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Phone list in area 765

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7652284379notGuest42015-12-20 12:05:33
7658072412Any 1 know who this number belongs for. . No one on your line when I answered. Cody52015-12-09 07:46:13
7659949840WGuest12015-11-05 08:59:53
7653726302Called quite late more than once kinda frightful. Guest12015-11-05 09:01:52
7652833395may call you all dayGuest422015-11-05 09:09:27
7653303043Guest202015-11-05 09:09:27
7652074100The Individual calling masks their express asking for many arbitrary person. Guest52015-12-19 06:11:16
7655619748Please don t call meGuest72015-12-21 14:25:30
7655857873I m Practically W she s W and won t leave me aloneGuest22015-11-05 09:30:19
7652150994SPAM. . . That Man calls and says You're entered in a vision come Authentic sweepstakes. If you personally ask any questions he hangs up on you. Guest92015-11-05 09:32:18
7652032229Insurance salesGuest112015-11-05 09:44:26
7655531799this Amount was disconnectedGuest32015-11-05 09:46:27
7652274000Guesstimated system is calling my number for get me for indication up for a security system. My number is on the state and national don't telephone list. . Guest412015-11-05 09:52:26
7656370802Naivest Pupil LoansGuest272015-11-05 09:52:27
7652385108called three times today no messageGuest92015-11-05 09:56:27
7654308910Sending Advertisements for phone in textGuest52015-12-14 12:41:42
7656032607posed as our pastor and stated that they needed money for call the numberGuest52015-12-18 02:11:49
7652056888Fax lineGuest52015-12-19 13:11:27
7652506228ex boyfriendGuest72015-12-14 09:36:55
7657020260leave me aloneGuest72015-12-19 21:49:55
7652074208Someone I don t understand Offered CBS my Amount for prescription Select upGuest62015-12-22 02:22:54
7654819594Left a Registered message on express send about the candidate using a prepaid Traction cell Telephone. Apparently doesn't desire to become contacted once that primary election is around. Guest32015-11-05 10:42:18
7656030759Statement collectorGuest92015-12-14 16:02:19
7654502105Coulis P} tanbark d Soto De Virgie De chine sale t es pas Able d crier Danes UN forum sans scarier. Guest72015-12-09 09:36:37
7659775548online scummier kid out of Richmond Indiana Schedules Mary Tyler ashes yea Guest12015-11-05 10:56:19
7656350993The number is a Invoice collection agencyGuest42015-12-18 17:20:10
7653739343ScampersGuest172015-11-05 11:17:27
7656333090exactly why y calling meGuest82015-12-14 13:45:31
7653889116They keep Making automated messages for someone along with a different name acting as debt collectors and when I try to phone back to tell them for Stop calling that wrong number they Merely hang up on me. Guest72015-11-05 11:27:27
7652265420You're blockedGuest52015-12-19 04:47:46
7654096680some sort of robot spamGuest72016-02-15 20:03:56
7655514609Tells me they re collecting a debt and for call W W W which I did NOT would. . When I reverse looked Upward that W Amount there were numerous reports this is a scam. Discount it. Guest22015-11-05 11:37:27
7655350317Its becoming annoyingGuest52015-11-05 11:40:27
7656810497Do not answerGuest702015-11-05 11:45:27
7652126058Got here. . got that room Information. . Afterward asked Specific question. . bewareGuest12015-11-05 11:47:18
7653981304This really is your second time we've received a phone out of the Amount. No message. Guest62015-12-08 09:57:01
7652163329Just called me twice and never leaves message. Guest182015-11-05 11:53:26
7656186704Mr Amount block did NOT block this Amount it s defined within hang Upwards Don't. send for voice mailGuest132015-11-05 11:54:27
7655580217I have a prepaid cell phone. The number keeps calling me. They called W times on W W W. They need for Discontinue. . . Guest42015-11-05 12:08:27
7654686912Achoo bat hairGuest12015-11-05 12:20:52
7652734568SpamGuest272015-11-05 12:33:27
7655431849I don't want this Individual calling me I feel very uncomfortableGuest12015-11-05 12:36:19
7652153087time wasterGuest12015-11-05 12:40:51
7658106269I got that same phone just ignored it. Hopefully they won't continue for spam. Cathy62015-12-10 00:19:10
7657807118Ash Honda UniversityGuest22015-11-05 12:53:19
7656071351Your same Folks that keeps calling for Angela again and Distinct Telephone number they keep doing the I vie been doing this from a senior now so just hang up thank youGuest12015-11-05 12:59:19
7656017331Repeat CallsGuest1582015-11-05 13:12:27
7656581495Assume for become a Sands Hotel. Fraud who ever is Related for this Amount. BEWAREGuest12015-11-05 13:19:19
7658107793I got 1 text that Only said quot Hey girl quot don t understand who this can beGuest12015-11-05 13:24:19
7655866053Left express send Around claiming to become lost while Provide a load out of Eli Missouri} so. Tex ted him to say he has that incorrect number Subsequently he called me again and went on about Offering an armored telephone full of cash for me. Told him he might want to contact his shipper. He looked annoyed I would t play along. Guest12015-11-05 13:29:27

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