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6716887215Keep calling after I have told them to stop many times. Harassing me several times a dayGuest42015-12-16 12:09:57
6714885069mr blockerGuest72015-12-14 11:16:58
6716882273Annoying and unprofessional ethics of collecting customers credit card information. Conducting themselves like they're doing a phishing scam. Should be illegal to harass customers to give them their credit card information by texting them and saying to call a *611 number, which is not a regular company business phone number. Just look at customer comments online about their personal experiences dealing with Docomo that says it all. Outright illegal tactics and a very unprofessional company.Guest12015-11-23 07:54:38
6717893206calling it quitsGuest82015-12-18 07:50:06
6714865514this phone is no longer in serviceGuest12015-11-23 12:03:40
6714294248Si. Vos?Guest42015-12-16 12:07:41
6717274986The person you are trying to reach is n longer at this numberGuest72015-12-16 13:28:12
6719775790theGuest42015-12-15 00:50:24
6716893410he's a nonoGuest82015-12-20 04:23:13
6719296164All the text was" good morning"Guest42015-12-16 10:34:10
6719697302PrivateGuest42015-12-16 13:28:04
6714868987Once a punk.. Always will live as a punk! Stripped wit his manhood, his wife n kids must fill his shoes of protecting and supporting themselves!!Guest12015-11-24 10:34:57
6716858681verizonGuest72016-02-16 03:57:39
6714773506texts but doesn't answer voice calls..sends lewd picturesGuest62015-12-16 11:29:01
6716858916Saying I have been approved for a $5000.00 loan when I have not even applied for a loan. Wants me to give them my checking account info so they can withdraw $152.00 to verify my account. Then says within 1 hour I will have the $5000.00 for the loan plus my $152.00 deposited into my account. I don't understand why they would need to withdraw money from my account just to return the amount withdrawn plus make deposit.Guest52015-12-09 03:12:11
6714778991Do not give any info. But ask for info. Try not to pick up the call. If you did, then that's it. You will get hundreds of calls. Some of the numbers are (423) 900-0382, 609-334-2119, (202) 751-2477, (202) 751-2533, (202) 888-3262, (866) 978-0516. They say irs, they always say they got legal complaint . They use bad words, if you ask for the address proof. Do not attempt to pickup  the call.Anonymous62015-12-09 07:08:40
6716496625Someone claimed to be an attorney from ACS Holdings called me to tell me that a case will be filled against me today if me or my attorney did not call them back. I asked what is the charge and they would not tell me. The first person that called is a guy named William and the most recent is a woman named Rian bot have a foreign accent and after contacting ACS Holdings neither of them work there. Be carefuledb42015-12-09 10:24:33
6716893733got a letter from directbuy in fort worth that i won an epad & A$100 Gift card. called them back and have to go to a 90 min siminar to see the savings directbuy offers. It is in Fort Worth, Tx and she said i would recieve the gifts at the end of the seminar. hmmmm??? any one else go to this seminar???ej62015-12-10 21:28:46
6714885247the person that called said they have a check for me from publishers clearing house and if they can come to my house. I just  hang the phone.Delores42015-12-13 09:43:53
6714872260a$$wipes keep calling my business line at 1am... which is forwarded to my cell phone.  They do this every single night of the week.  I wish I knew where I could find these people.  250-984-7895 is the number on the caller ID.RandyinLA82015-12-14 08:26:37
6717876604Is wasn't a call, it came in the mail.  No return address, only a pink slip of paper (you know, the..."While you were out" pink papers.  Paper said "Great News! Please Call 1-866-727-6976 Mikebh42015-12-14 08:40:55
6719872631The number 408-871-1373 is for this company:Catapult Direct Marketing LLC 1700 Winchester BlvdCampbell, CA 95008(408)-871-1373(408)-369-8115I found this information in the internet. DO NOT TELL THEM ANYTHING!!!! THEY ARE A FRAUDULENT COMPANY!!!doesnotlikesalescalls62015-12-14 12:53:51
6713839779Update from my post on 7-31-07We received a fraudulent charge on our credit card for $2095.00 to 1-800-Flowers two days after receiving this phone call.  The fraud department with our credit card called us to see if we authorized this charge because the expiration date was incorrect on the web order.  We were lucky that we didn't get stuck with the charge for this.  Beware of this scam and put a fraud alert on your credit reports....Glad we did.TL62015-12-14 14:25:57
6717879540Same as first post, placement of financial executives.  They call at least once week.  I just verified my status with Do Not Call Registry and it's still active.  I'll be filing a report today.LAH62015-12-14 17:02:36
