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7054374707Some PAC calling to tell everyone that big oil needs to clean up mess. They call at least twice a day.The only mess that needs to be cleaned up is the law that allows these PAC's to call under the guise of campaign calling. When the public decides to OPT OUT of calls that should mean EVERYONE including the crooks we send to Washington, DC and those who campaign on their behalf.tired of the unsolicited political calls32016-02-16 09:48:16
7053151213They called my cell phone while I was asleep. My parents didnt answer it they just shut off the volume. They called four times. When I tried to text it my phone said it was a home number. I live in this area code so I thought it wasegit but then I found this site and figured out its not. If you know anything about this number please share.Madi82016-02-25 14:29:20
7053450819Thank you for your message you send to me on my mobile phone on 17-11-11 time 10:24.But am wenting for your reply.For the NOKIA END OF YEAR mobile number:,LAGOS.AW32016-02-26 01:37:22
7058584343I looked up this number and it says that it belongs to a company in Canada called Acrobat Research Ltd. They didn't leave me a message.Denise62016-03-07 00:27:34
7057222690Daniel left a message in broken English claiming he's from some shipping company calling to collect $599 for the 112 packages I never ordered. Daniel said he would pay the shipping for me but I had to call him back for repayment. What a nice guy.Guest52016-04-10 04:57:52
7057222692I received 3 phone calls from this number, no message was left. My number is my personal cell phone which is only given to friends and family and individual with a reason to contact me. I do not answer number I don't recognize.Guest42016-04-12 17:25:19
7057922513Choice City Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. 2604 Avocet Rd, Fort Collins, CO 80526 (970) 481-0061 For your HVAC system - best service - Choice City Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. Since 1994 we are serving at Fort Collins, CO and all surrounding areas. Experienced and affordable! Local Furnace Repair, Heating Company, Affordable Heating, Furnace Replacement Service, Air Conditioning Contractor 00:15:53
7057922514He called my friend leaving unwanted messages and saying rude a inappropriate things. Though we have no idea who he is.Guest52016-04-17 11:21:24
7058761166I received a text from this number saying, Hey Bill!! You look cute in your Facebook pic. :) You should add me on YM! so we can flirt haha. My username isteebreonna.William Pease42016-04-17 12:31:57
7057700806I received a call from Bill Brooks, he said he is an attorney and is calling to peruse criminal or civil actions against both me and my wife. He left this on my voice mail (pure fdcpa violation : disclosed personal information and  was not sure who's voicemail it was since our names are not present). He also called and left a message saying he was calling from the law firm of CAR & Associates. (again they are not a law firm), just an old school collector trying to hit commissions by using scare tactics. Kind of silly when I think about this, I am a commercial / consumer collector and have been doing this for over 15 years. People I traced the company down and below are the phone numbers and address... C.A.R.& Associates5165 Broadway Ste 253, Depew, NY 14043Bill Brooks 877-286-9269786-752-3603 Leanne @ C A R 888-760-6954 ex 323  (877) 835-5844J42016-04-17 13:50:07
7056766056spam. Catalina contractor supply. they constantly call your business to see if you need supplies( tools, equipment, gloves). spamGuest72016-04-17 16:16:12
7056766057This started happening after i signed up for washingtonhealthplanfinder, leave it to the government to sell off my contact info........Guest62016-04-18 05:01:30
7057922517I got a call from a Mrs. Tate from this number at work. 909-366-8557, She wanted a large sum of money from a pay day loan which I had paid back long ago. I will turn her over to the BBB.Connie Hornsby52016-04-18 16:22:38
7058761173The caller left an offensive two offensive text messages on my phone. One was graphic and said "sodas" my chick sucks dick and sodas her sister.indygirl62016-04-19 07:26:36
7058356960This guy claims too have the name TJ Grant but is totally fake! He won't hang out with anyone when he promises too! If he texts or calls you IGNORE HIM!!!!Guest72016-04-19 09:18:57
7057700799Called the office three times today so far - yesterday twice. No caller ID, but I finally listened to the whole message from "Clark Bartram" and this number was part of the message to call for "Financial Freedom"A Bank in PA52016-04-19 10:31:32
7058356954just got a call from this was a pre-recorded message wanting to lower my interest rates on my credit cards...just reported them to www.donotcall.govif everybody would just keep reporting, they would be fined and stoppedonly takes a few minutes to reportthese calls are only they really ever get anywhere with them???popcorn7762016-04-19 19:27:14
7057922515Feature Films for Family's. Seams a move they made cost WAY to much money so they want us to 'buy' advance tickets to it. It is a film for kids. My Youngest is 20!L-Alder52016-04-19 21:51:36
7057700805Money taking out of my account of 185.00 unable to reach anyone at this number. need help finding out who did this.FRAUD.Tammy52016-04-20 16:05:48
7056766058Persistent calling back even after asking nto to call me any more. Straight up harassment. Reported to national Do Not Call List today, because I have been registered for years.Guest72016-04-21 20:30:10
7058172996Got a call from this number looking for a relative stating they needed to reach them re: and alleged felony charges. They wanted them to call them back at 855-454-3974 and gave me a pretrial case # ---------- told them I had no way to contact them.. checked out this law firm on the internet and there are many complaints that these are scam callsGuest42016-04-28 04:19:05
7053151222I didn't pick up since I figured there would be a scammer on the other end, which if this website and google are any indication, was very likely.RTU72016-04-28 08:56:47
7053151216Called our office, left no message.Caller ID said: CONS BUYING COAn internet search lead to CBC, a marketing firm in Illinois.I72016-05-01 14:16:52
