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7022229007Some person from this number keeps calling me and leaving creepy or disgusting messages and has been doing so for the last 8 months.Anonymous42016-07-05 19:57:25
7026172121Spam key chainsGuest52016-07-06 02:23:25
7022229008harrassmentGuest42016-07-06 08:19:46
7026172123Mutual of Omaha SPAMGuest42016-07-06 09:21:53
7022229004Message left for me was for Card Services and they left the number 877-733-5734.  Card Services should be Bank of America Credit Cards, possibly what was the MBNA division.  This was regarding my business account no other details offered. I received the same call from 954-473-7001 not an hour early from the same person.  That number tracks to BofA out of Ft. Lauderdale Florida.buzzbean72016-07-06 10:31:15
7026172120crazyGuest62016-07-06 12:40:26
7027490534loser.Guest72016-07-06 20:40:36
7027490539Who are there idiots. I'm getting spammed out of my mind. No more robo dialing? They must be getting their last licks.Guest32016-07-07 07:15:37
7027490538A guy with a thick Indian accient keeps calling my number saying he is Officer Shaun from the crime investigation unit and has my scoial secutrity number and would like information from me to keep me safe. He has called several times in a day and leaves messages on phone. When I questioned him he just gives me he is Officer Shaun from the crime investigation office.Guest72016-07-07 09:39:59
7027490533they calledNicky32016-07-07 12:20:29
7027490537StalkingGuest62016-07-07 13:22:22
7027490540they calls and hangs upGuest42016-07-07 19:05:08
7024251529Robot calls and textsGuest52016-07-08 09:49:29
7023599089They will never discover. They called me within August and here they're calling again. No just one other Finish. Guest1152015-11-04 19:19:23
7023263856no display. time waster. Odd. will not Cease Calling you personally. self proclaimed catfish. avoid in any respect Price. Guest12015-11-04 15:44:21
7027488267Keep becoming a call never state anything. Getaway t attempted to sell anything However either. Really Strange. Guest212015-11-04 18:28:04
7025205115They never leave a message. I have no idea who it is I dint reply numbers I dint Understand. exhausted of it. Guest112015-11-04 20:53:01
7022082034Phishing if you press 1 Afterward they know your number is great. Don t press anything Simply hang Upwards and blockGuest42015-11-04 21:33:13
7024460964This really is a spam number. They told me on an automated message my debit card was deactivated and for press quot 1 quot for activate it. Then after you press just one they desire the W Number number for your card. I Installed Upward. I knew it was a scam but Needed to see what would happen. Once they Desired that W Numbers to my card I knew it was time to Huang up. Guest42015-11-05 06:26:01
7025889262I doubt anyone here is using your Amount. No one here can block calls for or from it so we could not help you. aida52015-12-16 18:04:25
7023024841I receive at least 2 calls a day from 1-702-302-4841, when I answer the line is hung up. This is very annoying and I would like it to stop.Aileen, Office Manager52017-04-25 00:05:49
7025205120This number calls my Residence land line Representative earlier along with no Result when you personally answer. Guest142015-11-05 07:33:01
7028419246Reproduce Substance SPAM for Grisliest. If you answer god simply knows what type of crap you personally ll get out of your text messaging system. You probably won a W Walmart present card or perhaps a trip for the Bahamas. At really least you can expect for hear out of them again. Thus would your intelligent matter report them block them and display them your middle finger. Guest142015-11-05 10:34:45
7027038937got a call today and would appreciate knowing who called me as I know no just one for the reason that statelarslon352015-12-18 20:16:08
7028986859In the Central of your night on my cell Telephone. amp amp thus Substantially for a security block along with ARTpat92015-12-14 18:20:38
7025884540I as nicely got this type of telephone with that same Specific script. Go ogled your office by name and number. Nothing. Inquiries201552015-12-22 13:52:30
7025018188unsolicited texts about a shopping cash back Application. could possibly even be phishing due to links in the texts. Guest12015-11-05 14:52:28
7024197838offers girls for sex but only if u use no condom. chilling makes me wonder what he is trying to spread. GROSSGuest42015-11-05 15:04:24
7026088509Becoming exhausted of the Individual calling me on my cellular telephone and Dwelling Amount. Can we block this Amount eternally. Guest2222015-11-05 16:06:33
