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7652123088just another robo dialing come-on for people looking to get separated from what little money they have.We don't need more laws in this country -- we should be enforcing the ones already on the books.  Like the DO NOT CALL LIST.real job32016-05-10 09:25:46
7652123095They're lousy low-life debt collector's. They call about a debt that isn't yours, or about a neighbors debt. Complain to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). When they receive enough complaints, they act. So it works to use them, slowly, but  eventually it works. They place big fines if they find they are violating federal law, Many agencies have been fined and they usually stop bothering the complainers. Of course, in this country, debts, even alleged debts, are bounced around from one debt collector to another, usually violating federal and State laws.If you do owe, make them prove it is yours. The 30 day period to validate should be availed, and as part of the validation request you make, ask for proof that you requested the line of credit. They can't produce a signed request, they really have no legal basis to collect. Make sure you ask for validation within the 30 days no matter how many different collector's there are. Plus write on the request: Not Mine, and Do Not Call. Legally, if you're under the 30 days, they have to stop calling only if you so state, while trying to validate that the debt is yours. Which it isn't.Big money making business though, this debt collection.Mister Debt Guy42016-05-10 13:54:12
7652123089The only persons who should be touching your computer is you, your manufacturer, Real Windows support that you have called and/or maybe a real live tech you see face to face! ... rt-refund-scams ... ably-a-scammer/ ... on-150170.shtml ... rs-with-lawsuit 20:09:51
7659585497This guy pretends to be someone he's not by posting pictures of someone else. He doesn't speak proper English and grammar and spelling is awful. He's also using a Internet broadband phone. Do not trust anything he says.Guest72016-05-13 17:14:50
7659585498Well, I received two phone calls from this phone number today. Both were from a ex tenant of mine. When I ask him about it, he said that he was using a friend's cell phone (BUT he had entered a prepaid calling card so that his friend would not be charged for the call from Bakersfield to Hollister, Ca. (First, I did not think cell phones HAD long distant charges? And Secondly, his friend's cell phone still got charged for the message minutes. Which perhaps explains why he is an Ex.)Sloigo72016-05-15 13:27:02
7652335130A man with a Jamaican accent called me early in the morning to tell me that I had won over a million dollars with Publishers Clearing House. When I told him I haven't entered anything he said that by shopping at places like Walmart and Walgreens I had already entered. I told him I wasn't buying his story and I hung up on him without giving him a chance to keep talking.jess42016-06-15 08:02:27
7652335136Call every day no message don't know what this about Called put on hold automaticallyGuest72016-06-17 10:22:37
7652302961No PCLGuest62016-06-18 20:53:46
7657807119i am in the same boat as you. i cancelled my credit card after calling and trying to cancel my account with them three times. So now im not paying but the magazines are still coming so ive just been throwing them out as i do because i dont want them in the house.kyle32016-06-20 16:30:53
7657807115Hello, I believe if you have a number from NM-- they are adding an area code... I got the same call. But its because the state is changing area codes. So if you are from NM or any other state with a new area code- then i would call your provider for sure.girl62016-06-21 12:34:58
7657807116It wasn't a call, it was actually a text message. It asked "Did You sent That Twice?" I texted back "Who are you :l" I haven't gotten a reply yet. If you get a text message from 1-514-704-0115 with the same message, comment!!!eXDee72016-06-21 15:13:06
7657807111Someone just called and asked for my boss saying she was with Advanced Corporate Enterprises Inc and it was regarding a real estate investment trust?Troy52016-06-21 18:09:04
7657807113uninvited text saying Its I love my girl dayGuest32016-06-22 01:17:53
7657807112This company is collecting on old student loans.out of work52016-06-22 04:27:53
7655130210stop bothering meGuest32016-07-04 19:16:17
7659608021NothingGuest42016-07-04 22:06:50
7659608012Didn't state nameGuest52016-07-05 01:38:55
7659608019I received a text from "Sgt Maze" for a car thst I am selling on Joplin MO Craig's List, saying that he would only do via PayPal.Guest72016-07-05 02:11:07
7659608015This guy won't give up and I am extremely annoyed with him/them.  They called this morning and my daughter answered the phone and he asked to speak to her parents.  When she replied that they weren't home, the bugger asked what her name was!  I tried to call back immediately to give him a piece of my mind but the reply is that the number is not in service!!!  I am livid!Annoyed242016-07-05 02:38:14
7659608013you are blockedGuest32016-07-05 05:20:43
7659608018Calls from 6 am to midnight. Robo spam and text spam.Guest42016-07-05 05:41:20
7655130217Barb, you're right.  I did some survey at the Orange County Pet Expo and they were calling you to tell you that you've won a vacation but need to go to Anaheim California and sit through a presentation. I declined and hung up :) ANNOYING!!!GM32016-07-05 13:05:09
7655130218Today about 0957 cdt this morning. I was threatened with a reported complaint against me. litigation? subpoena? They tried to get my address. Caller would not divulge information about who or what they were. Hung up.Guest32016-07-05 14:37:47
7655130213These pests wouldn't stop calling me and hanging up when I told them to GFY. I finally called the number on my caller ID, and got a recording, with one option to call a number for "customer service". That number was 1-800-917-6841. I called that number, and one of the options was to select to be put on the DO NOT CALL LIST. I went that route, and hopefully these pests will now stop calling me. Hope this helps .Dan42016-07-05 15:59:31
7659608016So far received one callGuest42016-07-05 21:09:28
7655130214Self reportedGuest52016-07-06 03:55:35
7655130216A text message was also sent to my cell asking for verification of account information. They wanted credit card numbers and pins.from a hijacked email address [email protected] /* */ I called them to let them know.  SCAM!!dkap52016-07-06 06:17:31
7659608020Got this call claiming to be Green Dot Money Pack saying I won a million dollars!  Wanted me to call a 403 area code to accept.  Don't think so!!  Hey Homeland Security, instead of looking out for war veterans, republicans, and old women and kids in wheelchairs at the airport;  Why don't you guy start going after these Jamaican telephone numbers!Jim62016-07-06 09:29:54
7659608017block this numberGuest32016-07-06 12:38:25
7655130215I keep recieving calls from this number. All hours of the day and night. No one is ever on the other end. This morning I did stay on long enough to hear a digital "good bye"KM52016-07-06 12:49:31
7653292067Let replying machine Select up phone. Someone listened no message left. Number is from Madison Indianapolis. Guest162015-11-05 04:31:27
7653784500I did not Choose your phone. I don t understand anyone for the reason that part of that country. it appears for be a Fiscal companyGuest142015-11-05 04:49:27
7657800875No hint who they are. They telephone and state my first and Central name then could t get nothing after that. . . Guest12015-11-05 19:11:19
7652833065called state a Female named Wanda Offered her my number she Attempting for bust a social security number and a NamGuest82015-12-19 07:18:48
7653091381Calling me names. Begins calling me on Mid of nighttime. Has a awful mouth. Don Se ale from Brazzaville IndianaGuest22015-11-06 19:42:27
7656105041Called me saying my debit card was locked and I Desired to kind in my own card number. Quite definitely a scamGuest82015-12-16 16:41:06
7655460876That telephone Arrived in on a local cell Telephone and it said it was a local cell phone Amount but when I answered it I could t get Rachel for respond. I m so Ill and drained of Rachel calling I could cry. I would surely like to understand how and the world she gets my cell Amount since I am on the Don't Phone List. . Any Information seeing the would definitely become appreciated. Guest12015-11-07 01:32:27

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