7059998096Got several calls from this number.Can I speak to barnell or sometrhing like that.I said you got the wrong number.Well do you know him .Look I told you he don't live here.Said she had inportant information for him.Refused to give me a name so I reported to DNC.Got a friend to trace the number.He said it came back to some company in Clover.He said the Company was called ARS Collections.He said they have numbers in almost every state.He said they do this to try and catch people off guard.He said they are just a collection agency who bought a bunch of old wrote off credit card debt.They just try to scare people into paying.Thats how they make their money.The credit card company already wrote it offBarney in Bamberg.S.C.42016-05-02 01:39:30
7058761167Have been called from time to time with this number 209-542 2745, and the fellow whom has a Continental Indian English Accent tells me he's with Windows and my computer has been hacked. First off, Windows does not call you... you call them for support. This is a phishing scam, plain and simple. Some time ago, being ignorant, I was duped by this outfit, or facimile'. Simple, call you're telephone carrier and report a level 3 complaint with Fraud on thier 800 number. The Do Not Call list means nothing to phishing scam con artists. As is, the phone most usually belongs to a legitimate user, with their number hi-jacked by such operators as what is called a, 'piggy back'. Your phone company needs to know, so as to cut them off. It is a Federal Crime, thus Felony to misuse of the phone, being the phone outside personal or business function is used in emergencies, and by 'piggy back', means this is a form of terrorism, not just harassment, let alone a phishing scam. Accents have nothing to do with harassment or terrorism, as a generic mid-western bland accent like any other with such a subject as phishing with scam intent for fraud, is simply a scammer regardless of any nationality or ethnic origin!!!Guest62016-05-02 10:18:59
7058173002Automated phone call that locks you in to a return dial mode. I think this company is just doing a "when are they home" log for a collection agency. Going to fill no call complaint both National and State. Everybody please report to these agencies and put a stop to this....Kathy62016-05-03 00:13:15
7058172995Call was answered, they stated that the call was regarding low finance for consumer credit, however when asked what company they represented they hung up.Robin62016-05-05 08:41:19
7053151221Has called me daily for several weeks but never left a message. Today I called it back and a lady answered Jobs Radar. I could hear a child crying in the background. She thanked me for registering at their site (I never did) and asked me if I wanted to receive emails about job opportunities. I told her no, then she asked if I wanted to receive education opportunities. I told her no and said I want to be removed from their call list.Orlando52016-05-06 06:04:10
7053151223I too rcv'd numerous phone calls from this company.  I never answered as I don't recognize the number.  Then I googled it and that is how I ended up here.  When I called the number back it said it was about an offer they had mailed to me.  If I get unsolicited credit card offers in the mail I generally tear them up and throw them away without even reading them.aie72016-05-07 08:14:55
7053151219I received a call at 1PM on 1/23/13. The call was not answered. There was no message left. I don't know who it was.Guest62016-05-15 02:30:25
7058172997Rec'd 2 calls from Interstate Insurance on Dec 14th and Dec 17th 2008 from 775-319-1506 looking for an old roommate whom has not lived with me for over 6 years.Other numbers associated with Allied Interstate:800-652-7533 (This is not a # but it does often show up this way on caller ID)775-319-1506 08:12:52
7059998098If the charge they are looking for is NOT yours then they can't come after you.  Only the person that made the charge or the person that co-signed for the charge they can get restitution from.  Turn these people into the BBB, FTC or FCC.  That will stop your harrassment.A Lawyer72016-05-29 15:50:00
7052305566I received a call at 2:55 this afternoon on my private cell phone from an individual impersonating himself & his voice as the UPS attempting to deliver something that I had won., I told him too send it on to the house why are you calling when I'm home? He frightened me because I knew he was lying telling me I had won a mercedes & he wanted too varify my name. I told him" I'm not giving you my name". He had one but it was unusual it was a San Antonio, TX. in which my mother had lived. Tomorrow I am going to the UPS with the telephone number that showed he was calling from impersonating one of there employee's. It's horrifying!Loma Debiase42016-06-15 22:42:46
7052305559I received the same phone message this morning at 7 a.m.! I thought it was a strange number and to be a recording.  It looks to be a scam....I will not be calling this number back.SK52016-06-16 00:03:17
7052305563Here is another number that keeps showing up on my caller ID that is from Jamaica.  I'll bet it's another scam type of call.  Don't answer it.Curl32016-06-16 03:54:05
7052305568j'ai été contacté vers 18h mais j'ai manqué l'appel. j'ai tenter de rappeler a 18h30, engager.puis a 02h30 ce matin un message enregistrer dit qu'il ne prennent pas d'appel a cet heureEric32016-06-16 16:01:54
7052305561Suspect this is another spammer, called 5 times yesterday and again at 7:30 this morning.  Shows up on caller id as Robert Lew but that can be spoofed.  Supposedly same area code but doesn't know that he's calling that early in the morning?  So I'm guessing whoever is really calling lives in another time zone.Anon72016-06-16 22:25:54
7052305564It's Time Warner Cable's promo department. She had all of my correct information, and when I asked to be removed from their calling list, she gladly obliged and read their script about being put on the DNC list.**They are not allowed by company policy to leave messages. I am a current customer.Dan72016-06-17 08:28:13
7057453652I also got a telephone from this Firm under someone named Jose Castro. He was direct in telling me Around going to an Meeting and seemed enthusiastic. Yet It seemed questionable when I Inquired him about the job and wrote back saying his manager was going for explain everything within the Meeting. After reading this i know not to go. Correct. Thanks for the response42015-12-10 00:55:52

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