7025088634He call and got extorts n saying he has my cousin and Afterward started to say it ways a joke and hang Upward. Guest72016-04-16 00:45:43
7022128078A few sports telemarketers. Ugh. Needed for understand if i was a sports lover. I said no and your hung Upward. Guest122015-11-05 20:22:14
7023233396we've had several calls texts with a Individual Attempting to Purchase furniture that we've advertised locally. That simply private info he Needed was our name and address to send your agreed on payment to. After the Deal he Hans t responded for the texts or our phone calls. He alluded for having his shipper pick up your furniture at our address. We have been concerned. Guest12015-11-05 21:23:21
7029060991Harassing calls saying there surely is a Grievance filed along with my San and name. . . this really is a scam I have good credit. Guest92015-11-05 23:24:47
7024097140Owner left a message Around paying overly high of an attention on credit cards. Press to lower your own interest. ellamae52015-12-13 20:49:25
7022061041This really is a duplicating phone call out of a prophet that leaves terrifying messages that your own life is in danger amp he has never seen anything like this amp creepy matters he keeps saying. Calls out of many different phones. Excessively Annoying. Could someone please Quit the. Blocking him does not work he keeps calling out of many Distinct Amounts. Guest102015-11-06 04:23:58
7023595559Which is crazy because I had the same situation. I told him Cease Nut within was Container my time and he said quot listen M. . . . FR go for hell quot Subsequently he called correct back again and when I said what do you desire quot he said quot believe about it quot I Only hung and will not answer again I really wish there was a manner to Close this down. Guest732015-11-06 07:24:23
7023296383Very RUDE Young SOUNDS Enjoy A WHITE Man. HARASSES amp STALKS Girls Within The NOVA Region. . . . . . . . Guest52015-12-16 10:28:45
7025060923Vegas vigor company. asked for become Place on that don't call list. ND time Inquired for be Place on this list. Guest172015-11-06 18:43:01
7023273409Graduate school Look. Annoying. Telephone every daytime. Told them to take me away their calling list. They still telephone. Guest52015-12-08 21:45:22
7026099301This really is a scam don t answer the attorney generals office says its a scam out of Nation don t answerGuest432015-11-07 00:03:02
7026104091has called multiple times over your previous week. never leaves a message. I m guessing some kind of scamming. Guest52015-12-22 21:33:22
7027282688 quot Non profit quot organization for Experts First. Called and said that it was an organization that I support. Not even close. Inquired to become Set on their don't telephone list as I 'm on your DC list. W minutes After I get another from area telephone. Was waiting for call out of doctor for medical emergency and 've for Set Upward with the garbage. Guest12015-11-07 09:31:41
7028250890Left a message but all the message was was a Telephone ringing and saying that Amount is not within service. Guest162015-11-07 09:40:04
7028249701Asked if it was Git and then Put Upwards that phone. I attempted to telephone back but picks Upward correct away and nothing. Guest62015-11-07 10:37:04
7025165471SCAM SCAM SCAM !!!!! They repeatedly attempt contact with elderly people to get their account information or falsely tell their victim that they have won a "lottery" and send a copy of a bogus cashiers check..... the victim then deposits the check into their account, and then wires money to the thief. The victim and their bank do not discover the fraudulent cashiers check for a few days, and more than likely the victim has used or spent their "winnings" ..... only to discover that the cashiers check was a fake and there is no money to support that cashiers check, and now the victim's bank holds them responsible for the money they "won" and were given. And rightfully so, any check that the victim cashes at their bank, the bank can legally hold them responsible for. It is no different than someone writing a bad check to a grocery store and the grocery store charging a finance charge to the person who wrote the bad check.Jane Doe MAD CITIZEN82017-05-05 17:29:07
7025059366Micro soft Corporation has stopped the windows services in your computer to remove the windows license key, please call 315-235-3880 let me repeat. This is very important call to notify you that your micro soft windows license key has been expired in your computer so micro soft corporation has stopped the windows services in your computer to renew the windows license key, please call 315-235-3880. I will repeat 315-235-3880.Microsoft tech scam82017-10-04 00:23:01

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