ask me where I am though. Then I asked her and it sounded like she was saying Camilla-or something like that. Weird.Carey32015-11-17 22:46:28
6714568685Left no message but the background noise sounds like a call center.Rosemary82015-12-19 16:10:41
6714563583stop calling meGuest62015-12-08 17:45:13
6719876235Take off block ListeGuest62015-12-16 12:38:46
6719878227Two guys called me from the number 2024369795. first guy told me i have to pay $299 to claim my grants in western union, which i allready pay, then other caller told me i have to pay additional $500 to receive my grants as a custom duty. i allready paid more $500 but i didn't received my grants. this is completly scams. beware of these bull [***] scamer.mary lykes82015-12-18 19:23:27
6715645677They claim they are calling about my CC debt and I don't have any debtGuest82015-12-16 06:14:58
6718216932TWOT...Calling just to ask questions. Dont even want a same day appointmentGuest72015-12-20 00:30:23
6718687273Who ever this is needs to stop calling trying to get my card number.Erika12015-11-18 01:25:40
6713017326annoyingGuest72015-12-16 09:52:06
6714561319robberGuest72015-12-19 16:55:28

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