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Phone list in area 705

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7058052620Same here both can we get them to stop?Terry G52016-02-16 03:10:33
7052558567no deposit back sorryGuest12015-11-09 06:48:21
7055248701frequent calls but nobody onlineGuest52015-11-09 07:22:17
7055742111called left no message not in my area codenot you62015-12-20 01:57:22
70536008882 calls from this number to my cell and no messageds42015-12-10 16:13:34
7054837731BabeGuest62015-11-09 08:29:08
7057165757block itGuest32015-11-09 09:05:08
7058765332Did not state where she calling from just provided a 1 800 numberGuest72015-11-09 10:10:09
7058962430unknown testerGrace42015-12-19 02:11:58
7059990634This person called say we under criminal investigation, our home address is on file. I know was scam, used nick name not legal name.Guest72015-11-09 11:20:17
7054686987latezGuest52015-12-16 16:06:22
7057412155This number calls multiple times per day and no one is there! This is a harassment type call, and/or possibly related to a criminal organization that is trying to determine the best time for a violation. Bell please do something.Guest192015-11-09 11:30:17
7055490863This # called and said i owed 806 for a loan and i would get a fed charge if i didnt pay.This is a SCAM....TDW52016-02-16 06:33:13
7059842526Reminder to pay season ticketsGuest42015-12-16 11:33:07
7054502652Air duct cleaning serviceGuest22015-11-09 13:48:21
7056766053College locatorGuest42016-04-18 05:46:57
7057613113Dont want calls from himGuest12015-11-09 16:43:21
7053001065calls to my home does not talk.. I return the call and it rings and rings no answer and no answering machine ...Guest22015-11-09 16:50:08
7058556333The caller calls daily...several times a day, when I answer, the caller does not respond. When I call the number back the recording is in English and French stating that there is no service to this number.Guest22015-11-09 17:27:09
7057155664Didn't recognize the number; didn't answer; and they didn't leave a message.Guest52015-12-18 19:22:42
7056534441got 1 missed call, to a cellphone # 14 hrs away.Guest12015-11-09 18:01:21
7057707907Stupid indianGuest72015-12-14 05:46:36
7056241131Fraud CallerGuest12015-11-09 19:53:21
7059197554This caller called my friend and scared her I need to find out who it isGuest12015-11-09 20:14:09
7052553185dumb ANNOYING TRICK from clGuest12015-11-09 20:19:21
7058761163This number stalks anyone that pays their bill on time. They have my number and my cell died so i used another number and they call it when they want too after i told them its the wrong number.Guest152015-11-09 22:00:09
7053600270testtest62015-12-08 22:56:08
7052348859Don't callGuest12015-11-09 22:09:21
7052415867Shopping cart ad salesmanGuest62015-12-09 20:23:27
7058057242harassmentGuest62015-12-20 16:23:31
7056839193DIRTY INDIAN BASTURDSGuest52015-12-13 15:27:52
7059554849I would like to talk last name is Rahman.Guest52015-12-20 17:42:56
7057702538This number is a text from gMail (Google) regarding a Google Account Verification Code in the event that your gMail has to be reset.Guest82015-11-10 01:13:17
7054285241They called and told me cut them off and how can a person like me get a license and that im mentally ill and stupidGuest12015-11-10 01:30:08
7054374714Association of state troopers looking for donationsGuest42016-02-16 00:22:19
7058220948Seems like LE!Guest62015-12-20 01:45:21
7053201120A recorded messageGary Moore52015-12-08 10:46:30
7052792151ScamGuest42015-12-10 05:28:36
7053086696crazyGuest12015-11-10 05:02:21
7054715913Called me at lunch time, I answered, no response on their end so I hung up.Guest12015-11-10 06:57:08
7056622762cop offers more and more money but really waste of timeGuest52015-12-19 01:58:09
7054788688crazy spiteful lying exGuest62015-12-20 09:05:45
7059998093very rudeGuest52015-11-10 09:24:23
7053606096hate herGuest62015-12-18 21:16:05
7054437946crazy guy I have never met he won't stopGuest12015-11-10 09:59:21
7052975068Someone called my phone from this number at night, played loud music, and hung up.Guest62015-12-14 12:05:50
7056766050Don't block it, let it ringGuest32016-02-16 04:08:05
7058765324Fake personGuest132015-11-10 11:52:09
7057947159sounded like 2 or 3 girls that called me twice and left one voice mailGuest12015-11-10 13:31:09
7058761172does anyone have a mailing address on this numberdy72016-04-18 00:07:41

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