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Telephone information: Neutral Tandem-pennsylvania. Uniontown, PA. . United states
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Post by Guest,

7243206818 I gotten a call out of these people telling me they gave me payday loan and that they re going for prosecute me and take me for court and that I can loose I never received a loan out of them. They were really rude and they threading to me something needs for become done with this.

Post by Guest,

724-320-6818 No calls no texts

Post by Guest,

7243206818 You are ruined.

Post by bitzer,

724-320-6818 The number calls about once a week Dean and Mary McCarty. Don t understand who they're and they leave no message.

Post by Jack,

7243206818 I did not response it.

Post by Guest,

724-320-6818 Uses abusive language for Mindless to know that their number appears on your screen.

Post by Guest,

7243206818 Spam call. Sales phone out of People Incapacity trying for sell some type of disability State assist.

Post by Guest,

724-320-6818 Keep calling this Amount for no motive and dozen quot t say anything

Post by Guest,

7243206818 Harassment callings don t know them quit calling here got who ever your calling that erroneous numbed

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7277127530 Complains by L Smith,

Educational post:You may have been exposed to scam # 3, as described here:http://phonehelp.2truth.com/facts_rev.htmlRemember to return here, to 800notes.com, after you look at any of the information at that site.

8290006358 Complains by donniel,

I gotten the call Recently and my caller I. D. revealed Dominican republic. . I So did not Select Upward that telephone. . I joined that DC when it first Arrived into being. . so much for that Plus I vie Published a whole list of these Kinds of phone to the FCC and obtained this Thank you personally for Calling your FCC viewing potential violations of that Phone Client Protection Work} TC Missouri} and that Commission s telemarketing and junk Facsimile rules. Info Supplied within Customer complaints enjoy yours helps your Commission to combat abusive or unlawful practices within these Places including taking Administration Activities against individuals or Firms. In the regard the Communications Act authorizes the Commission to issue Details and within many Instances impose substantial fines upon entities that Break telemarketing and junk fax rules. Although that Commission does not resolve Person Grievances each Grievance is individually analyzed and Allows us in enforcement actions for shield People like yourself. You should be aware that the TC Philadelphia Additionally Supplies for enforcement of that telemarketing and junk fax rules by state Solicitors general and by Person Customers. With Value for the latter the TC Pa Licenses individuals who've gotten specific unlawful telemarketing such as Trash faxes or telemarketing calls to sue the violator within state courts where they might be awarded Upward for W for each Infraction. We invite you personally to See your FCC s Consumer amp Governmental Matters Business s Web net site at HTTP Www. FCC. gov CB for more data. You may Additionally telephone your FCC s Customer Center toll free at 1 W Call FCC 1 W W W TY 1 W TELL FCC 1 W W W . Truly Sharon C. Bowers Division Chief Buyer Questions amp Complaints Division Consumer amp Governmental Affairs Bureau

8645930053 Complains by AngryCellUser,

Got 3 sms SPAM from 408-601-8067 today with 15 min!! I am on prepaid and I have to pay for incoming SMS :(((

2109005625 Complains by Guest,

What a dickhead m f. He tries for intimidate people along with his mouth but if you saw him you'd joke.

4247819128 Complains by Guest,


5082442909 Complains by MInnie,

I got several calls from the Amount but I did not answer the call since I don t Comprehend the number.

9184429125 Complains by Guest,

They telephone once a day sometimes twice. A recorded voice says whether I response or it goes to express send quot W. quot and that is it. When I call your Amount I get a record that says quot thank for calling. quot and hangs Upwards. That is the flakiest and most annoying thing ever. They also sometimes 've an W number and occasionally display up as a blocked or unknown Amount. I am on your national don't call registry and this is your just Dumb and annoying call I get. But lad would I get it a lot and no idea the way to Quit it out of happening.

5672599780 Complains by Guest,


8172104060 Complains by Gave them a taste of their own medicine!,

Here is an Upgrade thought you personally all May n't locate this interesting and Perhaps even a good recommendation S Han called again Wednesday morning and the time told me that it was a serious legal question of W. I asked him Okay I give Upward tell me what the W is for. He said it concerned my mortgage and if I did t pay W by PM that my house on XXX Magnolia Way would become foreclosed on. Here is the humorous inside Information First of I Getaway t Resided at that address for 3 years. Second I was renting. . . I did not own it much less 've a mortgage. Third and this is that real boggy THAT HOUSE BURNED DOWN For That Earth ON 9 W W. So I told Shawn well I don t have that type of money so go forward and foreclose on it I had a challenging time doing this without laughing . He said what. . . . was hushed for a very long time and then said we have been F ING SERIOUS we may foreclose it. I stiff led my laughter and said I know you personally re serious thus just foreclose on it and hung up. Okay I had a good jest about that but then I decided why Cease that enjoyment there. I went online and I looked Upward every free insurance quote each free Holiday offer each FREE spam anything that I could locate and filled your have an Representative contact me forms Outside with HIS name Shawn Li and HIS phone numbers W W W amp W W W . Hopefully his line is ringing away that hook with telemarketers calling HIM now. It was so Uncomplicated I don t know exactly why I did t believe of it earlier. Hopefully every scummier out of here for eternity is now calling and harassing HIM. Keep in head. . . that simply motive I did this to him is because he is an out of Nation scam artist he is not a legitimate debt collector. If You're receiving calls out of a LEGIT Partner debt collector I would definitely not suggest doing the. But on another hand just believe if all of us becoming scam calls out of a specific number did this. Their phones would be thus active becoming spammed themselves they would not become Capable to call out to people. Simply a thought. . .

8324632957 Complains by Guest,

debt collector

9092595627 Complains by Guest,

I received a phone telephone out of this W W W out of Ontario CA. I can block the telephone from my phone carrier. Additionally if the phone went to a cell phone it is against your law. I 'm going to send it to that FCC my State attorney and your FTC. The more of us that do this Subsequently they could possibly become investigated. Because it went across state lines it is Additionally against that law. All telemarketers must abide by your standards that have been established. They know the. I 've had it. How Around you. . . No need to response.

8003647794 Complains by idk,

i highly agree along with you.

8027320978 Complains by Tom,

I m on that federal Do not Call List and 've acquired five calls out of the Firm and on three Events have Inquired to become placed on their do not call list. They keep calling me anyway. They won t identify your name or Place of their company and won t Join me to a supervisor. That Owner ID shows that calls are coming from W W W which shows as Bellow Falls Vermont but I m guessing they're using a fake forwarding system of a few kind to Make that Amount. When I phone the Amount a record says Your number you dialed is temporarily unavailable. Your recorded message is similar or identical to your message Rob copied to this train of thought on August W W. I have Submitted a Criticism with your Vermont Lawyer general.

8552451519 Complains by chdwick,

they threating me about taking my carnish

8044100006 Complains by BC,

Received a message this a. m. something Around the Irs allegations amp to telephone so I won t get arrested. As was stated above if you owe the Government they may contact you personally by regular send and if you personally Blow off them long enough you personally ll get a certified notification. If you personally owed them a major Sum of amp ignored them then you personally d Likely get arrested like some of your people in the public eye have. That woman who left that message the a. m. sounded like she had a think Mexican Feature tough to recognize. Very Apparent this really is a scam along with the many Folks Abruptly being contacted Recently amp Now on this.

8049082019 Complains by arpita,

i desire 2 know who is she

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