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6824784120They Merely desire you to pay your own Telephone billGuest52015-12-20 09:27:55
6822335874This man tries to trick escorts into doing favors and does not plan on paying. Stupid Cream Pie story.Fed Up!92017-02-22 20:32:14
6822006502air miles crapGuest62015-12-16 08:44:52
6822252180Caller ID said Miracle FLIGHTS They left no message. Phil Romone52015-12-16 01:20:37
6824338463fumGuest62015-12-09 15:41:11
6822027995That is a Amount for a survey company called SIS They phone several times per day Their Site is Internet. survey sampling. com They state they are not Limited by that don't call list you might have for call 1 W W W for Prefer out of their calls. I never have called that Amount though to see if you personally Actually could Select out at that number. Guest32015-11-05 13:00:06
6824339388I blocked the Amount but I am still getting calls out of them. . Guest12015-11-05 13:00:07
6825871334bill collectorGuest82015-11-05 13:11:07
6822670316solicitorGuest282015-11-05 13:11:53
6827309927Dint understand who that is. Guest22015-11-05 13:24:07
6824442984babeGuest52015-12-19 00:16:35
6825579167Julian Cabrera novel fake Program to some transsexual girl. Time waster and gamer. Avoid the brief fat awful Hispanic guy. Guest22015-11-05 13:47:07
6822395193disoblige this numberGuest12015-11-05 13:50:56
6822343352EUJainey82015-12-10 00:45:55
6822003024Novels fake Program ts said his name was lance constructionGuest32016-06-16 08:48:34
6823213191Trying to sell me a UnicornGuest1322015-11-05 13:59:07
6825036875Discontinue calling Attempting for sell junkGuest32015-11-05 13:59:56
6825837993Individuals should not phone at 'm asking for personal information and Things become thorough. Guest32015-11-05 14:09:07
6822929224Owner ID says AEGIS OIL. Simply needs to Discuss for my husband and quite rudely hangs Upward Keeps calling Virtually every daytime. Don t answer anymore. Guest312015-11-05 14:22:53
6826518822Don t remember what he was talking about but it appeared enjoy a Registered message. Guest32015-11-05 14:24:07
6825561105grisliest no showGuest22015-11-05 14:26:56
6822330903Desired me for add them for Skype account. i don t 've a Skype accountGuest52015-12-19 04:13:14
6825035724Don't know this Man interiors calls. Guest12015-11-05 14:33:56
6822351289Don t know what they believe they can accomplish and do they stay in businessGuest622015-11-05 14:35:53
6822052787Automobile warrantyGuest22015-11-05 14:41:56
6822247218LoanGuest482015-11-05 14:50:53
6823338229His name is gene garrison hes a rapist please don't go to his houseGuest22015-11-05 14:55:07
6822324736No ID by caller. Instructed to quot press 1 for male 2 for female quot . Phone disconnected after that. Guest112015-11-05 15:09:53
6827038140I had W phone calls within one daytime from the number on my cell phone. They hang Upwards on you when you request them for remove your own Amount. Guest162015-11-05 15:26:53
6822052786Just obtained phone out of the number that I could not answer because I was within a mtg. at the time. Guest142015-11-05 15:30:06
6829903047STOOP. Guest202015-11-05 15:43:54
6828881977It is Verizon Wireless automated callGuest82015-11-05 15:49:07
6823679794Did not answerGuest32015-11-05 15:57:07
6822417426The person Joke calls our number and they don t Take incoming calls. Guest22015-11-05 15:58:06
6825582724Female changes her voice saying incorrect numberGuest52015-12-18 15:16:09
6822003028That is a Carpeting cleaning tile cleaning and Furniture cleaning serviceUnknown32016-04-28 08:02:25
6824783301MGuest52015-11-05 16:49:53
6822296020Telephone and leave no message numerous timesGuest12015-11-05 17:04:56
6827102294Automated telephone to the business where I work within Fort Worth TX. Telephone Arrived in Approximately 4 PM CDT. Guest72015-12-18 18:16:19
6828084983Hang Upward no message. Guest132015-11-05 17:14:53
6825542734Stop CALLINGGuest12015-11-05 17:28:56
6822301922Truly Judo is a cat Female. She rescues kitties and re Dwellings them. Guest22015-11-05 17:38:06
6828885768I wish he or she Discontinue callingGuest72015-11-05 17:42:54
6822155452I received just one text message Additionally. That's what I told you personally earlier I Set pics on go see. metered. com. this really is spam. Out of W W WGuest52015-11-05 17:43:06
6822273712Dint answerGuest82015-12-14 07:27:39
6827383413We acquired an automated phone on your land line with that Owner ID showing as quot MAM quot . That automated express Inquired quot Is your Automobile Grimy. quot That was enough my Man hung up. We have been on the Do not Telephone List but that Appears to be another waste of time and taxpayers cash. I fast added this Amount to our replying machine s list of blocked calls that will get a Facsimile tone if they telephone our House number again. Guest22015-11-05 18:12:07
6827300088SpamGuest72015-12-16 16:03:28
6822184772plays on phoneGuest22015-11-05 18:41:56
6826471868AssholeGuest12015-11-05 18:51:56
6822371723They don t leave messages but it s T Cellular telephone Customer Care. Guest102015-11-05 18:59:53

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