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7272289097Randomly got a text from this number asking who I am.... obviously didn't share any info. Wouldn't tell me how they got my number or anything... so I bombarded them with random facts and such texts... just to annoy them. Is it so hard to say "oh, I misdialed" or whatever???Guest62016-05-13 23:47:08
7275760559This number is a part of Careers Inc, which is a verification service for employers for hundreds of different job boards. I'm a representative of Careers and would like to clarify why you're getting a text from us on this number. We receive a large quantity of resumes for thousands of positions across the country, and our job is to verify that your contact information is correct. If the information on your resume is invalid, then we help them to correct it and update the employer on the applicant's status. We do not ask for any sensitive information such as SSN. We do not charge for our service. We will never ask you for anything beyond confirming what's already in your resume on file.Careers, Inc.72016-05-14 18:15:55
7272337571This is ridiculous. They have called at least 10 times today and i pick up and it hangs up..Why are they calling if they are just going to hang up on me...-.-Guest62016-05-23 05:57:47
7272422969I just recieved a call from this number with same script that you all have gotte, Im freaking out though because this person has all my information as well as the name of my boyfriend, I immeditaly called the bank and froze all accounts..Can you offer any other information on what else I should do?Jade32016-05-23 19:38:36
7272337355got this call today, Sept 27, 2011.   I did not answer it as I have call display and don't answer numbers that I do not knowPat32016-05-25 11:37:45
7272337575I just received a call from 1-866-709-1329 but they hung up before I could answer.   If it is the Sun regarding promotions tell them to go rub salt on you know where.   If I was interested in ordering the SUN or whatever I could do this on my own without being pestered with these annoying phone calls.Fed Up42016-05-30 20:10:05
7272289093AzzholesGuest72016-06-17 06:06:31
7274786009he's a law manGuest32016-07-04 11:50:12
72747860085 calls no messagesGuest72016-07-04 17:09:30
7274786010melGuest32016-07-04 20:40:15
7274786012Trying to sellGuest42016-07-04 21:54:20
7274786013lil kidsGuest62016-07-05 00:54:07
7274786015threatened arrestGuest32016-07-05 12:33:45
7276084706latezGuest62016-07-05 20:59:02
7274786011This number has also called my house and my work several times. The man will talk to anyone and is trying to get info about me. I was also given a claim # and called . Was told " I had one opportunity to call " They would not identify who they were or what they wanted just kept trying to get info . I did give them my address and told them to mail me anything they needed if I have a so called claim against me.kelly62016-07-05 23:16:25
7274786007These are not surveys! they told me to type in 01 01 01 exercise exercise exercise. that doesn't sound like a survey!upsetperson72016-07-06 04:02:24
7274786014Sending nasty texts to my daughter.Guest72016-07-06 04:04:26
7272480036Same old Indians state they're from quot Windows quot and you've a computer virus and attempt to get you to log into your computer and hack into your own files. . . But they're not really intelligent Around it within fact they are thus Stupid they are great for a very good joke. . . . . . They also Alter their Amount from Clear water Florida Frequently. . . . . Guest72015-11-04 20:07:59
7272402223They telephone for deliver a Bundle and dint show Upwards when they state and when you personally phone back tit is a fax machineGuest72016-04-11 03:26:42
7276235186sounded enjoy a survey idiot telemarketing Organization I am going for Test for look for Outside the owner via T Cellular telephone. I called back and was Capable for leave a message letting them understand I was Around to do the if they did t Cease calling me. considering this really is a cell phone Likely many idiot believing they're being Sweet. Notably since they're in my own Residence town. Guest12015-11-04 20:41:05
7273642615States he s a lawyer. Collecting a debt and issuing a warrant. Demanding a payment now or having you arrestedGuest252015-11-05 05:30:03
7278654374It is a recorded message asking if you are going for vote within your next general election within November. Guest52015-11-05 09:22:06
7274516510Obtained unwanted Telephone calls out of this Amount. That is a Automobile insurance sales company. TelemarketerGuest42015-11-05 12:50:04
7273738161Just one Practically every daytime Monday through Fiat on my cell. I do not answer and don't understand them. Guest12015-11-05 15:36:57
7272645147They keep calling daily dint know them from Adam. They are looking for someone but dialing my phone Amount. Guest32015-11-05 16:42:57
7276419353when i called this number it said Camera Property management . . I want to understand if I m being Scammed. . . Please Helpjesse72015-12-17 10:06:44
7276457149Telling me I 'm one of the top Victor within a few sweepstakes. . . I Getaway t Joined any sweepstakes. I Put up. Guest62015-12-20 23:11:48
7273625051This can be a Automobile dial er for sunlight etc in St. Pete fl. For get them for Discontinue calling telephone them at W W W. Guest32015-11-06 04:05:57
7279409413Described just as a Verizon company property line. It's a Business Marketing energy efficient products for Houses. Guest342015-11-06 07:26:03
7274996690Rob telephone ripoff phone. Refused for Supply phone Amount or company name unless I Offered them a credit card number. Claim to be giving away free medical alert systems along with a W. W monthly care Payment . Owned and Managed by persons with criminal records within Florida and Tennessee. Report them for your state Lawyer general and file a Gripe with that FTC FCCGuest42015-11-06 22:54:04
7273753762the call was related to some scam I was unfortunately a victim of from California. Now a W number. . . Sketchy. Guest12015-11-07 02:41:57
7274004009I 've acquired at least five calls out of this Amount. Normally between W W Am and 2 W PM. No message left. Guest82015-11-07 10:47:03
7272471204Yes my name is Jim Sprecher owner of GSA applications or you may know me from Federal Verification Co., Inc. in Clearwater, FL. Let me start off by saying thanks to all of my attorneys keeping me out of jail, and showing me how to file bankruptcy so that all the card holders and past workers can’t get their money back and I would also like to thank Pam Bondi’s office for taking my check for $250,000. I guess that’s what I have to pay in order to make this go away. I gave her office a bribe for my freedom. Now for the rest of you dummies at the I-team, Jackie Callaway AG Economic Crimes Unit of Tampa, and the FBI get lost. You don’t have anything on me and you all already know that. Go ahead and put taps on our phones. You and Pam Bondi’s Office can’t do one thing to stop me from running my companies the way I have been. I am getting more telemarketers, more offices to make more money than I ever have, and why not? No one is going to do anything about it. My office gave you a contract and if you did not follow that contract then we keep the money and that’s the bottom line. Yes my family and I live well, real well. For all of you dummies that keep calling the office for a refund, look in the contract you signed. For 2017 this is going to be our biggest year yet for sales. More programs we offer from the government, the more money we make. If anyone would like to talk to me my number is 727-744-5382.Jim Sprecher312017-02-04 15:00:18

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