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7056766059noneGuest32016-04-12 14:02:06
7058690538Telemarketing number disguised as local number so you will answer it.Guest12015-11-10 13:45:09
7054459253What you up toGuest32015-11-10 14:10:08
7053151439I get these faxes every day and they are annoying. How do I stop them?IreneMc62015-12-14 21:48:36
7057309042SPAM !!!!! text message "Ultra beauty add "Guest12015-11-10 14:38:08
7052305565harrassmentGuest72016-06-16 13:30:16
7057993727Looking for someone I do not know a collectorGuest82015-12-20 00:00:44
7052424035This number is used 10 times to call me under the name of CRA. They threat me that i have been issued a warrent and police will come to arrest you in next two hours. They threat me that if u did not obey us you will be deported to your home country. They said to me that you have been fined 1200 dollars and you have to pay now from Home Depot through buying Cash vouchers from there. The lady ask me to tell the serial numbers of vouchers and also conditioned me to not drop the call untill i pay my fine. Means i have to be on call for an hour. I ask her if i can deposit money in service canada or similar department or directly to revenue agency. She said no. Your only way to survive is to buy home depot voucher. then i realise this is a prank call and some dirty minds are trying to pull my hard earned money. Be aware guys.Guest372015-11-10 15:34:08
7059339144called 4 times this week. left no message and when i answer there is nobody thereGuest12015-11-10 15:57:09
7053151211No message left called 2 times I refuse to answer calls from unknown numbers if anyone has info please share it thanksGuest12015-11-10 16:06:08
7052881489I got a text from this number and I have no clue who it is, can you tell me who it is?Guest12015-11-10 16:24:08
7055550001deleteGuest62016-05-07 11:50:20
7055422143I dont have any debt when i ask for proof she said she would get me charged with a felonyGuest82015-12-19 21:04:32
7057165370This spammer sent a text message with a website looking at buying properties. I'm a REALTOR® in Alberta and really hate spammers. I suppose this is what happens when you display your cell number everywhere. The number is from Barrie Ontario. I called them and no answer. I hope they die a horrible & painful death.Guest42015-11-10 17:23:08
7055300241some fake auto dialer called claiming to be from canada revenue services, and said something about legal action against "your name" (it did not actually have my name). This is completely fake as canada revenue does not use auto dialers, nor is this one of their numbers, nor has anyone taken any legal action against me. Fake harassment call.Guest242015-11-10 18:23:17
7057969343blockGuest52016-02-08 21:29:27
7058875000pornGuest42015-12-14 22:14:36
7056259296amitGuest12015-11-10 20:06:21
7057222689Don't answerGuest52016-04-11 15:52:37
7052202948Scammer from Craigslist, faxed money gram to them and stole our money.Guest62015-12-19 22:55:45
7057163009West Jet spamGuest12015-11-10 21:35:21
7055287012Credit card solicitation to my tracfone from Canada which costs me.Guest12015-11-10 21:40:08
7058582412I do not know who's calling.???Guest502015-11-10 21:42:09
7053080575It's a dentist office 970-667-2890Guest82015-12-16 08:31:07
7056884824705-688-4824 called me. I fumbled my phone while picking up, so I called right back but got 'this number is not in service'. I double checked by scrolling back, and letting the phone do the dialing, but got the same result. I know the number had just called me, so it is not out of service. I figure it must be some kind of dubious promotions line.Guest12015-11-10 21:54:08
7053497616well ok -- will not bother uGuest72015-12-18 20:13:33
7057681300Prank callingGuest52016-02-16 02:26:00
7059999803Received a call from this number 5:08AM today. No message did not answerNew Jersey42015-12-19 13:40:38
7057437673lame dead beatGuest72015-12-19 12:02:20
7059524626They call and ask if you want a grant rightGuest192015-11-11 01:18:21
7055070675Called me 5 times. When I answered they hung up immediately.Guest82015-12-22 21:23:09
7054441366some hotel in collingwood lolGuest602015-11-11 04:01:21
7059801394they said i needed to go to some site and call some number, who are they?JEW MAG42016-02-15 22:32:40
7053241775SpammerGuest42015-12-16 16:16:18
7059092909Thickly accented fraudster from India or Pakistan attempting to obtain credit card numbers.Guest52015-11-11 06:10:09
7059603258SpamGuest42015-12-20 01:57:49
7056984309ffind owmerGuest52015-12-16 14:19:44
7053038290Air MilesGuest12015-11-11 07:30:21
7059782997stalkerGuest52015-12-14 06:52:21
7057905907Did not answer. I don't know this personGuest42015-12-13 14:44:42
7059381399Keeps making crank calls - real weirdo.Guest22015-11-11 08:52:09
7052686901Warning warning warning stay away from this copGuest82015-12-14 11:56:31
7057700801Survey collectuonGuest52016-04-17 14:05:23
7059912307Harassing texts receivedGuest12015-11-11 10:53:22
7057264604multiple calls. no msg. busy when call back,Guest12015-11-11 10:15:21
7057351233Oh how i wish there was a way to stop telemarkerter calls,totally unwantedGuest172015-11-11 10:25:08
7058224291Dont know who it is. Called lots. No messages left.Guest12015-11-11 11:26:09
7059465523Someone called my home line at 7:03pm on March 24th and never left a message, but upon calling the number back I got a cellphone kind of response message bout the number not being in service, I'm not sure how an out of service number can call my house line, but I'm getting tired of this now, two days ago my own land line called myself!! Enough is enough now!!Guest12015-11-11 11:29:09
7058085357Think its this #; not 100% sure.Guest42016-02-16 08:24:59
7057490770ramonaGuest72015-12-20 19:52:04

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