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Phone list in area 719

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7195535747Bill collector. Guest42015-11-05 00:16:39
7193446443birch your own blockedGuest62016-04-16 14:26:18
7192976002Don t understand the companyGuest92015-11-05 00:20:38
7197275548credit card rateGuest392015-11-05 00:22:40
7195649829called and said they understood that I had a house for rent, I have no house for rent. wanted to see the rental property anyway. I said ok and I would see them a 8 Pm. am waiting it, is now 7:45 pmjoyce trontel82017-05-08 03:44:21
7193629691Scam Philippine Man telling you personally you vie won the lottery . Guest72015-11-05 00:34:38
7192997463Merely phone amp hang Upward constantlyGuest192015-11-05 00:42:38
7192918803noGuest12015-11-05 00:45:02
7192017911don t need for be botheredGuest12015-11-05 00:56:02
7193779792the Firm was harassing me for Place a sign in my yard in exchange for a security system. I told him we have been military on post Property and it USN t allowed and he hung up. . not thanking me for my time or service. . just quot click quot RUDE. Guest32015-11-05 00:56:38
7195227368Corinthian School. They keep calling and hanging up. Guest12015-11-05 00:56:49
7192143662how do you personally understand its been watch and whats the Cope or W on that Amount. uptowner42015-12-14 19:00:25
7195343184called but left no messageSam42015-12-14 00:03:55
7194973009Keeps callingGuest42015-11-05 01:07:38
7193236127They keep calling all times of the day and night saying they're a collection agencyAnnon102017-03-15 01:43:20
7192105675gay guy pretending for become a womanGuest12015-11-05 01:18:02
7193871658Set agentGuest32015-11-05 01:28:49
7199318251i just got your same telephone and said nome52016-03-02 02:48:14
7196717201Denise fir life insuranceGuest12015-11-05 01:42:03
7193446444Away for make Additional cash around the holidaysGuest32016-04-11 17:16:23
7194648453Don t knowGuest42015-12-17 20:43:28
7192589681the Man you are trying to reach is not availableGuest42015-12-09 12:53:56
7195695766yesGuest72015-12-08 19:52:46
7196627900This can be a spam callGuest42015-11-05 02:06:49
7197661607Florida pregnant n Peel n y foeGuest52015-12-23 20:22:36
7193902342Caller ID Perks Philadelphia This number is not in Levitt own so it's already a SCAM callerBEAR42015-12-08 20:30:27
7195227000Everest school bug ginGuest262015-11-05 02:26:38
7194939535Dint want to call my phoneGuest92015-12-20 08:59:05
7192732446Scam number that is harassing me for no reasonGuest12015-11-05 02:35:02
7194785289My comment is that same as quot Susan is FED Up quot . Hit it correct on your head. I can t understand exactly why the Authorities can t would anything I m on your do not phone registry as well but it dozen t matter. The scam phone calls get worse by your minute. Guest502015-11-05 02:41:49
7192893394called asking for my husband by name saying they were along with prize patrol. used fake foreign accent. Viewed up Amount and saw it was a acreage line in Pueblo CO the city where I live. Guest32015-11-05 02:49:38
7192099170text said i 've been randomly Picked for a W absolute best Purchase gift cardGuest52015-12-14 20:21:24
7199417390I am currently looking for a job and the Firm keeps calling me regarding continued Schooling. It's clear that I 've my amount and certifications. They demand to Discontinue. Guest12015-11-05 02:52:49
7193759888some calls me many time but they dint Select upgrace72015-12-19 01:44:50
7194665676SpamGuest12015-11-05 02:59:03
7194257409mail the sort for me Quit callingGuest32015-11-05 03:19:49
7194664271These people keep phone me. . Guest102015-11-05 03:21:49
7194236211Owner stated he was from Irs and Desired for know info when I Inquired questions he hung Upward on meGuest212015-11-05 03:24:38
7192457898Working along with the policeGuest42016-04-21 23:36:28
7193605239kid abduct erGuest22015-11-05 03:29:49
7194760649Did not reply. . . SPAMGuest222015-11-05 04:05:38
7199417582I m fed Upward with these Bugs. . . . Guest102015-11-05 04:09:40
7192171326Card Services calling with another final see viewing my credit card debt . David G52015-12-09 23:20:44
7194284030Got a text that says quot Hi. . A Buddy of yours Offered me your own Amount said u were hot. . . Lola. . . Add me on Skype if you wanna chat lively. Contact quot Guest32015-11-05 05:04:38
7194177000computer calling recorded spam messagesGuest82015-11-05 05:09:49
7193598214Calls come out of this Amount Fairly Generally but they don't leave a message. I don't want to receive calls from them. Guest22015-11-05 05:16:38
7193322751Keeps Tex ting Me And Bartering MeGuest62015-12-22 08:53:55
7192462201Blocked callerGuest12015-11-05 05:31:02
7192168209Don t desire to Discuss to him DoneGuest32015-11-05 05:42:48
7194046433This can be an Artwork Express Mail system. Melissa72015-12-17 13:48:12

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