6716881202Public Statement: Legal Department Press ReleaseThe Peoples Advocate USA is a national tax law firm that works with the IRS to settle taxpayer debt. To learn more about our firm, please consider the following[email protected] /* */[email protected] /* */The Peoples Advocate USA10866 Wilshire Blvd.Los Angeles, CA 90024T: 1-877-435-7180T: 1-877-HELP-180F: 1-877-694-7359The Peoples Advocate42015-12-15 10:07:08
6716460756Collection agency calling for the wrong person... repeatedly. Super annoying since this is my cell phone and I've never heard of the person they are calling for.Guest72015-12-16 11:12:28
6714888727Calls too early in the morning and just hangs up leaves no messages. Then continues to call throughout the day. BLOCK NUMBER!!!Guest52015-12-16 11:33:10
6714830552Sara from Three Point calls for my CEO. Very annoying, she calls weekly and he never asked to speak with her. Cold calls.Admin42015-12-17 03:15:48
6717879939Pet Watchers LLc Albany, OR, 97321 (541) 928-4408 We Have Warm Hearts for Cold Noses. Going away? Leave you pets in good hands with Pet Watchers LLC, an In-Home Pet Sitting Service for the Albany/Corvallis surrounding areas. Allow your pets to stay in the comfort of their own home. Pet Sitting, Pet Care, Dog Care, Pet Boarding, Pet Services http://petwatchersoregon.comGuest82015-12-20 09:43:45
6717870100Called me because I was a month paying on my rent and they wanted to give me a chance to pay before they sent me to court. That's nice of them.Guest62015-12-20 14:15:49
6718880093this number continued to text me even after I told them they were texting a wrong number, this persin after my furst complaint cintinued texting me racial slursGuest52015-12-20 20:18:42
6714568695sent me a naked picture by "accident" didnt take it seriously till i found out a friend of a friend got the same picture by "accident"alex72016-02-15 18:25:35
6718484804I got this number today 2 I could not pick up..2nd.. when I picked up.. she/he hung up!!! what do you want!!SHO32016-02-15 18:37:01
6716255519Issue: Receiving unsolicited text messages from the following number:213.290.8971(This is an LA based phone number and has been used/"owned" by several entities.)The messages I have received read:"You have been selected to receive a FREE Apple Product. Just go to within 48 hours to claim your reward."Amy P62016-02-15 18:50:09
6714294257They appear to be a local number, but are not - it's the same organization asking for money as this number 541-255-1003.  I asked who was calling and the [***] hung up on me.  When I called the number back I got some long winded message.  [***].  I would not have answered the phone to begin with since I didn't recognize the number, but we are waiting on news of a friend who was badly injured in an auto accident - thought it might be someone calling about that.Jill42016-02-15 19:31:28
6717474945ARE YOU TIRED OF BEING HARRASSED?  These people mistreat people! They do not provide customer service, they instantly threaten and lie. In fact, they will not provide you with a name or address if you tell them they are being recorded. Record every conversation and before you start the conversation, let them know they are being recorded! This is very important. When you inform them they are being recorded you are following state laws. If they do not wish to be recorded or properly answer your questions or provide valid and legal documentation: 1.    First register your number on the National Do Not Call List:    Then File a complaint if they have left you a voicemail recorded message (which usually includes the threatening message of imposing as an attorney):    After 30 days, if they are still calling you, submit a complaint on Do Not Call List that they are breaking regulations:    If they are calling your family, have your family do the same!5.    Don’t forget to send them two letters stating that you do not wish for them to call you at your home or work. That you do not wish for them to contact you at all and that if they do, they are breaking the law because you have sent them a WRITTEN letter with signature stating you do not want to be contacted! Send one of them through regular mail and send the other through certified mail.  Keep you certified mail or any tracking number you have when you send out your letters!HERE IS THEIR INFORMATIONPOTTER, SCOTT & ASSOCIATES INC.        Status:      Active        Filing Date:      02/28/2013Entity Type:      Domestic Business Corporation        File Number:      4367067        Company Age:      1 YearsRegistered Agent:      338 Harris Hill Road Suite 212Williamsville, NY 14221    Domestic State:  New York (NY)Principal Address:      Potter, Scott & Associates Inc.338 Harris Hill Road Suite 212Williamsville, NY 14221Completing these three steps will help them track reporting of this company and if enough people report, the government will investigate!6.    IMPORTANT: File an imposter complaint! They are pretending to be attorneys that are sending cops to your house. When they threaten you saying a warrant or any legal summons is being delivered, call your local Sherrif and if there is nothing listed in your name….They are imposing and harassing you!   File the IMPORTANT complaint with FTC (The government!) Here is the link: ... =%23%26panel1-8PLEASE FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS72016-02-15 20:28:16
