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7608904702automated voice message from "anderson community school". when i called back it said it was not a valid number and they keep calling back.kenny42016-04-22 07:04:30
7605477287Hello. I, too, was called & threatened by a man or two w/a thick accent from the telephone #s 646-810-8639 & 803-873-9098. Also 347-626-2413 is the fax he gave me to send him a payment arrangement for $1,256.  He called himself Don Wilson, Michael Wright, Michael Davis and Kevin in the same-the same person. He called my cell 8:00am-9:00pm, left 25 vsmgs per day. He crossed the line when he called my job & spoke to 5 supvsrs and got the site leader's attention. I hired an attorney whom reported each name he calls himself to FTC and the local consumer affairs dept. It turns out just as you may have guessed-SCAM. The fax # belongs to a nursing home and the tele# doesn't belong to a business. The sad truth is "they" are going to do this scare-tactic to someone else.TR72016-04-23 09:53:33
7605799030got the same message at 5:22 e.s.t. today Subject: AlertCU/FCU has deactivated your debit security department @ 8457659466From: [email protected] /* */bruce52016-04-26 01:06:04
7605477296Called my cell, recording about lowering credit cards came on. Decided to speak with someone and confront them, VERY RUDE. Became very heated as i called his bluff. Rather than hang up, he continued to threaten ME that he would close my credit card accounts. I can't believe these callers!!!!Guest72016-04-26 11:16:36
7602837313We receive strange calls at odd hours of the day and night.  No messages are ever left.  We figure that it is some sort of telemarketing scheme.Louisa Masson52016-04-27 15:18:54
7609733008It's another number for Independent Portfolio Management, Inc.  There is not even a website for this so-called legitimate company!  They have also had a few lawsuits come their way if you search the company name.atcnavy3432016-04-28 00:24:34
7609733009Foregin guy has been callin sayin that my husband owes 528 dollars and needs to pay ,,,i asked this guy for documents showin what this is about and got told if i pay that amount he will mail me them and this matter will be over,,,,he said his name is charles green,,,i have called my local police department and they said it is scam,,,and then tonight there was another guy calling sayin he was from police department in different town and if my husband doesnt call he will have the police stop by and pick him up,,, so i called that officer this foreign guy was claimin to be and got told that he never called me at all and that this is a scam...PLEASE EVERYONE BE VERY CAREFULcassie mitchell52016-04-29 07:42:32
7604289923Just got a call from this number. Didn't recognize the area code. Didn't answer. Figured it was robo dialer or worse.Guest52016-04-30 13:59:38
7606334639something from "frank" asking me to tell anyone who I know that smokes to visit for a free e-cig trial.Guest72016-04-30 23:49:43
7601975545This number calls twice everynight at the exact same time 12:03 and 12:05 AM. If I answer no one is there and you can hear nothing. If I do not answer a voice mail is always left which are usually 3 seconds long where you hear a click and hang-up.LouKy72016-05-01 14:31:44
7602590185This number is calling several times a day, always with 949 area code and with different prefixes and suffixes.  Always the same Caller ID information (EFFICIENT MRKTG).  If I am available to answer, the instant I answer, they hang up.  If I am not here, they never leave a voicemail.  It is quite annoying and my number is unlisted and unpublished.  I hope you can help.bugged42016-05-02 02:41:10
7602067325Got a call with a pre-recorded message at first to get you to hold on the line to then speak to someone.  Collection company of some sort.  "You answered now is the time to resolve this issue...."  I did not stay on to speak with anyone.Manuel Labor72016-05-02 10:57:32
7602837312Keep getting a call from this number claiming I have fraudulent checks. I have never written or received bad checks. Looked this number up online and it says it's a scam.Guest32016-05-02 16:09:27
7601975546Just received a call—allegedly from a Publishers Clearing House rep—informing me, in extremely broken English, of my million-dollar win.  It's Saturday, so he said UPS would not be delivering it, but that it would come via what he called the "Flight Patrol".  Yeesh!  He then told me to call (876) - 576-5623 and give the four-digit prize number so it could be delivered to me this afternoon.  I've dealt with this type of stuff for years, so my "scam-dar" is usually always on automatic pilot, but I called the number anyhow just to see how far they'd take it.  What's interesting is that—when I made the call—it was the same guy I'd spoken with on the first call!  Didn't he think I might recognize his voice?  He then started asking ridiculous questions—to which I responded with equally ridiculous questions, i.e:  What's "your" name?  