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7097021262I recieve more than 3 calls a day frome this number.  When I answer the line it's a recording, then a person ask for someone, who isn't me and don't know this person.  I have informed them they have the wrong number.  I still get calls.  Please make this stop.  Everytime I call the number back to possibly speak to a manager to stop the calls, I get a recording that the number is a disconnected number.nugget72015-12-19 11:02:35
7099460000I totally forgot to pay my Home Depot credit card bill this month. They called a good 15 times without leaving a message before my Wife was home and picked up. I immediately went online and paid, but here are my complaints.1. Why not leave a message? This could have been remedied several days earlier.2. They have both my email & cell information. Why not try another means of contact.3. My Wife is not on the account. While I'm not trying to hide anything from her, wouldn't disclosing my account status to her be a major privacy violation?Bluto62015-12-19 14:28:26
7095785814BBR Pest Elimination IncqMiami, FL 331751866 NW 16th St(305) 223-9121 Pest Elimination Incq - Pest Control, Extermination Service - Miami, FL (305) 223-9121Pest Control, Pest Elimination, Extermination Service, Insect Control, Pest Control Service(305) 223-9121Hugh62015-12-19 15:06:42
7096942165I don't take calls from  an "Unknown Caller".    I wish there was a way to prevent the calls from even ringing!!Mimi52015-12-19 15:57:54
7092355366I Googled 312-878-3130 - it's a company called "Nerds on Site" out of Chicago, and they provide computer support. Since they're not even close to me, I'll chalk it up to some imbecile spoofing their number.Bone Tired82015-12-19 21:36:20
7092828270Missed a call, no message.  If you call it back it immediately says the wireless customer is not available.  I believe this to potentially be an unsolicited spam or solicitation call as that is usually how they respond.annoyed72015-12-20 00:20:28
7095331143Has not stopped texting me since 1am, sending several texts an hour. I do not know them or gave them my number.Guest42015-12-20 16:24:03
7093254178Called looking for a J. James. Wouldn't tell me who they were just would tell me about this deal they were broker specially for me. (Oh wow really!) The Caller ID Displayed WestCoast Promo. Called back and played stupid and said I was looking for Karen. They told me that I had reached the offices of Point 2 Point Destinations ( 16:41:12
7097398005called and said that I had a credit card that I never had and that I owe a ridiculous amount on. I havent had a credit card in 11 years.Guest42016-01-30 19:43:39
7096904466Received a call from this number on Sunday. Looked it up and India has the same area code, if you put a 91 in front of it the call would go to India.The person said he was a constable.Anne62016-02-01 15:15:18
7099982535saw this number on my cellphone on the missed calls list, and i dialed.Kept calling, but no one answered.Tried reverse lookup and it said it was in Kings county.rayray42016-02-15 20:24:40
7097544021Just called the number, which is located in Auburn, AL. Lady on the other end said the company name was "Insured Benefits". I can find nothing on Google about this place, which doesn't surprise me.Kritika52016-02-15 20:26:22
7097005929This collector is calling for someone named Sullivan who had this landline number 7 years before we did-I keep telling them to stop calling but they persist-early Sunday mornings and wake us all up or late at night.....obviously they are too incompetent to realize that the Sullivans no longer have this landline.....very annoying....If I could get rid of the landline I would-blocking doesn't work because they have different numbers-sometimes they lie and say they are calling for Microsoft about the computer or about a new car-differnt ruses....Guest72016-02-15 21:56:00
7097304361This person is a scammer and is part of a scamming team.  He was listed on as Warmheartedman.  I reported him to the site.  I believe this is a ring becasue this is the second time I was approched by a scammer on this match site.  He said he was from Vancouver, WA.  I asked him to call me to hear his voice, becasue the last scammer asked me to go to Yahoo messenger to talk.  He had an Indian accent and someone else was yelling in the background with the same accent.  This is a ring, I am certain.Andrea Procopio52016-02-15 23:52:26
7096896218It's the Union of Concerned Scientists which was mentioned several times on this forum.  They are exempt from the DNCall  list.anne52016-02-16 01:47:46
