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7243282919Julie Wiley Blanchard OKGuest62015-12-20 17:49:03
7249064610Yup got a phone out of quot Jenny using my first name in that message. . . Seeking for Skype W SPAM Guest32015-11-05 01:26:58
7244025637Government Bacall scamGuest32015-11-05 01:36:52
7244455080Calls and when I reply they hang up and when I called back it rang and Subsequently it was picked Upwards and no one talked Merely Hung Upwards and now when I call it Simply ends it don t go throughGuest82015-11-05 01:45:56
7242267646Received several hang Upwards calls in a row from this Amount. Guest32016-04-12 03:01:47
7245122111stopGuest352015-11-05 01:55:54
7247660160i hate this numberGuest72015-12-19 19:38:06
7244525677Called pretending to become your Irs and demanding that I pay Fees instantly. Inquired me to put him on Audio phone while I drive to that bank to get money. When I asked how he would then get the cash he instructed me he would tell once I got your money. I told him that I would become paying online and he Installed up. I phoned him back and demanded which he tell me how he got my Amount but he repeated that I owed the Government and I repeated my question which prompted him for hang Upwards. Your phone back Amount W W W was left on my voice mail. I hope someone catches the dirty scumbag. This bottom feeder is a pathetic Person along with no moral fiber or conscious. Guest52015-11-05 02:11:52
7243349000This can be not spam. Leeds World Company. Guest22015-11-05 02:16:55
7243126452Valid company K amp T TransportationGuest62015-12-19 18:03:07
7243745622The Amount calls constantly and leaves no message who are they. . . Who is it?62015-12-21 04:18:32
7247669697thus i see that y'all play game along with Folks which is not good to can that for Individuals Actual talkkim42016-04-06 04:48:01
72459606096 calls all occupied signalGuest72015-12-19 17:54:56
7249192733Has my extra phoneGuest12015-11-05 02:59:12
7245916524Same issue with me. Computer generated message saying that Government was going for sue me and that I should present them a call back for mend it. Only a scam to scare you and get your own money. Guest22015-11-05 03:00:57
7244713253I told them for stopGuest32015-11-05 03:15:10
7244338259This really is not their Amount anymore the Telephone number now belongs for crystal Snyder. And I 've nothing for can with I Snow cream and or Cafe. Guest12015-11-05 03:16:55
7244065501We are on no call listGuest12015-11-05 03:17:10
7245031440Hang uGuest212015-11-05 03:25:54
7245189305Hang upGuest112015-11-05 03:28:56
7243711387hello everyone i acquired 2 missed calls from the above Recorded number and I do not Comprehend the number Or do I understand anyone in NY I Now live within that Holland. user abroad52015-12-19 17:39:24
7249090234Awful eBay buyer that Offers what appears enjoy official Items and then tries gypping you personally out of your Things by testing you information for send. Guest22015-11-05 03:48:58
7245579657AnnoyingGuest42015-12-14 09:08:49
7248881643leave me aloneGuest22015-11-05 04:05:56
7244455092no one reply their Telephone they phone and hangs up after 1 ring then i telephone back all i get is occupied Transmission jerksGuest322015-11-05 04:10:52
7246212783i got a note with this number on it from a Man with B as a name. Guest12015-11-05 04:10:56
7244713073I asked them who they are and whom they re searching for. they said they are looking for a Firm. But after I told them it s a incorrect number they keep calling me all your time state three times a day for about three months. Guest32015-11-05 04:14:52
7248241563Got a call but left no messageJen42015-12-14 14:22:50
7243206818Keep calling the number for no reason and dozen quot t state anythingGuest22015-11-05 04:15:52
7243001380This really is a direct line to an Allstate Insurance Representative name Arlene Williams. Guest1722015-11-05 04:22:52
7247413500Thus annoying. . . . . They never Quit calling. . Guest252015-11-05 04:28:57
7245801981text quot Hello quot i didn't reply. Guest62015-11-05 04:36:57
7247341666called back Man replied Researcher Travis wan t a cop prob collection Bureau . . . . skip dabuss72016-04-13 12:10:48
7244209756Said nothing keeps calling no express mail left. . . . Guest42015-12-14 05:52:30
7243022209Strange STALKER. Guest72015-12-14 15:28:58
7249444404I vie gotten a few texts from the Individual. I don t understand who it's. Guest12015-11-05 05:06:56
7242567023I get 5 to 7 calls a daytime from the person bothering me at work and never says anything when they telephone please can something Around it your no is W W W thank youGuest12015-11-05 05:08:55
7245364707Collection Bureau calling regarding a Friend enjoy your Friend Wanted help and the Man needed for get back within Contact with them Around a personal issue. Tried for get info Around that neighbor. . . Employment family wanted a message delivered for them. Do not Need Included. Representative would not provide his name Business name. There needs for be Limits place on these agencies. They shouldn't be allowed to harass other people or that Folks they are Attempting for locate. Guest112015-11-05 05:30:56
7249727322won t Cease harassing meGuest42015-11-05 05:36:56
7242160569Calls Regularly never leaves a messageGuest62016-05-06 05:09:37
7244788009I got 3 calls MSG at your same time W W French time. All of them had just 1 notification in that MSG Philadelphia art that French Highlighted correspondence quot quot Here are your numbers W W W W W W W W W W W W I live in France but most of my Pals live in the U. S. I was Mindless enough for attempt to telephone thinking it was one of them . Luckily I used Skype for call these numbers and it did t even ring. I am very stressed for be billed for their calls on my cell. what could I would or what could you do thus that they don t call me again Thank you quite definitely for your own help and for your work you do for the community Simone Romans W 5 W W W W 9 avenue Du Marshal Jeffrey W Aachen Muller FRANCEGuest12015-11-05 05:44:53
7249958461credit card advertisingGuest82015-12-18 02:58:12
7243597103Waste of time. Guest82015-12-08 08:32:40
7243303379I don't desire for be contacted by the Firm. They 've called several times. Trish32016-04-11 12:53:13
7245990524SpamGuest92015-12-16 17:45:33
7243590280TelemarketerGuest62015-11-05 06:20:52
7247996219Eddie likes for Disagree and start problem had enough of himGuest42015-11-05 06:20:56
7243312118All the calls say they are on a Registered line for that share holder Assembly for some trust. Jaki S52015-12-15 16:05:53
7249415985Gotten a text saying they Discovered fraudulent action on my debit. . . . . . . . . . . I Don't Have A DEBIT. Partner works along with Police Department and have Delivered text for their Cuber Fraud DivisionGuest82015-11-05 06:50:58
7247133149I let the replying machine pick Upwards and your caller Installed up so I m assuming it s a telemarketer. The Do not Call List dozen t help anymore. The telemarketers know the way to get around it. I vie reported numbers to that FTC to no avail. There are too numerous Criticisms for them to handle each 1. There should become a way for Discontinue these nuisance calls. Guest562015-11-05 06:59:57

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