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Phone list in area 708

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7082514554Woman wants Fiscal help her daughter was infected with head liceGuest72015-12-19 12:50:25
7085406143Left no meansGuest112015-11-04 18:12:35
7082624917have funGuest12015-11-04 18:13:35
7082952388Grosser and burps instead Discussions are ugly and sick. Lousy person a sicko. Guest82015-11-04 18:16:33
7086465116Name is Mark. Sounds high or drunk. Tries to get Actual address Afterward cancels. . . beware. Guest22015-11-04 18:29:35
7085956555Hair. Hum that is my number. Someone private called me and Inquired for Rob. And when I said no he asked if I d ever worked for him. I said I m only W and he said for Google my Telephone Amount. Anyone know what was Related with my number. Or this Rob Man. Guest22015-11-04 18:30:35
7086541189The Amount is forwarded to the guy s Residence thus they can harass Folks around old debt. Guest82015-12-20 07:46:10
7086326896scummierGuest12015-11-04 19:19:39
7084334201After long pause a recorded express said quot Goodbye. quot Guest272015-11-04 19:43:34
7084230910I am becoming calls from the no. and none answers backKshahi72015-12-16 08:42:44
7084172636Ann out of Card services desires your own credit card Amount and bank Information to give you personally a lower rate. I told them I am filling a Gripe along with that GOV. Guest1832015-11-04 19:46:34
7088568341Calls and never leaves a message. Annoying. Guest132015-11-04 20:13:45
7083604148SpamGuest32015-11-04 20:51:36
7086985556This number calls me two and three times a day. I am on the national no phone list please Discontinue calling I can create a Gripe. Guest392015-11-04 20:52:36
7087382153my ex Timothy. Guest82015-12-22 00:23:59
7083403961lure and Change. waste of timeGuest12015-11-04 20:55:36
7083456006Turing to sell merchandiseGuest32015-11-04 21:01:33
7086835430This really is Around a billGuest942015-11-04 21:07:36
7085295607LazyGuest92015-11-04 21:12:35
7082679449Called didn't leave message called back and sounded like a Facsimile line. Weaz62015-12-17 00:34:29
7086284500spamGuest52015-11-04 21:23:39
7088297919Fat disgusting sack of fat. Guest72015-12-18 20:08:10
7087050817Don t desire for receive text messages and express mailsGuest12015-11-04 21:30:42
7087727878I demand movers and I heard they were good. Is that Accurate. dany42015-12-14 10:36:51
7088329690A Lover houseGuest12015-11-04 21:35:42
7087850431harassmentGuest82015-11-04 21:40:37
7088280217Please Leave a MSGGuest142015-11-04 21:40:37
7088579809Spam for senior citizensGuest52015-12-16 16:32:23
7082654969Bay AlarmGuest62015-12-19 02:27:07
7085109503block calls and textsGuest42015-12-15 01:49:29
7089430237T Mobile asking for paymentGuest172015-11-04 21:55:38
7086082295Never a reply when picked up. Guest42015-11-04 21:56:35
7087246856someone keep calling me and not dying nothingGuest62015-12-13 23:17:20
7086285020Obtained many calls searching for Mary long. No such person exists. Told twice they 've your erroneous number but they call Day-to-day. Guest82015-11-04 21:57:35
7089917138Issues I don t needGuest52015-12-09 19:47:53
7082237435I Only got a telephone from W W W. Who are they. They did not leave a message. jimbo32016-04-30 10:54:33
7086541879Same Amount Only called me again. Not W minutes After. Guest32015-11-04 22:05:35
7085801388Only received my text. Scams. Justeen42016-03-07 03:30:25
7085748528DeadbeatGuest52015-11-04 22:07:35
7089738899Why is the Amount calling me. Celia62015-12-14 07:09:17
7086390824you dint deserve meGuest22015-11-04 22:08:39
7082710336her daughterGuest72015-12-18 06:44:29
7082713040OKGuest22015-11-04 22:10:35
7089654626Tries for sell security systemGuest762015-11-04 22:10:45
7085869315It s that Navy. Dani92015-12-19 09:59:33
7084140859Scam artistGuest42015-12-19 14:14:27
7083156719Called asking for someone I don t understand. Guest32015-11-04 22:18:33
7089557508Scanner con manGuest22015-11-04 22:19:38
7083296447Same here did t reply no message. Dave42016-04-11 23:27:21
7084457100He calls & asks for the owner. When told owner is not in, he says, "I don't have his cell phone with me right now, can you give it to me again?" It has never been given to him & I wasn't giving it to him this time either. I asked to take a message and his response was, "If he has voicemail, I'll just leave him a message there." He knows our owner has voicemail due to the fact that I've transferred him there numerous times before. Don't be fooled by this scamming liar.SCAM & LIAR from Princeton Group62017-03-24 16:57:30

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