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Phone list in area 709

Phone numberRecent commentAuthorTotalTime
7097699751Texts me about a hookup site.Guest122015-11-09 13:54:43
7092376754Didn't catch her nameGuest12015-11-09 15:44:43
7097289955please stop trying to contact me.Guest12015-11-09 17:01:43
7092934257texts and callsGuest82015-12-18 20:29:44
7097224480I received a call from this number this evening. They didn't leave a message. Just hung up.Guest22015-11-09 19:05:39
7097536626This number called me today and claimed my domain was expired, clearly some kind of domain scam, guy sounded Indain and could not even pronounce the word appliances.Guest12015-11-09 21:44:39
7092276701crudeGuest12015-11-10 01:44:43
7097386546Scam solicitationGuest372015-11-10 03:10:43
7096296000Making threatsGuest12015-11-10 03:29:43
7093830694Never AnswerGuest32016-01-02 01:23:28
7097570177Had a missed call from this number and when I called it back some rude guy just said fu*k you.Guest82015-12-15 01:06:21
7097018625Got a couple of calls from this number from "Bob". From now on, I push "ignore" and let it ring.Victor52016-05-03 00:35:52
7096904344telemarketingGuest12015-11-10 08:24:43
7098986978sex offers.Guest62016-02-16 01:40:48
7097400891bullshitterGuest62015-12-14 18:29:31
7097016620DisturbanceGuest12015-11-10 12:44:43
7095761334has a proplemGuest22015-11-10 14:35:43
7096311229He robbed meGuest12015-11-10 14:37:43
7099982323SPANISHGuest1222015-11-10 15:17:44
7095764501solicitationGuest12015-11-10 16:20:43
7098366045Call. Mumbles. Hang up.Guest42016-02-15 22:20:58
7097010737don't want too answerGuest52015-12-15 23:56:55
7093256085Kids in guess prank callGuest12015-11-10 22:10:43
7095852725Who Called?Guest62015-12-19 18:15:17
7096877194Good bye AmberGuest12015-11-11 03:50:43
7095962885Caller left no message.  Blocked the number.Sigh72016-02-15 20:52:25
7095713415harassementGuest12015-11-11 09:02:43
7097706077odd call just phoned saying hello over and over and I never answered never had one beforeGuest12015-11-11 09:40:39
7097018634Non- stop calling (6 times)over the past 12 hours. No voicemails left.Guest52015-11-11 11:12:39
7094314660This number called me 3 times so far. no vm. I didn't answer.Christie72015-12-16 11:15:17
7097691112hurrasmentGuest82015-12-16 08:42:11
7098476351they call don't speak I think they Are Casing homes to Rob!!!Guest52015-12-15 07:27:03
7097728291Weird number texting my phoneGuest62016-05-01 12:22:18
7094240487annoyingGuest82015-12-19 02:38:23
7093417121Do not callGuest12015-11-11 22:56:43
7098979001Yellow page adsGuest12015-11-12 00:34:44
7098000421Automated "call home"Guest82015-12-14 08:59:05
7097478843No interestedGuest42015-12-16 12:20:07
7094896454:30 sec of steady beep left on vmGuest72015-12-08 23:38:13
7097018620this number calls me twice a day, one from this number and the other from 702 818 8195.john32016-04-28 13:08:17
7095764751TelemarketerGuest72016-04-15 22:19:26
7096569949Bestbuy contest winner spamGuest32016-01-11 19:13:38
7092372964textJR82015-12-16 12:54:49
7096838331harassingGuest72015-12-09 23:11:59
7097021687Take note... Angela Chan has got some serious mental issues. Proceed with caution. You have been warned.Anon52015-12-13 16:17:32
7092271205Answered with business and my first name. Caller said this is "John Smith". Verified my full name then individual hung up.Guest42015-12-13 23:35:41
7093752025Your spam has been reported.Yamaha Golf Cars of Palm Springs72015-12-09 02:34:13
7093682397Bye.Guest72016-02-15 18:37:54
7097467881harassmentGuest22015-11-13 02:20:43
7095764748claimed to be American Expressretail store62016-03-03 06:48:47

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