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7652373041These Folks call at least once a day occasionally two for three times. When we reply the Telephone no one will there be. I 'm becoming pretty drained of it all. Guest322015-11-05 03:12:27
7653652015Calls then hangs up when u answerGuest12015-11-05 03:13:52
7658076503Telephone silica I Installed Upwards your phone. Guest1102015-11-05 03:20:27
7652785555Stupid loserGuest22015-11-05 03:29:18
7652123094AnnoyingGuest42016-05-05 21:54:47
7656175162don t know who this isJarad52015-12-09 01:10:16
7655130206law office calling from a recorded lineGuest42016-04-26 12:14:23
7659670064Insurance salesmanGuest12015-11-05 04:04:53
7652833320calls every dayGuest162015-11-05 04:08:27
7653248882Found the number on my caller id. Rob62015-12-18 01:58:40
7655431318No response . . said hello twice dropped call. Guest42015-12-08 14:11:22
7655514821Fake diabetes callerGuest32015-11-05 04:25:19
7657021570HarassmentGuest12015-11-05 04:54:52
7652746184It calls all the time. I vie never replied and they vie never left a message. Guest12015-11-05 05:03:18
7653599089rudeGuest52015-12-09 20:51:15
7658810050Its Simply another lie insult or name calling spare it not Viewing it i love it you personally deprive me of everything i 've lost thus Considerably for youGuest42015-11-05 05:07:27
7652074107I 've acquired 4 calls out of the Amount. I did not pick Upwards and no message was left. Guest12015-11-05 05:17:18
7654211581Ramirez 8 W WGuest82015-12-14 05:12:27
7652833253Sallie MaeGuest892015-11-05 05:28:27
7653141965Marketing for VacationsTooBusyForThis102017-06-27 21:01:13
7657800432Called and Put Upwards before I could answerGuest52015-11-05 05:36:27
7655920821WARNING. PAUL WASTES TIMES Book FAKE Program TS Supported STALKER AND VERBALLY ABUSIVEGuest12015-11-05 05:40:19
7653303058they are becoming info out of Underneath aged Kids. someone called my house and Inquired for my kid by name and even knew what school she attends. Guest102015-11-05 05:41:27
7653303035They called me and Inquired for quot Ron. quot I told them they had a incorrect Amount and then Inquired me if I was quot Ronald Cap ton. quot I insisted they had your erroneous Amount and Afterward Inquired me if I could get Ronald to the phone. I said I did t know anyone by that name and the man thanked me and Installed Upward. Guest122015-11-05 05:45:27
7652265298Said I was caught smoking in my front veranda and that it was against that law. Installed Upwards on them. Weirdo RamaGuest172015-11-05 05:53:26
7654095568He called my number. I returned that call and he asked who I was. I said you personally called me. . . Who are you . He Put Upward. Guest12015-11-05 06:03:18
7654421019Called and ask for a TyGuest12015-11-05 06:06:52
7658076504Calls spammer annoyingGuest492015-11-05 06:09:27
7656370775constantly calling erroneous number using different numbersGuest302015-11-05 06:44:27
7658076514Record Around Residence break insGuest282015-11-05 06:54:27
7656487700No hint who is calling. Try to phone back not in service. Guest212015-11-05 06:56:27
7656737215randomly texts me I have no Thought who it's. Guest12015-11-05 06:57:52
7652676961TextGuest62015-12-19 19:00:51
7652941839Rob CallGuest32015-11-05 07:30:18
7652032232've gotten a telephone on my cell out of the number Beginning on the Th they called and then they called twice Now. i attempted calling your number back and it Offers me a bust Transmission even when i called from my hubby cellGuest62015-11-05 07:46:26
7653193160Have major issuesGuest42016-02-15 18:54:47
7652430378This really is a thiefGuest82015-12-19 11:04:25
7652074074Keeps calling my house for quot H quot . I keep telling them ton Discontinue calling and nobody here is named Gary and they still call. Drained of it. Guest502015-11-05 07:54:26
7657807128this fax calls my cell all hours of the daytime or nightGuest62015-12-19 20:55:31
7656246662Shill alert . . Kyler72015-12-20 03:22:27
7656834533worrisomeGuest72016-04-17 02:18:36
7655858461FfGuest12015-11-05 08:11:52
7653070330German scummierGuest72015-12-08 12:16:18
7653482376Vs Bradley that is James Lewis you we re really rude to me you personally should t Discuss to Folks that manner thank God I could block you have a great life Mrs Bradley or whatever your name isGuest12015-11-05 08:16:18
7653415344Final notice out of Irs will Start legal Actions from W W WGuest62015-12-20 08:35:38
7654142249this Amount shows up on my phone bill each month and I understand nothing about it. . . . Some times several calls Generally for just a minuteGuest12015-11-05 08:27:18
7656108607This Individual Joke callsGuest12015-11-05 08:27:52
7655323315I. D. F. W. U. . . . . . Guest72015-11-05 08:37:27
7659622581TelemarketerGuest12015-11-05 08:44:53
7652054583begging for moneyGuest42015-11-05 08:45:18

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