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Phone list in area 709

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7096876930Unruly reptar faced Dayo Wife NadiaGuest82015-12-13 14:53:18
7095894169Stop calling me you have been reportedGuest82015-12-18 21:17:11
7094769570you are blocked from this number.Guest52015-12-16 15:16:32
7097642743who'svikas42015-12-14 01:55:28
7097009963texted mebob62015-12-09 19:37:36
7097273521This person is not available so please leave this person aloneGuest72015-12-19 11:23:16
7097728286sorry phone not In serviceGuest52016-05-15 16:00:13
7097004727spamGuest262015-11-14 08:49:39
7097019694YES, spamming to sell gambling tips. Ive texted to stop. Im reporting them.Guest12015-11-14 12:39:39
7097728292she needs to back off now!!Guest62016-04-30 10:57:34
7095764746when I look this number up in reverse phone look up it says, INVALID #. The caller leaves a message stating they are calling about your credit balances and there is a limited time to call them to "lower your payment" TOTAL SCAMGuest32016-02-25 06:33:20
7096970515dont answer any calls or texts from this number.Guest12015-11-14 18:23:43
7095761777nice too nice... very suspicious!Guest12015-11-14 18:27:43
7095764757India pharmacyGuest62016-03-25 04:33:42
7094886684aliantGuest12015-11-15 01:54:43
7095962878WIRED HIM MONEY THROUGH MONEY GRAMDiana Easton72015-12-18 21:52:10
7097019496texting me saying i killed my baby when i didnt i had lost my baby at a month in to my pregnancyGuest12015-11-15 09:05:39
7098000463I got a call frm this no so many times n thy said to call me a no that thy gave me. If I dinot call that no thy goona take a legal action on me. I donot even understand y they r calling meGuest122015-11-15 11:25:39
7097382765thanksGuest12015-11-15 12:25:43
7097297360Wrong NumberGuest42015-12-14 08:16:36
7092804080I'm doneGuest12015-11-15 16:06:43
7094260121Want the name of the callerGuest52015-12-20 00:39:51
7090922422spam callGuest12015-11-16 01:36:43
7094898416yesGuest12015-11-16 03:42:43
7092900247They act like they've know the person they are asking for their whole lives. They'll tell you their first name and kinda just blurt out something as a business. I asked him to repeat it and he just blurted out something else that I couldnt understand. Its just another scam. Hang up.Andy52015-12-09 15:34:06
7099929849credit card bsGuest12015-11-16 07:11:44
7092279610DisturbingGuest82015-12-14 10:01:53
7094566030constantly calling and blocks the number for no reasonGuest12015-11-16 16:24:39
7093830697Hung up when i answeredanna52016-04-06 05:40:20
7096916790709691Guest32015-11-16 16:48:39
7097630591TabithaGuest12015-11-17 00:11:43
7096496413I have had this call at least once a week and I am in California. Finally I made my husband answer and they asked for me by full name and he said let me find her, they responded "oh it must be a bad time, I will call back later" and hung up.She identified herself as Lee Williams.scoobystac21172015-12-19 12:43:57
7097658648leave me alone !!!!!Guest12015-11-17 10:33:43
7093254181blockGuest12015-11-17 11:07:43
7096896215unwanted call from airtel.Guest82015-12-18 19:32:11
7097250939harrassing texts and phone callsGuest12015-11-17 17:05:43
7098986971Just annoying callsGuest62016-02-16 01:40:50
7097451725BlockGuest72015-12-14 17:07:39
7096893310don't answerGuest42015-12-14 01:31:53
7097660407It's a debt collector. They call from numerous 404 numbers multiple times a day.Take a hike82015-12-08 15:57:24
7097530315This fax keeps calling my house.Guest12015-11-18 02:56:43
7096801556You think they would get the hint when I decline their call.Guest72015-12-14 17:45:09
7097255591Got a text this morning from this number and all the message said was "WRONG NUMBER" not sure what it's about but I'm not responding :)Guest12015-11-18 07:05:39
7097018626sportGuest32016-05-15 09:55:11
7096366166Silence.Guest12015-11-18 08:03:43
7096874421Do not want this number to contact meGuest12015-11-18 08:10:43
7094866354ANNOYING!! Once i never answered the calls from 586-239-0917, i started getting calls from this number 586-646-4948. When called back, there is no company name and sends you directly to an automated waiting system for an agent. CLICK, I am out!~Guest52015-12-16 10:25:50
7091582565Just started calling my cell phone last weekMic92015-12-19 01:53:08
7092085966Ok so he just emailed me on the 15th of jan 2009 and sent me the exact message that was sent to everyone else. I was stupid not to look for this first i gave him the info he wanted. What am i suppose to be especting please let me know asap thanks lolDesiree [email protected] /* */102015-11-18 08:58:12

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