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7102013276A scammer who pretends the IRS is going to sue you for unpaid taxes and says you must call a specified number. Did not talk to them.Guest12015-11-18 02:15:40
7108291863no longer taking ur callsGuest62015-12-13 12:50:03
7102019256Got a call. Answered and they hung up.Stephani12015-11-18 10:53:34
7105489087Potential sex offender via internetGuest42015-12-16 11:17:19
7109209550Also received a call from a "credit services" at this number.  When I asked for a phone number that I could call them back on, he started to give me the number "(888) 311-0" and hung up at that point.George Strickroth32015-11-18 11:22:58
7108048796Stating she was calling from credit solutions on behalf of a payday loan company. I must respond by the end of business day or further action will b taken.Guest12015-11-18 12:02:40
7109209640Cc spamGuest62015-12-09 06:24:29
7106127244It is a scam run by foreigners (sounds Indian) trying to get information. I just spoke to whoever called me and they quickly hung up when I wouldnt give them any personal information. It is Memorial Day. Official calls shouldn't come in until tomorrow.the82pitbull112015-11-18 12:41:28
7106255010This has never been my phone number and I have never lived at 3725 Kacey lane bly,are 72315! This is my mother n laws number and address never been mineGuest62015-12-18 21:41:30
7107641143don't want them to call me anymoreGuest82015-12-08 10:50:12
7100000000It is possible, and actually fairly easy, to "spoof" your caller ID number.  (BTW, any person arriving on this page will have "verified" the number using their call display - how else are people going to have a number to look up?)Highly unlikely your call actually came from the US Federal Govt.  If an actual government were trying to get a hold of you for legitimate reasons (and if you can't think of a legitimate reason the US Govt would be trying to get a hold of you, there probably isn't one), they would leave a message or they would call back immediately upon having their call dropped.Do report back if you receive another call from this number, though.Mary32015-11-18 14:10:54
7102018206Thanks ANonieMouse  you can now inform anyone who gets this message that these slick so-in-sos are using a 933 number.  I just got the same message on 933-564-3621.  Gary B32015-11-18 14:34:53
7102212212They hung up when I pick up the phone.Smith32015-11-18 15:01:23
7105515502Don't know who is calling.laticia12015-11-18 15:14:46
7102103266Called and hung up with no message.Donald12015-11-18 15:17:33
7100000001Call is actually generated from (703) 923-9460. They somehow use something to change the number.I did some calling and find out.Nadeem32015-11-18 16:36:02
7100004406I didn't answer and they wouldn't leave a message. It doesn't even sound like a legit #starlite12015-11-18 16:42:19
7101522557I want this number to stop texting my phoneGuest82015-12-19 02:45:31
7105187118Calls and hangs up. Doesn't leave a messageGuest62015-12-09 03:00:12
7100034569recieved multiple calls from this number that promptly hung up when answeredGrab12015-11-18 18:35:27
7103465442I also got a check from a Dave (Sekanc)?for $1,225.00garcia42015-11-18 18:43:02
7102019276Called twice today, left no message, guessing its a bill collector for my idiot brother....Guest42015-12-16 12:13:22
7106274387(710)(VOID)(710)-627-438732015-11-18 21:14:02
7109209973left no messagejoan72015-12-13 23:12:30
710201725612:30 am phone call from 710-201-7256The recording stated that the IRS had been trying to reach me, final notice, filing a lawsuit against me, babbled some more...Idiots.TD32015-11-18 22:07:11
7102012256Spam caller of the day. IRS scammer.Rocco32015-11-18 22:14:15
7102015226its the baby daddy he shouldn't be able to call when he want on my lineGuest42015-12-09 18:18:34
7102044969This is a good call, from a morale line with the Army.Guest72015-12-18 22:36:28
7100000002A very weird number.   I did not pick up and they left no message.  I did not try to call back.Wayne52015-11-19 00:32:11
7107748345Got call from(710) 774-8345. No message left. Read somewhere else that the 710 area code is reserved for the U.S. federal government.Raka Mundra12015-11-19 00:45:34
7104041846Bob,where in the world are you?  Sharonsharon mc dade12015-11-19 00:56:36
7109209647Business or personalRenee52015-12-16 15:28:54
7102053206Ohio auto loans calls from this or many other numbers when they call to collect their moneyGuest72015-12-19 10:03:00
7102010276Standard IRS scam phone call, computerized voice. I hung up after a few seconds.Anonymous32015-11-19 01:24:34
7102010226Did not answer.John12015-11-19 01:31:01
7103198722Wanted to buy a boat I am selling, sight unseen, full asking price. Just open a paypal account and give him my numbers. Can you say "Scam"?Jay12015-11-19 01:40:20
7104203834Hung up on my answering machine.Mike72015-12-16 15:15:17
7102016296Please see, on this web site: ... e-read-this-nowThe 710 area code number is spoofed to make it appear that this is a call from the US Government.  It isn't.  Period.  End of story.zAr32015-11-19 02:09:46
7103069777I just got a call from 877-427-1587, a Kevin Meyer from Del Rey Capital saying the same thing that I have a case number.  Tried finding the number & nothing.  I am so tired of these people.Rose62015-12-14 09:44:02
7102014276Called, unknown numberDalton12015-11-19 02:24:14
7102016216Received two calls with hangups when I answeredSTGC32015-11-19 02:52:56
7102645014BlockedGuest52015-12-16 20:05:06
7102016286They have called before but not from this number.  Always leave a message that they have an "important business message".Ron62015-12-16 08:00:49
7108370764Don't want this number calling me everGuest72015-12-14 17:07:33
7102011216No message left.Lydia12015-11-19 04:13:08
7102013246just got the same callberk52015-11-19 04:45:49
7102018236 the Calls to the real IRS here:•report the incident to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration at 800-366-4484.•You can also file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission at Add "IRS Telephone Scam" to the comments in your complaint.******Do consider maybe getting a call blocking device or phone.. You can google them and many are around $50.00 or so.If its a cell phone, some already have call blocking, if not, there are free apps on the web that will work for some. You can google this. If you have a smart phone, there is a free app called call control. Iphones appear to have apps also. Another one is called Mr. Number.anonymous22015-11-19 07:01:09
7106255758Rasmussen College recruitingGuest92015-12-14 17:21:32
7104103201I received two calls from this number. No message was left either time.  The first call came in around 6:30 pm and the other at 8:30pm. I realize that it's a government area code, but that truth is, I have no reason to be contacted by the government.Paranoid12015-11-19 07:57:44
7102481010Block voicemailGuest62015-12-14 11:54:07

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