Where are "you"?  How old are "you"? He got so befuddled he put me on hold and called over one of his cronies to speak to me.  Now "this" guy was a prize!  He said the "certified cashiers check" would be delivered this afternoon by way of (brace yourself)—UPS!  This is the conversation:REP:  Your prize will be in the form of a certified cashiers check and delivered to you this afternoon by way of UPS.ME:  What?  I'm sorry.  How did you say it would be delivered?REP:  By UPSME:  UPS doesn't run on Saturdays.REP:  (becoming immediately angry with me)  It is a special-delivery by UPS!!!  It will come on a flat-bed truck in an armored car with two security guards and two FBI agents.ME:  Excuse me?  How?REP:  IT WILL COME ON A FLAT-BED TRUCK ON AN ARMORED CAR WITH TWO SECURITY GUARDS AND TWO FBI AGENTS!!!Ok.  Give me a break!  On a flat-bead truck in an armored car?  Well—which is it?  And "two" FBI agents!!!  He then started asking me the same ridiculous questions the other guy had asked.  Although I gave him no information, I told him what I did for a living.  "Click".  He hung up.But, quite honestly, my concern is not for me—or those who are "scam" savvy, but mainly for the elderly people who receive calls from these type of gutter-scum rats. Although there are many older folks today who know immediately when they're being set-up for a scam, there are, unfortunately, also those who don't.  The disappointment they experience, in my opinion, should be enough grounds to put these trash artists behind bars for life!  Something really needs to be done.  Forums—seminars—meetings—whatever, to help inform these people of the type of mail, e-mail and telephone scams that exist today—so they can, in turn, protect themselves.    Jack C.52016-05-03 15:04:14
7602067324CID shows phone# 678-804-0555 - Google search always redirects my search to page: 678-804-7593, strange.(Until I started a NEW entry-HERE) Other search engines return NO hits for 678-804-0555 . Google does not usually re-direct this type of search.  Caller leaves no message. -- CID: shows as Buford GABezo D Klown62016-05-03 18:49:15
7608491335sorry, don't play that game but tons of people do.... so you'll be fine this is a recording you've been blockedGuest62016-05-08 08:09:59
7601975548ZBuyer.comCold calls to Real Estate companies and agents to sell "Leads" to them for potential buyers.NEVER pay for leads.  Always offer referral fees for CLOSED transactions!  Companies that sell "Leads" will have all types of 'teaser' websites scattered across the web that require people to 'sign-up' to get more info, then they aren't told that they will be sold as a "Lead" to agents and firms to be called upon.  They have no incentive to provide you with quality leads and they get paid whether the lead is junk or not.My company policy is that they will have a vested interest in the deal or no deal - we strictly do referral fees ONLY - no subscriptions, no 'per lead' fees.   If we close the deal, they get paid when I do.  If the lead is not a real buyer and there is no transaction - no money.   Fair all the way.JHM52016-05-10 00:44:43
76019755491/21/08 and 1/22/08 I get two voicemail messages with my correct name being called and a man stating he was calling from UPS about a delivery of a package- but leaves no call back number or reference number for UPS.  So I believe it was some scam.I kept calling the number back but it was constantly busy.  I called on January 25th on Friday around 4pm- just by chance-- and found it to be "Hello Government  (blurbed not understood) office HOw may I help you?"I was stunned- a real person?  A male voice.  I asked him to repeat where I was calling-- He said this is a Government Official office who are you trying to reach?  I stated that according to my caller ID- and two voicemail messages left for me-- that this number is supposed to be UPS Harbor Center office- has anyone else ever called you expecting you to be UPS?  The man said NO and that it was really an office for Councilwoman Janice Hahn.   I thought this was VERY ODD since I WORK for Janice Hahn!So I got the guy's name and we have NO info or office for Janice Hahn at this number!   I kept calling back and constant busy signal.  It is very odd indeed and creepy-- the male voice knew my name on the voice mail message from "UPS" I had a delivery problem WITH UPS during Christmas 2007 and now someone is calling from this number asking for me;  and then I call back and get a person telling me it is MY EMPLOYER's OFFICE?!!!I played with the number- and called 310-217-2691 and UPS Harbor Center DID answer--- very bizarre.ferula52016-05-14 04:58:03
7603146273i cancled my account like last thursday i was suppose to get my 99 dollar refund cause i didnt activate the card they said they would i havnt seen it yet ive called them but thir message box is full what can i do to get my moneyGuest72016-05-16 15:00:42
