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Phone list in area 705

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7058051790Repeated calls told not to call each time and remove me out of their telephone list my Amount is on your do on phone registryGuest62015-11-06 22:17:09
7055612801Telephone a lot and hang up each time. Guest82015-12-21 17:08:17
7052226968Please Cease calling TyGuest12015-11-06 22:48:21
70591919702 texts along with random quot Hi You're you doing quot type of contentGuest12015-11-06 23:15:09
7053445234mailGuest72015-12-14 03:33:47
7055742117The Owner whom ever it's is leaving quite awful messages for no motive. Guest72015-11-07 00:49:08
7057196449dont.kmow this personGuest32016-02-15 22:33:15
7058765328CarGuest122015-11-07 01:06:09
7055687084need to see the was an Significant business callGuest12015-11-07 01:39:21
7059958374i Only got a telephone from your same numberGuest192015-11-07 01:43:17
7055517044They call and said that I had a legal matter needed to send moneyGuest32016-02-15 23:08:53
7059193214pimpGuest82015-12-18 15:52:30
7056536881don t understand anyone out of Canada. Guest12015-11-07 03:18:21
7059231935Unknown being hounded by bill Lovers and insurance peopleSue Madaus62015-12-16 22:50:55
7057895110not what I thought Only another looserGuest92015-12-08 16:41:18
7057922521Who is this?Elaine42016-04-18 07:02:50
7057222687Never leaves message.Guest42016-02-24 19:45:48
7059315927Don t Telephone MeGuest82015-12-19 04:41:44
7058553772wrong number searching for ConnieGuest12015-11-07 06:05:21
7057419655Calls an text all niter lo g just want it to Quit please an who is this callerGuest72015-12-21 13:29:05
7052221482Bugged my number try ed for scamming purposeGuest12015-11-07 07:43:21
7058765322Many credit request a reference for someone I never metGuest92015-11-07 08:58:09
7054191275Trying to scam me on Grisliest. Same thing delivering a check and needs me to pay shipper. LoserGuest42015-11-07 08:58:17
7052974106Scummier. Guest12015-11-07 10:24:21
7055550155Calls consistentlyGuest202015-11-07 11:30:17
7058227711not Taking calls from the numberGuest12015-11-07 11:41:21
7052078343I keep calls from this number about 5 minutes apart. Music plays and no one answers.Guest72015-12-19 09:46:32
7056278048I think it is a scam .They sent me a message yo hook up girls at some number.Guest92015-11-07 12:45:08
7057914795Guest82015-12-16 03:54:41
7057169574spamGuest12015-11-07 12:46:21
7056775885Larry - some realtor from SudburyGuest12015-11-07 13:06:21
7058785508First call from this number. Hope it is the lastGuest12015-11-07 13:21:21
7055098705Don't answerGuest72016-02-15 21:07:06
7057704050missed callb42016-04-18 19:24:18
7054323171Got a message saying that I had won $1000 Target Giftcard and to enter 6655 at a website.Jorge52015-12-20 11:15:58
7057184852A+ Child Development...I coudn't picked up the phone,so I don't really know if it's true organization or notV72015-12-14 07:21:05
7052074309®®®®® the number your calling dont exist please try to find an other way to contact this person http//www.publicmobile.comGuest22015-11-07 17:21:08
7052600565crapGuest12015-11-07 17:27:21
7053200001xxxxxxxxxxxGuest12015-11-07 17:43:21
7058885323Derek don't want to talk to u any more u hurt his feelersGuest72015-12-14 09:37:34
7058050820ACRGuest312015-11-07 18:28:09
7059842570Text message trying to convince you the opportunity to make money from home..Guest62016-02-16 02:32:20
7056564166call located in Rochester,  NY,  automative messagesavvy Teacher42015-12-20 04:25:54
7057429292Did not leave a message.Hello? Whos calling?52016-02-05 13:45:58
7058206969Air miles recordingGuest1212015-11-07 20:25:09
7057352638no textingGuest82015-12-19 21:21:18
7058356958dennis woodmansee? hung upGuest42016-04-15 11:08:18
7055003418Of course... i will not be cashing the check. Thanks for our communication, we both were able to stop fraudulent activities from this guy.Guest112015-11-07 22:00:08
7052566889This # calls at all hours and never says anything. Cannot call the # back. It is always busy.Guest92015-11-07 22:03:08
7057974932705 797-4932 calling cell same scam. calls every day for over 2 weeksGuest62015-11-07 22:24:17

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