6718681570says a package will be delivered on friday june 5th, 2015 to sign for, and to call a 855-546-9077 number with an ID number of 70237USD1. I called both, the 989-607-5653 did not answer, the 855-546-9077 said they were a Kirtland Managment from out of New York. What the package is , have no clue.Guest42016-02-15 21:07:38
6716493309This telephone number 760-637-3711 is the telephone number of an unscrupulous dept collection firm by the name of: P.A. Group, 31500 Grape Street, Suite 3380-1, Lake Elsinore, CA 92532. They operate under the business name, the Pacific Assets Group. They use illegal tactics to collect old debts from unwary victims. An attorney that I retained in southern California has determined that the address above is a "mail drop" at a UPS Store that has mail boxes for rent at the same address above. I told this debt collection firm that my telephone call back to them was being recorded. The guy on the phone at the "Pacific Assets Group" begged off my call and said he would call me back in a few minutes, but never did. My attorney also said this firm has changed their telephone number in the past when investigators were closing in. If you do receive a telephone call, or calls, from 760-637-3711, I strongly advise that you retain an attorney before sending any money to this debt collection firm.Guest72016-02-15 22:32:38
6714873521If that is true ... if you knew who called ... why did you search the web for that phone number?Lurkers:Yes, that is a real SecurTek phone number ... but, how do we know it was not spoofed?TAO42016-02-16 00:58:41
6716858700She just called me - on my cell phone.She asked me how much English I spoke.  When I told her, she was polite and said "thanks", and told me that she was going to contact somebody else that needed her services.Carlos62016-02-16 01:17:34
6716858701Exactly - I get a message of an "urgent nature" and a call back number and file number.  When I call back the guy throws a bogus name at me and I say "Never heard of them" - the response is then "It must be this paperwork in front of me that is wrong.... blah blah blah"Sounds like a "fishing trip" on Cain Daniel's part - BEWARE!john52016-02-16 01:17:40
6716493312I also got a call from this number about our timeshare.  They said they were from westgate. I asked several times.  We talked about selling and renting our condo.  I then called westage to confirm and I was told that they were not calling owners and none of the information I was told was not true.DG72016-02-16 01:45:35
6718484796Prostitute in Chico, CA. Hardcore meth and pill user. Will get your number and then try to call and threaten until you pay her off.Guest42016-02-16 01:49:05
6718681582Me too got a call from Heather 4/13/11. Again she was evasive. Said she got my resume from online, which there is one, but when I asked what the company did she said something about signing up union members.  However, on the outside chance that it might be legit I set up an interview for today, 4-19-11, to give me time to research the "Clark Group" as she put it.  That day when I got home, I got an email from guess who... American Income Life congratulating me on my upcoming interview.  Ha, Ha, saved me the trouble.  So I'll just shine little ole heather on today.  On the, pages of complaints against this company.Lui52016-02-16 01:51:24
6716255516Indicated she was a detective and investigating a reported incident and wanted to verify my personal information. Would not state anything for me to verify. Suspect it was a scam maybe to rob my house while I was away.John T52016-02-16 03:09:29
6717878814Caller calls himself Mr. Simmons and says that he has a sweepstakes prize for some one at this address and phone number. calls repeatedly, and will not stopRFB62016-02-16 03:23:59
6716255511Individual tried to buy item listed on c-list using a Paypal account. When I told him my bank holds paypal transactions to verify things which takes several days, he balked.  I've had a number of calls from other numbers trying the same scams.  I don't know what they do if you accept payment--say they never received the item and try a charge-back?  I'm unclear. It was a guy but his ID on email and paypal is Rosa Davis.Kermit72016-02-16 06:11:47

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