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7085406147I have been receiving calls from this number regarding some College Recruiting services. They are obviously a scam and wont take my number of their list. I am almost positive it is from Africa and when you try to call the number you will get a message indicating that the number you have dialed is not in service. I have requested they take my number of their list and they obviously do not know what that means, they asked me why I wanted them to take the number of their records and then the stupid guy hangup. They will also call from (516) 673-0632 (516) 673-0634 (516) 673-0642 (604) 757 9663 (604) 757 9679 (604) 757 9658 (507) 990 3363Guest52016-05-13 19:19:16
7082237436Don't you love these Unknown Name, Private Caller, Name Not Found when these morons call us ???????????????  Called our business today (4/10) and hung up.   NSA - we are looking for you !!!!!!!!!!!!!P. Schwinn52016-05-22 01:42:01
7085127688I continue to receive calls by this number 708-512-7688. When I do receive this call, it will redial and call three times in a row. How can I get this number from calling my cell phone?YS42016-06-01 17:20:53
7082779536Verifying an entry for a free cruise from several months ago....don't think so!!!! You need to fine these people for harassment. I am on the DNC list for a reason. Scumbags!!!Guest72016-06-15 10:03:19
7083604141Text message saying I had won their monthly drawing to call (470)809-9117. [email protected]Guest42016-06-15 11:22:04
7082779527I was talking to ms.benetta behalf of home improvements but sorry to say she don,t have manners. she don,t know that how to talk with some one on the call we are telemarketers and we are just helping the people and some people give us a very bad response they use abuse language and they also know that we are not allowed to talk in abuse language so please its my kindly request please don,t do these things on the call we don,t want to bother anyone. . God Bless You All... Regards. Kevin Johnson...Guest52016-06-16 03:14:32
7083604136calls and asked me for sex i asked him how he got my number and he said we met at starbucks,could be ,but iam 22 he says he is 45 so get a lofe freak!!!!!arryianna72016-06-16 04:43:47
7083604137Got the same call, i was able to get his name and company.He said his name is Mark Johnson....with a heavy accent from India and the company is GF Tax...[***]rick52016-06-16 06:40:10
7085127696Same thing happened to me-a recording told me i had won a lincoln navigator-only i never entered a contest-then they told me to call back to speak to Terrence at 800-428-6619.mary62016-06-16 12:20:55
7084796597This same number just called us. Left a message consisting of "Click".Why can't the FCC step in - because that's why we PAY THEM?~ - and trace this nonsense back to the crack-heads that are responsible?FCC - - - THIS IS YOUR JOB!Monster52016-06-16 12:59:03
7082779531whoever it was did not leave message to identify self. called back from my husbands phone & it was a Verizon Wireless recording stating that this number is no longer in service & to check that i may have dialed the number by mistake.momo3132016-06-16 13:22:07
7082779533I frequently get similar marketing calls from different numbers. All claiming to be from my credit card company....which is funny, because I don't own a credit card. I own a debit card, and my bank certainly is not based out of the 909 area code. Got one from this specific number at 7:45AM today ( Central ). Last I checked, telemarketers weren't allowed to call that early - especially given that 909 is a California area code and it was 5:45AM there...Tyger62016-06-16 14:52:26
7082779528Kept getting calls from this ...from New Jersey! I live in GA and don't know anyone from NJ! I never answer and they never leave a message. I guess it's just TELEMARKETERS!Guest62016-06-17 00:18:42
7084796598The same thing happen to me today.Except he ask me for $300.00 in advance.LaShana62016-06-17 05:31:12
7083604139Playing on my phone. Very stupid.Guest72016-06-17 06:26:29
7085127690Scam artist for rental propertiesGuest72016-06-21 06:03:12
7083212067KidsGuest52016-06-24 13:13:15
7083212063prerecorded message payday loans advanceGuest52016-06-24 19:21:28
7082314133do not answerGuest42016-07-05 14:23:45
7083075380Yes there are laws. But your callers are usually in foreign Nations that don t cooperate with Us law enforcement and can t be Found. I m assuming the calls are coming for your cell Telephone. Place them in your Associates list and assign them the ring tone no ring . It won t stop your calls but it can keep them out of awakening you personally Upward. Annoyed >.<62015-12-09 01:34:21
7089411699Further your own Instruction when I told them this was a company line Inquired them for stop phone they would notGuest112015-11-04 19:24:38
7084010605They Merely telephone but Subsequently I don t Understand that number I don t Select Upward and they do not leave a express message. Guest172015-11-04 18:51:42
7089320906says he is within Chicago Heights. when Inquired to meet at the Location he says quot no thanks quot . black guyGuest12015-11-04 20:12:38
7087311808don t need for become calling my phone are Assessment my phone understand more please thank you personally greatly for that thenGuest52015-12-18 22:20:39
7085441208Message left on my answering machine for Xxx not me viewing a debt. I m not Xxx and I don't have any debt. bh72015-12-15 13:34:03
7088982576F. U. C. K. EM Answer Your Call BY PRESSING SEND AND Finish Phone ALL Along with Within 1 SECOND. F. U. C. K. EMGuest32015-11-06 00:55:38
7085412049I too continually get these phone calls at both work and Residence. They are annoying and threatening. Californiana52015-12-14 17:19:11
7083039292Two calls within two hours and when I Decided Upward the second time it was a hang Upward. There was no express send. Guest82015-11-06 04:28:42
7084029160Called at 3 W Am twice. Dint like that Telephone ringing at that time you personally believe your worst. JerksGuest552015-11-06 06:17:42
7086745105We are becoming 3 times a daytime. When Telephone replied there s no one there. Thus so frustrating. . . Guest52016-02-16 09:25:14
7083627624Number is all ways calling. I don't have any Thought who it is. Will not leave a message. Calls after PM. Delmuth82015-12-21 20:50:03
7089969762Won t Cease calling me. . . when I would Choose Upward they re either speaking a foreign language or Merely could t even Speak. z52015-12-14 10:24:58
7084761015I vie been becoming these calls once or twice a daytime since having my car serviced at a Toyota dealership not BMW. xxx62015-12-19 01:17:33
7086542376She s stalking me while I m at your park and talking about my Partner and talking Around having sex along with meGuest12015-11-07 04:27:35
7089690544Fake pimp Attempting for Generate girls online and convince them to work as prostitutes within Dolt on Illinois. Guest12015-11-07 06:17:39
7083779399I obtained just one telephone Regular for Around a week now. I never response and they don t leave any message. Guest22015-11-07 10:18:33

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