7094782509Calls but doesn't leave a message because I don't answer calls from numbers I don't know. Calls between 9am and 10;30 for the last 3 days.fugaree62016-02-16 08:59:09
7095764753We have stopped business with UPS due to too many over charges and corrections made with either dimensions and weights. We used and still use stamped dimensions on boxes and weight are 100% accurate with different digital scales. They are in the middle of class action. I will not give business if they are the last shipping company on the planet. Lost too many customers already due to expensive shipping prices. United States Postal Service which has a rating of 1 out of 10 is better than them. This phone number of 213-612-1899 is BLAINE shipping hub for UPS and customer service overall with both phone and locations is a -10. God bless USA, we need a better service with our government facilities...etc.shoptolove52016-02-26 11:43:41
7097004725Old Bridge Air Conditioning & Heating Old Bridge, NJ 08857 732-898-6000 "At Ace we don't try to impress you with gimmicks, we impress you with our service." Air Conditioning, Air Conditioning Contractor, Air Conditioning Repair, Air Conditioning Installer, HVAC Contractor Air Conditioning Contractor Air Conditioning Replacement Furnace Repair Residential HVAC HVAC Service http://oldbridgeac.comGuest42016-03-24 18:07:53
7095764758They keep calling me. I keep screening. They keep leaving messages. This time, Edwin Romero called. (Caller ID said "Northridge CA" Another time it was a woman. They say it's Imperative that I call back. Wish there was something I could do so they'd stop calling. I'm on the do not call list, but obviously that does nothing. Ack, now I just got another call from them. This time caller ID said "Direct Solution" and the name was Sam Abbott. I'm sick of this!!!MA Resident72016-03-25 04:26:06
7093830695Caller asked to speak to CEO. When asked the nature of business, she stated she just wanted to thank him for the good job that our staff was doing. She asked for his name and address, so I gave her his name and our POB address.Sadie62016-03-31 10:31:02
7093830699Call came in at 2:14 P.M. EST, Saturday, 09FEB08.  Picked up, no one there...line remained open until I hung up.  Haven't placed any orders using an "800" number.gck72016-04-06 08:55:46
7097728289I received a call from Rodin Sylvester (1-800-671-1601) at Hollander, Chase and Associates he informed me that he was calling in regards to fraudulent checks a person wrote that used me as a reference. He wanted me to give the persons information to them, so they could contact them to settle a complaint. I asked if this was a collection agency. He stated that he helps people settle complaints and could not answer many of my questions. Be warned that this company is fishing for information and is attempting to swindling people out of their money!!!! Anyone know who should be contacted about this call/company?AGA52016-05-01 18:44:45
7097728283Multiple calls daily for several weeks, finally called back. TN Fraternal Order of Police machine answers.Operator asked to remove my number, stated it would take 24-48 hours.Me again42016-05-02 11:36:54
7097018629Susan Berry/COMCAST NASR Telephone Repair - pls updated CNAM for TN 2036325219 to read RAPCZYNSKI, JOAN. Currently showing kevin hubbell which is incorrect - thanks!Guest62016-05-09 14:20:56
7097576996Got a call from a lady saying my Partner won a Vacation to Disney through a Competition by your cable Service. She asked for verification of her date of birth email address and asked if we were members within great standing of a credit card company which we did t answer. Told her for send me all your Information within that send. She never asked for mailing address. Sure it was a scam. Guest32015-11-06 05:49:39
7097253106It was an unsolicited call to my cell Telephone a message was left. On the message she said something enjoy Hello Buddy . it s Ellie calling it s 7 W pm on Saturday Merely Thinking if you personally could phone me back on my cell at W W. I called your number out of my phone at work did not get a reply. That Individual called me back a minute or two After and when I asked Around the message she did not declare to calling my cell Amount. I said she left a message on my cell Telephone and asked her if she had left a message for someone else who had not yet returned your phone I notion it May n't have been a erroneous number . She asked me who I was but I declined to offer her that data. There was a few Sound within the History that seemed like Folks talking as May n't be your case in a telephone center or an identical business. It May n't become nothing but who knows these days. Guest12015-11-06 15:28:39

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