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7058061311I got your same matter. . . . Scott Thompson same . jr52015-12-16 08:31:55
7055743304BlockGuest12015-11-05 16:01:21
7052666222PLEASE. Do not Call This AGAINGuest92015-12-14 19:20:05
7059455794SCAM FRAUD. . . receiving multiple automated message out of the number purporting to become Air Canada and have won a free Vacation due for previous Trip tickets purchased. I have not purchased Airplane tickets within years. Guest12015-11-05 17:04:09
70571521222 W 'm Technical rambling express a recording of a few type did not make senseGuest12015-11-05 17:37:08
7054931090its annoying how they attempt take in the little PolGuest82015-12-14 10:44:51
7052073353spam about west jetGuest12015-11-05 18:17:21
7059901115It's in the Ontario Computer Party. Election time. Peter62015-12-19 17:39:53
7055711341Grisliest scummierGuest42015-12-18 04:24:37
7055056163pervertGuest42015-12-18 18:32:55
7053582741watch Outside she may Holler or talk you into giving her cash. Faculty dental Pupil single Guardian 3 Year previous boy. very crafty girl out of Kirkland Lake here now in north bay. been taking guys for cash for months. Guest62015-11-05 19:41:17
7054778069Was Striving to Purchase my car and 've me boat it to Illinois. Guest42015-12-15 04:38:12
7053581965you've been blocked by the numberGuest22015-11-05 20:23:08
7059468554Stupid spamGuest52015-11-05 20:40:09
7053003327this Owner has Taken from several dozen people on Kojak and has been reported for your Cops. Guest12015-11-05 21:50:08
7058964899Rang once Subsequently Put upGuest52016-02-16 04:53:57
7053803587Thinking who this wasGuest72015-12-15 07:28:42
7057199316life insuranceGuest82015-12-18 15:37:37
7053310902HackerAnnie Emerson72015-12-23 15:40:28
7057704055Grisliest scummier payment is fake and scummier is overseasGuest32016-04-13 11:23:27
7058765321Called Looking for Confirm a General. She would t present me any information Around that call and was furious I would t Check anything. I told her to Quit calling my Telephone 5 times a daytime. Sketchy. Guest82015-11-06 02:33:09
7057507385Guernsey WYGuest82015-12-19 17:59:58
7057922512UNWANTED TELEMARKETER Phone FOR Dwelling Advancement CALLED ME AGAINGuest72016-04-18 21:40:58
7052224326Enriched Retrieval Corporation. Julie62015-12-19 19:10:32
7053455553CRYSTAL APPLE Window Cleaning Service located within Ny NYGuest52016-02-15 23:12:52
7056927943Dreadful Joke calls. Cruel and rudeGuest12015-11-06 06:58:21
7058085356busy call laterGuest12015-11-06 07:14:21
7057184195Same Owner for atmosphere Canada trip. FraudGuest12015-11-06 07:31:21
7053099159That Owner called my phone twice I had missed the calls so I attempted for phone and see who s telephone I missed since it was an unfamiliar Amount to me. That guy said he did not call my number rudely and Put Upwards. I found these calls entirely inappropriate. Aim a single Mom and don't have any time for these calls and would value if somebody please does something for make confident this unknown Owner could t fuss my family again. Thank you for Choosing the time to Guide me. McIntyre familyGuest12015-11-06 08:40:17
7053284860collectionGuest92015-12-08 15:36:13
7058761168Keeps phone in me Subsequently hanging upGuest62016-04-17 18:01:30
7057165522really unhealthyGuest62015-12-16 13:56:14
7053221258was recorded message offering travel credit out of West Aircraft. Exactly why would a local caller be sending messages from West Fly. Guest12015-11-06 11:17:08
7054358457They keep calling my house and not Making a message and when I call back consistently customer not availableGuest42015-11-06 12:43:08
7059879280This Owner is scammingGuest82015-12-18 11:23:22
7057222697I 'm sick of VIP calls. Guest42016-04-09 21:56:08
7052553011an ex boyfriendGuest12015-11-06 14:04:21
7058765325Statement collectionGuest202015-11-06 14:11:09
7054442886resort promotionGuest1082015-11-06 14:16:17
7059578827do not unblockGuest12015-11-06 15:12:22
7056985169I have got a contact no by name Poona I don t no who is Poona. Aks52015-12-14 12:58:29
7057972494BCGuest222015-11-06 17:27:21
7057941266BlockGuest52015-12-18 20:22:08
7056461902Are you personally my long lost friend Peggy out of Oklahoma cityGuest52015-12-20 08:45:12
7059712543Don t text me. . Guest32015-11-06 19:24:09
7052418355Extended vehicle Guarantee. Guest52015-12-14 11:30:15
7059680603blockedGuest52015-12-17 20:01:51
7059982617Simply got a phone out of the Amount. I did t answer. They did t leave a message. Guest92015-11-06 21:40:09
7055550007Keeps calling even though I'm on 2 no call lists. No messages if I don't answer.Guest32016-05-13 08:37:23
7052379210Duplicate caller hang Upwards every timeGuest312015-11-06 22:04:17

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