7609795341This woman called my phone on Dec. 10 2011. She said the message was for Michelle and that she was ready to make the deal of selling her "Gameboy" and some games which she wouldn't tell me the name of unless I call her back. All of this for $100 cash. I smell a hooker.Guest72016-05-18 00:16:07
7601975544Stop being a pest. ..GET LOST!Guest32016-06-17 03:32:39
7609795857Found this number on my caller id when I got homeFedUp42016-07-04 20:28:30
7609795850please i need to stop those crazy calls nowsafa72016-07-04 20:34:21
7609795852bye byeGuest42016-07-05 02:19:12
7609795851rudeGuest72016-07-05 18:30:39
7609795859Told me his name was Mike and he owned an auto repair in Sodus, MichiganGuest42016-07-06 04:34:38
7609795853I have received robo calls every day for the last 3 months from that number. Asking to press 1 to transfer to a representative. After a rep picks up, they ask questions about your credit & amts of debt that your in. They refuse to take your number off their calling list when asked. I have filled out several reports, after reporting, I receive calls from yet another number.  Kim N42016-07-06 09:16:13
7609795856Calls multiple times throughout day, no response...Guest62016-07-06 09:30:33
7606994279You Folks are goofy with your quot Don't Telephone quot whining. Beware . . . They're Not Who They State For Be That is A Subversive Attempt For Check Who You're. That Just Way To Cease These Types Of Calls Is For Make Them Pay. Consistently Response They 've For Pay For Completed Telephone. Keep Them Talking As Long As Possible With Fake Information Thus They Have To Pay More. Guest462015-11-05 05:00:23
7605806387Obtained 1 text message out of this number on 3 W W saying quot W Day Diet Challenge. Merchandises used by Olympic Athletes AFC Fighters Biggest Loser contestants. Reply quot WEIGHT LOSS quot or response quot Quit quot to be removed. quot Thankfully I was shrewd enough to NOT reply. Don t understand how your hell they got my number. Really frustrating. Guest42015-11-05 05:10:22
7606668496He gives you his name and tell you personally his Federal Banner Number and tell you personally he works for that People Treasury. He Afterward proceeds to tell you personally Government has a warrant against you for back taxes. When you tell him this can be a Joke and You're going to check it Outside along with Government he hangs Upwards. By that manner his Marker Amount he Offered me is W. Guest92015-11-05 07:45:22
7604453449Keeps calling on your don't phone list can keeping Striving on number after another. Cease NOW. . . . . . . . . . . . . Guest72015-12-21 00:20:52
7602747295Some company that text you personally a message saying that you qualify for payday loan Upwards to some thousand dollars. Guest22015-11-05 16:35:14
7607271300Has a missed telephone out of this Amount on my mobile. Have never heard of them nor done business with them. Guest502015-11-05 21:19:23
7602620908yes got a Telephone telephone twice foreign Highlight . have my attorney telephone them or i could maintain Enormous tribeGuest262015-11-05 22:19:19
7608741718The same thing is happening for me they're calling my work and they sound enjoy they're Indian you personally Actually could t recognize them and they 've left 2 names Christopher Smith and Phillip brownish and they state i 've Legal charges on that last 4 of my social and Researchers along with be Delivered for my house but when talk for them they present me different Businesses once it was a few tax Agency another today when i called them back was AC and Affiliates law firm but when i told them i was going to sue them because they keep harassing me Man for your Solitude about giving my Information for co workers they Installed Upwards. Plus if you personally complainer w your BBB the Lawyer general and that FCC they get a W Wonderful with Gripes any Business usually does. but they can never tell me why they're calling and their employee identification numberGuest382015-11-06 06:50:01
7609081204And who do you think Advantages out of this free service . Your Individual or that INSURANCE Business. 3 guesses wtf62015-12-16 08:32:43
7605830083I don't have any idea who this Individual is or exactly why they would phone me. Maybe they dialed that wrong Amount. Who knows. Guest72015-11-07 00:52:16
7602625060Don t know who this can be but they called at W 1 p. m. another nighttime. They need for Quit calling this number. Guest62015-11-07 02:04:19
7608491323Calls for say you personally qualify for further your own Schooling. Hangs Upward if you personally ask them your own name. SPAMGuest82015-11-07 02:50:23
7605947120Functions like a stalker. Had to block him out of calling and testing my Telephone. Dint waste your own time with this oneGuest52015-11-07 03:20:22
7605134968Accra of South Florida bothering you personally with quality review of new service. Which is great I think. . . . Acura52015-12-14 14:44:57

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